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  1. Thanks for stickin up for again, lawman. Vote no on Christopher.

    Cal, min raise the lurkers… just min raise em. It’s like poking someone with a stick.

  2. GMX: good as hell to see you in cyber space. There are two rumors about you floating around San Dog.

    1. You and bliggty are set for an excursion to historic Tijuana.

    2. Someone cut off your ear.

    I really hope one of these is true and one of these is false, but my cyber lawyer has advised me not to testify until after he’s done serving Cal a carrott cake Cliff Bar and an injuction that keeps the word “borat” out his mouth.

  3. wwhazz, you should bring some of that sanitizing hand gel shit, then tell the dirtiest guy at the table, when i take your chips, i’m cleaning up after.


  4. ok lurkers. my mind just got fucking blown.

    notice above: good friend PAL off to play at palomar.

    enter liveatthebike: i can’t believe this exists. so awesome. 3 hours of media, live, every day, about something i love. wow.

    enter corporate mike. a flash bald casino businessman that plays in pretty much every game. he is my favorite character on the “show”.

    so the show starts at 9pm whazz time. you left 15 minutes before that, and he didn’t sit on the show until like 20 min in+…

    he sits down and tells all the regulars he just came from an awesome 10-20 blinds no limit game about an hour away in san diego at a tiny little 8 table card room.

    “which one” asks the table eagerly, as if they already knew it would be the palomar… the SAME palomar that our own w-whazzzz done runnnt oft to.

    so… QUESTIONS.

    did you see him? he was a bald dude in a flashy long sleeve shirt. he referred to it as “this new casino i’m playing at”, which i understand as he’ll be there often.

    OH MAN… he just said “micky, the jamaican drug dealer… they got some characters down there”

    this is all blowing my mind.

    small…. SMALL world.

  5. SON OF A BITCH! important news and the mother fucking spam filter eats my shit.

    turn that fucker off.

  6. assuming my corporation mike news is released eventually, i’ll continue.

    dude keeps saying “it was amazing”, and this dude plays in huge action games all the time.

    i want to see daddy w-whazz in the palomar 10-20 with 4k. then 3 hours later he has it all.

  7. Wirkus – both are true. I am planning a trip to your area and TJ soon. I just need to find a couple days once my boss finishes his addition to head down. And as far as my ear goes, I did have a small portion cut off in a barroom brawl. I believe the guys ring caught it on our way down to the ground and I had to have it reattatched (the little nubby part, I believe it’s called the pinna). Lastly, Madd feel free to join us on our awesome and probably most memorable trip to Jamaica.

  8. if you book the trip for me, i’ll go. i’ll straighted up when i get there. just tell me when i need to be at the airport.

  9. if i ain’t got when i get there… my friends got dough. and if they ain’t got it, they friends got dough. so for you, this is a zero risk move.

  10. wwhazz, i sent a picture of corporation mike to your old email i had that was edu style. so check that, or give me a new one somehow sometime somewhere.


  11. Hi. Just need to say that was a fake lawman. My language skills aren’t that bad. But its nice that someone felt the need to pretend to be me.

    I haven’t read all the posts and I would have to look up some law to figure out the answer. I think that you can say that being drunk can affect your capacity to enter into a contract, but I have to imagine you’d have to be really, really, drunk. As for proving it, well, you can just say you are drunk and hope the jury believes you. For instance, if I say I was drunk last night, is anyone here going to doubt me? I rest my case.

  12. And by really really drunk, I mean black-out, comatose drunk. Can’t speak at all, I’m going to detox drunk. Which means that there is no way you should be able to sign your name, but if you do, I think maybe any contracts you sign are questionable.

    But these guys are idiots. If you have the capacity to say the things they said, you can certainly sign a release.

    I think they are arguing that they were misled about the release, which is a different matter.

  13. ITS A RELEASE. that means… RELEASED… that means… RELEASED.

    for some reason i didn’t think that was the real lawman, but i thought it might just have been you drunk. it would seem to make sense i faked you, but i didn’t. that is 2 dumb fakes in 2 days. where was ktk during all of this? faking?!

  14. is there anyone alive who has special powers to sign their name well while intoxicated? if they can control external extremties with precision… then what capacity are they exactly lacking?

  15. lawman… perhaps you weren’t even being faked… perhaps there was a lurker pretending to be A lawman and not THE lawman.

    thats why nicknames with a unique number of d’s is a better choice. no no… lawman is fine… i’m not knocking it… i’m just saying, more d’s, more better.

  16. to the fake lawman: i was suspicious because you used THERE in place of THEIR and o’neil is rather meticulous about grammar & spelling.

    fake rumthumb, i’m waitin’ and ready.

    belly–i’m no marathoner but having just documented the ironman, including participants who smoked for 20 years and then dropped about 100 pounds and ended off the health streak with a triathlon, i can say you’re plenty equipped to do it!

  17. Ok. I just looked at the Frat Boys’ complaint. They are claiming that the release or the Borat guys or both said that the film would not be released in the united states, so they are claiming that their signing the release was induced by fraud. They also bring up the drinking, but I think they sort of realize that’s not a good argument.

    Anyway, its all just allegations at this point that these fuckheads are going to have to prove at some point if they want to win. I don’t know what the release actually said or what the Borat people told the frat boys. I do know that movie studios have big legal departments that check this kind of stuff and don’t like to get sued.

  18. 1. Excellent e-legal research skills, my friend. Where did you find the complaint?


  19. If fakeouts become a bother, I can turn on the “Login Required” feature of WordPress, but then everyone would have to create an account. Not so much a problem once everyone signs up, but a bother to start. Please, fakeout artists, if you’re gonna fake out use a clearly varied version of the real guy’s name. Or you can use ‘amy5347’ as an all-purpose moniker.

  20. Heh, Pat. I guess I kind of burned myself out. I go every now and then. Let me know if you want to go sometime.

    But, yeah…you take those railroad tracks behind your place across the bay and you’re at my house.

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