Some Pictures

view to the south from my balcony
Originally uploaded by Whazzmaster.

We went out to indian food with rumthumb and o’neil last evening. Spicy. Hoo. I also uploaded some pictures taken from my balcony here in Madison and put them up on Flickr. Click through the picture to see all of them. It’s been super nice here the last few days, summer’s last gasp apparently. Finally, I think I’m meeting Scubby for drinks on Friday so that should be cool.

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  1. then we run the biggest online advertising campaign in history. i pull out all the stops. whazzmaster pulls out all the stops. rumsey steps in and fills my server with digital media. we sell 100,000 and deal a huge punch to the traditional and new wave book industry. we also make a name for cal getting him in the back door of any law school he wants. i said back door and cal in the same sentance and didn’t go gay joke with it. creating the books will be trivial… i will head the manufacturing division and employ crafty family members for construction. cal, 28 miles in a day doesn’t phase you… but what about 28 radio station interviews in a day? are you ready for this? CAL CAL CAL! CAL’S DUMB BOOK! HE IS A BEST SELLING AUTHOR NOW! BUT IT’S ALL A HOAX! BUT THAT SMIRK! IT SAID IT WAS A DUMB BOOK, AND IT IS! cal… rumthumbs, whazzmaster… lurkers everywhere and crafty family members i will exploit in labor for huge monetary gains… there is a lot of money on the table… but we have to do this now. i’m busy tomorrow from 3:30pm until question mark…. so lets say sunday brunch? good. and cal… for god’s sake… SHAVE!…. NO!… no. DONT shave. SEE YOU ALL SUNDAY!

  2. “I can’t even stand Norcal weather. Nor can I stand cal.”

    you totally just one upped your best writting ever.

  3. “Nor can i EVEN stand cal” would make the word structure mirror around the word weather which might have shown a little more style… but there is also something to say for quickocity.

  4. cal, on the cover you’ll be in a long sleeve simple red sweater with your arms anywhere but your sides. the length of the sleeves is important… they need to be exactly CAL length. GOT IT?! this needs to be a cal sweater. ok, now smirk! awesome… just a few more… great… still smirking… these are just perfect… a few quick ones… nice… great… great…. do we got it? haha, gotcha. that one will be HILARIOUS! ok, we’re done. cal you were great. this book is going to be a big success.

  5. some odd new dog psychology advancements… my dog can wink his right eye… when he does if you wink your right eye back, he’ll keep doing it…. if you go up to him and wink your right eye, he’ll wink his right eye. if you wink your left eye he’ll blind both eyes. he CANT just wink his left eye. perhaps the circuitry that allows the blinkage of the left eye is all that makes us different in terms of mental capacity and ability to learn and teach and learn to teach and teach to learn. or maybe dogs are all born retarded.

  6. damn. theory dead. now i went to get him a treat and he just sat there winking his left eye repeatedly like, SEE SEE SEE, LOOK, THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT, RIGHT?! SEE! SEE! I CAN DO IT! man that dog wanted that beef stick baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  7. madd, it’s not just dogs. i can only blink my left eye, if i try to blink my right only they both shut, it’s always been this way.

    OK whazzmaster since I can’t keep playing survivor football on yahoo, I’ll play it here. Here is my unofficial official pick for this week:


    got it, good. Now back to bed so I can get up and go to Inlgewood. For surely I’ll be up to no good.

  8. oh and cal i need your help. apparently i am to start training for a half marathon for the mad city marathon in may. i’ve neber run more than a 5k, any thoughts or inspiration. my little suder and i are doing it together.

  9. what if you really really wanted a beef stick? then perhaps you would be compelled to wink just the right repeatedly. there is certainly something here though. i have independant control of both eyes. is this uncommon?

  10. once again i hit the refresh jackpot! of to bed. tomorrow i wake up for FTOPS. i really want to win, and i know how i can.

  11. FTOPS in 20 minutes… warming up with 20 turbo and 10 HORSE and a pancake. i gave quincy a bite and geez, he’s going insane for another… way more than usual. quincy is ONE HUNGRY JACK!

  12. i had Ac3cJJ… flop is 2c8cK…. i pot it first to act and get 2 callers. turn is offsuit A…i check, dude checks, next dude bets 700… i flat call hoping the river is pretty. next dude check raises all in. same dude i’ve been talking shit to since the start of the game. he has it. other dude calls. i gotta figure one of them already has nut low or set. i fold leaving my broke ass 2800. first guy flips up KK, other guy A6J8 also with club draw… now i feel better about folding my clubs… barely any left. river is the case J and i would have lost and my nemesis picks up big pot and no one qualified for the low. bah. COME ON!

  13. shitty shitty spot. flop was cream YOUR jeans good, then turn was ugly ugly ugly and completely fucked me. fucking rigged.

  14. ……….. wow……. i bluffed all my chips on the turn… perfect read and perfect bluff, very confident in it, but dude made me sweat forever and it was nerve racking (sp? w?) back to 3410. chip leader already at 14k. COME ON!

  15. AAKh4h… dude pots it preflop on button, i repot it heads up from big blind. he calls.

    flop AhK3h. BOO YAH! pot, he pushes! 8400 pot! he as A234…. COME ON! NO 5678! NO 5678!

    bah, he got low i got high. shit. stuck at 4400.

  16. !#%^(*&!#^09!&#09!#^

    A246… i pot it and get called twice. flop 446, i pot it and dude raises all in! BOOM! he has A48J!%^!#^ DEAD!#^^!#^

    turn 8.

    MOTHER FUCKER! now i have nut low, but that is total BS. would have 9k again and be in top 10. FUCK. they just want to make me rich and suck out miracles. i don’t get fucked on both of those and i’m chip leader. i wasn’t supposed to get fucked on both of them! )@#(&* @#)(^&@#$^)(*&@#$^


  17. AK23 double suited 2 times in a row. both times flopped the low draw and the flush draw and bet 1k and took it down. up to 6600 now. 82nd of 426 from 624

  18. got in a shitty spot that was a genius spot turned shitty and dropped to 3800. next hand:

    A224 double suited… all in get it in 3 ways. i don’t even look. i look up and have 10k. 19th of 393.

  19. i had K234 double suited and had 6600… dude raised to 500 and had 400 left and it’s on me in the small blind. big blind has 2900, so i raise to make sure he folds and isolate short stack with very decent heads up gamblin hands in ploit. instead big blind repushes for 500 more and i have to call… i lose it all… that does not happen often. everything went right then everything went wrong.

  20. i was like fucking 15th too… why not just chill out.. . why?! now look at you. ASHES. you better help me on those THCs. if you’re really my boy, that is.

  21. tech nina got a new cd…got a song called ‘caribou lou’. ah the memories. could that have resulted in a broken, stolen ba-bong nite? hmmm, they hate it when u bubble.

  22. I had a post flop 2ka34567triple9 to the 4th degree.

    Quicney, I hate you.

    I hate cal.

    I am a gansta.

    CHipleader. Potato chip. Chip from kate n alley.

    Alley cat.



    What with you do at the river? 3 2 j j j j j j j j j j j

    why so many j’s?

    Long live po-mo. You know, wierd for the sake of wierd.

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