Xmas in Madison

xmas in madison

Here’s what it’s like; go wild whazzmaster.com.  BTW– the main street depot makes some decent Old Fashioned’s.  Spacebee and I tied 2-2 in the World Series of Darts tonight.  The tiebreak comes in the near future.

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  1. we can’t use nukes in the middle east because it would contaminate the oil. the local civil united forces know this. so they shoot american soldiers. that land would be prime to live on…. warm… lots of free oil…. and you know america won’t nuke you. that’s the life. the life we are trying to take from them. with guns we made with their oil. fighting against the guns we gave them. awwwwwww… everyone’s busy and has a purpose. how fucking cute.

  2. maybe i’ll move near bill frist and piss on his car door everyday. i mean, i gotta piss anyways, right?

  3. 1. Happy birthday, cal. We’ll meet at the gritty at 8pm and then head up over to wando’s and get you a fishbowl. Long Islands at the red shed until 11 and then I’ll get you to the front of the line at Brothers. It’s gonna be fun!
    2. I have heard many, many good things about Zachary’s in Oakland. It’s the same people who are behind Paxti’s Pizza in Palo Alto, and I fucking love that place too. I am jealous.
    3. We had about 0.5 greevulls of snow thins morning in Madison. Later this evening forecast calls for about 1-2 more greevulls.
    4. A man from an 800 number left a message on my answering machine talking about “a project we’re working on together”. I’ve never heard of this man or his “project”, so I think I won’t call him back. A new way for asshole advertisers to fuck with you, but it’s confusing since I work from home and people from work call me all the time and leave messages about projects we ARE working on.
    5. I think madddddddddd should deal craps for Joe’s Casino again, I know I’d show up. Shirtless Sundays at Joe’s were classic.
    6. Seriously though, I want to come up to the mini apple sometime before xmas and hang wit you, sceizzer. I’ve got a little something to give you *menacingly puts hand into jacket in slow motion, retrieves harmless token of affection, then detonates it*.
    7. I dropped off 5 months of dry cleaning at Linke Cleaners on east wash today and the man there was such a dick I think I will never go back. After I pick up my shit tomorrow at 4pm, that is.

  4. i just completely destroyed a guy in $30 heads up ploiter… had it 2500 to 500. the whole fucking time he is saying i’m the worst player he’s ever seen. ok, well, scoreboard, asshole. then he hits 3 fucking rivers in a row calling all in drawing dead to a miracle and wins all 3. so fucking rigged. unbelievable.

  5. (*)&@#)!*^!#)^!&^ wow. i seriously need to quit this site. just got raped again. 3 out rivers all fucking day. FULL TILT POKER IS NOT A FAIR DEAL. IT IS RIGGED.

  6. i missed his call but in his message he says he had trouble finding my number because the screen on his cell phone is smashed or broken or something i couldn’t make out. i’ll bet he was only wearing one shoe, or was on his way to the library to research bird houses, or tinfoil, or i’ll bet he was in the middle of a job interview and was like, oh hold on, my friend cal, it’s his birthday he used to live in madison, my cell is broken but… i used to work at the hojos 9214Life, so… long story short… i need to call him. or maybe he was crossing some kind of snow covered field or something.

    anyway i like that he’s out there making calls and answering them blind like we used to do in the bad old days. remember answering the phone w/o any idea who was on the other end?


  7. i will make it my duty procure tshirts that all say 12V04EG08AS in bold. if you want a tshirt you have to commit to the trip TODAY. so far just me and cal are confirmed. HURRY UP.

  8. cal, before your 33rd birthday party in vegas… you need to come to tha labb. we are going to make a studio mix tape. hype man, transition beats, seamless perfection. it will be undeniable.

  9. He called me right after you, cal. And actually, he was getting ready to go to his job. Landscaping is done for the year, so I think he’s working as an order taker on the phone for Land’s End. He had to cut our convo short cuz he was on his way out the door: the 5p-2a shift. Who orders Land’s End at 1:55am? Bewilderment abounds.

  10. hmmm the first one isn’t working but you can get “bounce that” and “hold up”. i think this will appeal to the seamless scientist in you skeez

  11. oh dude, the other thing is the miller light sign is looking a little greevull… stick it in a closet with the sword. or get it up on the brick. not on the shelf. better yet the closet.

  12. scratch that… i got 2 years… we are getting custom red sweatears with 12V04EG08AS embroidered across the chest mugatu style. the sleeves will be standard cal length.

  13. get it on the brick *WHAT* get it on the brick
    get it on the brick getit get it on the brick *COME ON*

  14. Are we really going to Vegas in 08 for Cal’s party? This better not be a trick because I’m already excited. Where are we gonna stay?

  15. !#%&)!79!#^ GOD FUCKING DAMN IT. i just played a 100+9 ploiter multi on tilt because i’m convinced it’s rigged. that is smart. so i’m fucking in the top 10 right along with andy bloch who is at my table. i bet the turn with the 2nd nuts and dude re-raises with 2 pair non-nut low on a donk with no fold equity on the turn. and BOOM. fucker hits his 4 out boat on the river to take the chip lead. then he typed “nice river”. i am STEAMING MAD. AT ANDY BLOCH. HIM AND HIS SITE ARE RIGGED.

  16. fake cal, stop gambling on the internet. it’s killing you. especially full tilt because it’s rigged. would be chipleader with 37 left. 1st pays $2,500. instead, i’m out. because andy bloch, and OWNER of full tilt, an AMERICAN who DIRECTLY PROFITS from ONLINE POKER SITES ALLOWING US PLAYERS TO PLAY, fucking caught a miracle against me on his own site. FUCKING B. FUCKING S.

  17. Don’t worry dude: I got a poker plan.

    But back to cal’s party.

    1. Forget the t-shirt: we’re getting tattoos.

    2. Get to work on the birthday rap. I mean, you got two years. Send “Happy Birthday” to its grave… and get rich.

    3. I think we should stay at the Bellagio, but I’d like to eat at the Paris and do most of our gambling at Casino Royal. Also, if we could do that thing where you pay $100 to shoot a machine gun, I’d like to do that. But if cal’s against it, we can skip it. It is his party after all.

  18. We saw Stranger than Fiction tonight on a cal recommendation via his mother. Purty cool, yo. K-cars, you should find a sitter on Saturday and check it out.

  19. i would like to shoot the machine gun! star of the silver screen, ewaz rosin, called me after his shift. i was asleep.

    see ya in 08!

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