Some More Pictures

This is a random grouping of pictures I took. Have fun.

snowy landscape II

Bellygirl wanted some pictures of snow. Well, here’s one. There’s more on Flickr.
oldy old-style poker chips

Here’s some antique poker chips I found when moving. They’re more like tiddly-winks.

The Trout

I put The Trout in a place on honor right next to my front door. Lawman was happy to see it when he and rumthumb toured.

By the way, did you hear that the city of Milwaukee blew up today?

At least 2 workers were killed in an explosion this morning at the Falk Corp. plant in the Menomonee Valley, the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s office has reported.

The fire department has asked the Medical Examiner’s office to standby while they continue to work to secure the blast site.

At least one other worker is reported missing.

The blast just after 8 a.m., believed to be caused by a propane-fueled explosion, destroyed a building in the company’s complex, injured numerous workers and rumbled through much of the city.

The frightened relatives of Falk workers rushed to Miller Park, where blast survivors assembled following the explosion that rattled much of the city and some of the suburbs.

134 thoughts on “Some More Pictures

  1. those north koreans are so fucking jealous of the mall of america. they fucking WISH they could get a hot pretzel and a jar of peanut butter from a store that sells nothing but peanut butter.

    camp snoopy isn’t camp snoopy anymore, and that is fucking BULLSHIT. i refuse to even walk through it now. that shit is CAMP SNOOPY, and if they are too scurred to put up a sign declaring it as such, then i’ll be too scurred to fucking show it any patronage. it’s camp snoopy. stop lying to people.

  2. u gotta keep an eye on them smelly noko’s. what’s funny is that they’re not just jealous of the mall of america…those soko’s built an amusement park right on the their side of the DMZ so the noko’s could watch them eat kimchee pretzels…freely & as much as they want.

  3. will the real phineas poser PLEASE STAND UP? i mean, it’s one thing to fake post for a human but pets? where does it end??

  4. it obviously doesn’t end. that is why north korea is inevitable.

    south korea sounds shitty… they don’t even have peanut butter.

  5. the only nokos that will see the amusement part are soldiers, and every single chick in noko is fed propeganda since birth supporting the idea that she could only love a soldier. so who is really jealous of who? the soldiers are probably fed that concept, so all the south koreans did was waste a lot of resources on a part that would have served a better purpose for the entertainment of it’s populace had it been placed more inland away from bombs and stray bullets and such. if i was a north korean soldier i would see that park as a trophey of victory. a sign that what we are doing is correct in that it makes others do things that are incorrect and serve no purpose.

    the world is idiots.

  6. and lets be honest… the south koreans didn’t build that park. the united states built that park. just like they’ve built everything else since vietnam. if iraq was smart, they would realize this and surrender themselves to the south korean destiny and let all those dirty iranians look over a newly formed dmz into iraqs new THEME PARK! LOOK AT US IRAN! YOU GUYS FUCKING SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. it’s a fucking joke.

  7. if only the sectarian violence didn’t originate from a religious group. then perhaps we could reason with them. too bad their minds are cluttered with lies and hypocracies and promises that can never be proven false.

    dreamy sigh. TOO. BAD.

  8. hey everyone, bad news. i think the whazzman is dead. i have called his house line all morning and it’s busy. i am worried that he was strangled by the phone cord–either by an intruder or by some tragically clumsy mistake–and he is laying there now and that is why the line has been busy for so long. hope i’m wrong.

  9. I don’t pay attention to whazzmaster for a few days and I realize that you’re talking smack about my cat.

    That cat has been like a brother to you, and here you are calling him names.

  10. whazzman is in cali for intuit party and then staying a few days for business….but since this is the interwebnet he should be able to make an appearance…..GEEZ tell us about the party already!!!

  11. gloves are off. i’m starting a war with the people upstairs. everytime i hear ANYTHING from them i throw tennis balls at the ceiling as hard as can for about 10 seconds and then scream, “I AM GOING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL”. inconsiderate people get shit on in my kingdom. it’s a better way.

  12. oh right, the intuit party. i remember now. phew i was already starting to edit the slideshow for his memorial service.

  13. you need to finish that slideshow! celebrating someones death while they are still alive could be the gimmick that blows TB to the top.

    in a highly calculated act of aggression learned from many hours playing dice wars, i just printed out a sign that says “UGLY CHILDREN LIVE HERE” and tacked it on the floor in front of the door of our upstairs neighbors.

    i figure a few more signs… at that point they’ll start waiting by the door for me… but somehow i’m smart enough to know when that has happened, and instead of confronting them, i’ll sit in my newly quietified apartment and dream of the old days when i had a noise problem.

    tomorrows sign will read “QUIET.” and 2 days after that “I LEFT THIS HERE FOR YOU”. that will do it.

  14. rach-o just said “what if they are crazy?!” i really think she doesn’t know that i’m crazier. how cute.

  15. i never said i would “hang” signs…. i’m not aware of how property rights and harassment laws intertwine… tacking signs to floors in the common area hallway does don’t imply ownership to the sign. people WITH noise problems HANG signs. intelligent people sleep in peace.

  16. these people throw 40+ cigarettes off their balcony every day… in the yard in front of my house is like a sea fucking cigarette butts now.

    man. i just looked up the littering law that would have precedence. 2-5 times cost of cleanup. oh my god that is the stupidest piece of policy i have ever seen. for one it doesn’t define “cost” so i suppose that could be anything. if they want to send 50 city guys on union contracts out for 2 days, that might be pricey… especially if they all just lean on shovels. but whatever… if you are littering, you don’t care about the cost to clean it up. why would you care about 2-5 times the cost? are you even likely to get caught 1 in 5 times? if not, it actually costs less to litter than not litter. bah. i was hopeing for a $50-175 fine, and then working with the police to set up a sting and get these violators for like 30 counts 1st hand and charge them $3,000 for completely ruining a communal yard that before their presence was pristine. i fucking hate people. so dumb. all of them.

  17. Spammers, why do you keep coming back to this post?

    Are you trying to tell me something?

    Are the spammers trying to warn me?



  18. I do remember Gummy Bears, i enjoyed that program well into my teens to be pefectly honest.

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