Wisconsin Sports Extravaganza and… Snoopy

Friday night maddddddddd and rach-o arrived with Quince in tow. Sadly, Quince couldn’t stay at my place by hisself, but lawman and rumthumb stepped into the breach and offered a dog hotel at their place. After a ‘getting-to-know-you’ session between Quince and Phineas, we all went up to Old Fashioned (for the first time of the weekend) and had some drinks and tasty treats. We got the incredibly good idea to head down to the Karaoke Kid and croon away, but upon arrival we found a line (!) and an hour-long wait to get a song in. Funny travel diary entry: we walked through Conklin Place to get to the Karoke Kid, and lawman told an interesting story about the summer that three weed plants showed up in the next door neighbor’s yard. And how they were gone immediately after that. We decided to finish out our sentence at The Gentlemen’s Playground, where we played some pool before retiring early.

Saturday morn my sister and her friend came up, and we hit Scubby’s tailgate at around 10am. A quick brat cook-up and several High Life’s later we were on our way to the Wisconsin/Buffalo game. Afterwards we hit the Stadium, which I hate, and looked for an hour for madddddddddddddd. After freezing my ass off for a while we retreated to the 72° comfort of my place and ordered Jade Garden for din-din.

Everyone fell asleep.

Upon waking up, madddddddd went and picked up Quince, we ate, and then sister and friend headed out to the bars. We spent the rest of the evening drinking and watching Will Ferrell. That Will Ferrell, he’s Teh Funny.

Sunday morning was a feast of epic proportions: scrambled eggs, hash browns with peppers and onions, bacon, sausage, bagels, toast, blueberry kringle, coffee, bloody mary’s, apple cider, apple juice, and orange juice. Holy shit I was full. Everyone left for home and I hooked up with Scubby to head down to peterstiffly’s place to watch the Packers game. Holy shit the Packers dropped a load in that game. The plus was that the day was filled with nostalgia. Scubby had to go work for awhile so peterstiffly and I headed down to the Kohl Center to watch the Badgers beat the holy hell out of Southern. They beat them by about 50 points. Then we met with Scubby again and all three went to the Old Fashioned for dinner (second time this weekend). Finally, we rounded out the night by watching Best of RAW Vol. 1 & 2 on DVD. Holy shit, when Austin assaulted Vince in the hospital and shocked him with the paddles we almost lost it. Hopefully we can get together regularly and do a Classic Wrestling DVD Nite. I’m excited.

scubby en mask
Lucha Scubby

Memoranda One: Apparently Michael “Kramer” Richards went buck-wild nuts and just started screaming ‘nigger’ at a comedy club in LA on Friday night. Jesus. What the hell brought that on? I’m reading conflicting accounts that suggest it was some Andy Kaufman-type shit. Uh, yeah dude, not funny. And I know it’s not supposed to be funny if that’s what it was, but even so: uh, not funny.
Memoranda Two: I’m watching He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown right now and oh man it’s bad. Top to bottom: the music, the voices, the plot. Charlie Brown specials were never the greatest entertainment in the world; believe me, I ain’t gonna go down that road. But this sucks at a remarkable level. Hence, my remarks: “it sucks.”
Finally: I’ll probably go see some movies this week. I’ll be in Racilla W/Skrilla Thursday through Sunday, and I think I’ll take in some picture shows. I kinda want to see the new Bond and the Tenacious D movie. Not sure about Borat, I think I’ll just wait for it.

38 thoughts on “Wisconsin Sports Extravaganza and… Snoopy

  1. Whazzmaster, your new place is sweet. Watching wrestling was fun as hell. Please post pictures of Scubby in a lucha mask if you can.

  2. be prepared for a NEW bond. they are completely reshaping the genre. leveraging it for maximum propeganda. i wasn’t too pissed off ever, but every second of this movie dares you to try and debunk it. that’s the whole point, but when you do, they tease you. they know what they are doing and execute very strong. the old fashioned executive produced this movie.

  3. darker skinned american citizens, birthed from other free darker skinned american citizens for generations feel that using racial slurs amoungst themselves, and thusly helping to bring each other down as a community, in some way empowers them. uhhhh… ok. go ahead and play that game. sounds dumb, but don’t let me get in your way. also, darker skinned radio hosts on the “street soldiers” program love to debate the differences between the “er” version and the straight “a” or “uh” version. they do it every night. and INDUSTRY depends on this hate for media content. kramer, are you trying to destroy peoples jobs? changing perceptions is TERRORISM now. didn’t newman give you the memo?

  4. is darker a negative adjective? perhaps i will say “richer toned” in the future. wouldn’t want to say something they wouldn’t want me to say.

  5. if my skin were richer toned, i would love.love.love to have a trigger that well defined to simply snap on someone given the chance. but then again, i’m a little crazy. that’s gotta be awesome knowing that on the drop of a dime you could be that justifibly angry. almost as if the white man does it on purpose as a form of psychological attack. perhaps its time to just stop. just. stop. everyone. now, give me a dollar.

  6. example of major change in bond movie: opening credits… there’s always been silhouettes of naked chicks to evoke emotion in it’s audience… now, it’s gambling devices. i love gambling, but i love bitches too. why not both? also, there was only like 1 or 2 major sluts in the whole thing, and they felt forced. that’s gay.

  7. I think I read that Bond plays Texas Hold em instead of baccarat now. Is that true? If so, did it increase your like of the movie?

  8. Motherfucking what? “Validly sensationalized?” WTF does that mean? Either it was “valid,” i.e., a realistic interpretation, or it was “sensationalized,” i.e., an exaggeration intended to draw strong interest. I don’t get how those could be used together. BOOM, defend yourself.

  9. heretofore uncombined… you’re using their previous uncombindedness as a justification for a demand of defense of their current union.

  10. “i don’t know about borat i might wait” bOOM! YOU SUCK what are you waiting for? more swords in the mail? a snowstorm? you old fashioned sucker i outta buy that crappy mix we used at hojos and come out there and dump it down your throat then we’ll see how many sweet cherry old fashions you want to drink with your brandy old man winter. huh? huh? huh? NOW YOU SEE dissenter! all over your pants with brandy mix cherry blech! roll around in it blech down the hatch you dissenter. give me the dogs. i will raise them in my room with hoops. in two years you will have CIRCUS DOGS and we will all be rich. give me the dogs.

  11. cal, if you still haven’t figured out your next career move, please seriously consider ice cream man.

  12. Wow. Circus dogs? Cal: I will see your precious Borat, just not in the teatro. Fly out here and take me if you want me to go.

  13. cal, you could be an actor who pretends to be a jewish actor pretending to be an anti-semitic news figure. it’s not racist at all. trust me. good money too.

  14. people don’t want to know the answers presented through my studies. in fact, they DEPEND on NOT knowing them. a pocket full of lint and buttons. murphey lee told ’em, and look at him now. we all we got.

  15. cal, think about this… if you were the size of a little mouse, then the butter knife you use in the morning to put tofu spread on your tofu would be like a HUGE sword. and you got like 10 of them. that’s vicious.

  16. yo yo yo yo YO YO YO YOOOOOOOOO!
    back up in this mother fucker….. HOT SHIT HOT SHIT
    97, i thought you knew…. HOT SHIT HOT SHIT
    yup, yup
    i plow through towers like cows through grassed devowered, poo stank on the trip to LA
    but hey, thats the dues these cows pay
    just to keep mc madd juiced up like a grape
    but i don’t do it the same, i’m on the take
    and when the branch brake, i know a leaf on the lake
    so don’t sweat.

  17. also gyros… which i pronounce “geer-ohs” just because there are 2 other parties arguing between gi-rows and year-ohs. this way of focus both of their attention. i don’t play that shit. i eat geerohs. HOLLLLARIT.

  18. best buy has some new kinsington keyboards that are titititititie. dynex in the trash where it belongs.

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