Places I’ve Lived

  1. Cleveland Avenue, Racine, WI
  2. Grove Avenue, Racine, WI
  3. Flett Avenue, Racine, WI
  4. West Dayton Street, Madison, WI
  5. Regent Street, Madison, WI
    1. Most Ladder Matches
  6. La Rossa Circle, San Jose, CA
  7. Bayridge Way, San Mateo, CA
  8. Norman Drive, Sunnyvale, CA
    1. Largest Residence Lived In
  9. Cherry Avenue, San Jose, CA
    1. Only House I’ve Ever ‘Owned’
  10. Del Medio Avenue, Mountain View, CA
  11. Lorillard Court, Madison, WI

Twenty-eight years. Eleven streets (not counting one in Kenosha when I was less than One and one in Cincinnati, OH). Interesting list, I suppose. Lived in (1) through (3) for the first 18 years, (4) and (5) for four years total, and (6) through (11) in the last 5 years.

Johnny Five IS Alive!


I uploaded some Thanksgiving pictures. The one below is one of my favorite. I like that being an uncle entitles you to dictate made-up words to your niece who’s learning how to spell and write.

dictating things to your niece is fun

24 thoughts on “Places I’ve Lived

  1. so al franken is officially running now? duh? he still hasn’t called me = he is not serious about this.

  2. Just saw a High Life commercial where a team of delivery drivers broke into a fancy-pants restaurant and said “You can’t sell High Life here, you sell a hamburger for $11.” Kinda funny. Anyone else have thoughts? I ask because I love High Life is all.

  3. Holy shit that was spicy. Anyone in California reading the comments: spacebee and I will be in the Yay Area from Dec 8 – Dec 10. Actually, she’ll be flying back on the 10th, but I’ll be staying out there until the 13th for some training. Saturday night is the Intuit Holiday Party, but our Friday night is open.

  4. Well, now I’m really scurrred, but before it was because the Packers couldn’t convert a million interceptions into more than one touchdown. BTW– have I mentioned that I goddamned hate the MNF announce team?

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