To my eternal dismay, I don’t have the time to digitally note my many and varied erudite opinions on the Stupidity of America. Luckily, I do have ***NEWS***.  Ewaz called me this morning and let slip that he may be in town next Tuesday taking a friend to the aeropuerto.  Coincidentally, that is the same day that rumthumbs, lawman, spacebee and I were going to do it durrty, dinner party-style.  The only thing better than a dinner party with the rumthumbsey and The Law is to involve EWAZ as well.  Now, Madd Scientist, when will I be seeing you next?

67 thoughts on “Din-Din

  1. That AQ vs AK was, to quote the great Larry Mccarren, the dagger. The meltdown happened before that.

    In fantasy football news, K-car is killing me. Short of taking a high-powered rifle over to Qualcomm and firing a bullet through LTs helmet, I got no chance… in hell. Blah, blah, buy your kid something nice with the winnings.

    In tilt news, I know why the caged bird sings: because it was ass raped. Won my way into a $69 sng, 1st is $310. Pretty much tied for chip lead with 4 left. I bet w JJ get raised by my co-chip leader. I push, he calls with 1010 and must be a lego maniac cuz he constructed a runner runner str8 with that bad boy. So that leaves me with 200 chips UTG with blinds at 100-200. I push I win; I push I win; I push I win. Ying Yang it back to 3K. Push again with AK and get called by KJ. J hits for a really, really, really shitty bubble. Back to the $8 salt mines.

  2. i think that would be a pretty easy painting. i gotta back up fancy ray and go with the naked chick though. i think the clothes pull you from the wonderment of the vastness and variety of nature back into cement society. naked chick and it’s like where did she come from? it makes things even more vast and i think that is the appeal of the picture. naked dude would just be gay. naked greg and at least i know a certain someonecal would be waiting to buy it. times sure are tough on the tables… gotta make money somehow.

  3. Mark Henry was seen on television romancing WWF women from Chyna to Mae Young as part of the gimmick. He feuded with Viscera during this time as part of a storyline where Viscera big splashed Mae Young while she was carrying Henry’s child. Young would go on to give birth to a hand.

    Please never forget that this actually happened!!!!

  4. i want to see john cena go tag team with k-fed and take on the hardy boys in a ladder match. the the hand does a run in, but it’s not mae youngs hand… it’s the hand from the addams family, and THEN the hand from mae young comes out and has does a rap battle with the addams hand. then k-fed FU’s cena, puts the belt on, but it falls to his ankles. confused, k-fed stands in the middle of the ring. a darkness approaches from behind. the big show looms over k-fed and taps him on the shoulder. k-fed is SUR. PRIZED. big show throws k-fed into the 3rd row, claims the belt as his own, fireworks go off, stage lights down. come on people… get the fuck out. we got a hockey game in here in 2 hours.

  5. there is no other way. in the winter i have to wear a sweater though. 100% acrylic keeps me warm like down and you know this.

  6. Oh, man. I am sorry MP. I fell asleep on sat night and forgot to call you. Make that, I lamely fell asleep and forgot to call you. Like at 9:00. I will be much better for family style dinner on Tuesday. I promise.

  7. It may be better for you that you didn’t; I drank a bottle of wine, then a sixer of PBR. Then Stacy came over and I went to The Depot and drank… I dunno, something. Bottom line: I don’t necessarily remember how the night ended.

  8. Dinosaurs! Dynomite! Explosions! South America is just as exciting as the corporate-run movie industry suggests!! Also, good to see you again, Sean. Especially playing with sticks of dynomite.

  9. i have a cone on my head and i absolutely hate it. i mean, hate more than anything i’ve ever hated before in my short 5 months of life. my parents tell me it’s my own fault for licking my wounds but man, i look awful and it makes me bump into things too.

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