30 thoughts on “happy birthday, cal

  1. look at that 31 year old man. he’s a stylish one … floppy brown hat, red shirt, F a belt, got the nice wave goin on… like i’m just here, relaxing, no problems, gonna face unafraid the plans that i made you know? how are you?

    thanks skeezer.

  2. that minimalistic brown swoosh very well could be a floppy brown hat or a brown floppy hat. it could also be a hebrew national kosher hot dog, a wacky hair-do, or a giant turd. art is fun!

  3. i went to see stranger than fiction and got to the theatre and they were like… uh… not tonight. tonight we aren’t showing the movies we advertised we would. instead, check out a sneak preview of “the holiday”. uh, ok. that was also pretty good. seems the theme of movie making about movie making or story telling about story telling is the new cal.

  4. nathans famous follows no religious doctrine dictating food preperation standards. thusly i will not consume their product. my faith is in the Lord.

  5. ok… so december 3rd-6th we’re staying at the belagio. everyone save $33 a month and put it in an envelope that says “12V04EG08AS” on it. then, we celebrate.

  6. anyone who is up at the end of the day from gambling must give cal $33. also if someone puts three fingers up on both of their hands and raises them above their head, then the last person to do so owes cal $3, and he doesn’t have change.

  7. i think that’s an ok number. $250 plane ticket, 2 nights at belagio * sardine factor = $200-250. so now you have $300 for a nice meal, and non-comped drinks, 3-5 taxi rides, titty shows, ect. not much room for gaming or extravegance, but i think you could make it work for $800/person on a budget if your goal is greevull drunkeness. you certainly couldn’t use money as an excuse to not come had you starting saving now… and how much do you save? how about the reason you are saving. 33.

  8. that’s like just a little over $1 a day. cal’s birthday costs more than those 70 cent a day hungry kids.

  9. Didn’t Jebus die when he was 33? We could crucify cal… for a joke… if we get drunk enough.

    Whatever: it’s going to be fun as a turd hat. I don’t know if I’ve ever looked forward to something 2 years in advance.

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