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Eroz was in town for a minute today. We had a bite to eat at Nick’s and then played the ol’ squeezebox for old times sake. Also, nostalgia. Wwhazz’s Montemarte -> black eye trip was much discussed. Also, sundry other topics that I’m not at liberty to divulge. Hurray!

bayside tigers

Here you are grace-o, by the grace of god here is the shirt.

83 thoughts on “My NEW Favorite Picture

  1. near miss!

    i think even if you took the couch we’d still need the storage room for the bed and tables and junk, so it wouldn’t really matter. if you’d like to use them anyways, we could probably do that.

    most of my electronis have been junked or sold, and the big stuff in the office is going to my brothers studio, so all i’m taking electronical could fit in 2 medium uhaul boxes. come on. i can’t get 2 boxes for the tools of my trade? come on. PLEASE?

    we might live in south carolina. take your shirt off. twist it ’round your head… spin it like a helicopter.

  2. i can’t wait until we eat every meal on fancy plates and i dip my hillshire farms lil smokies into some sweet baby ray’s sauce just straight CHILLIN in a big ass crystal bowl. and fuck it all, fondue the whole bitch up in provolone. i don’ts gives no fucks.

    my issue is obviously overvaluing the implications of an alternate solution that was
    1. cheaper
    2. easier
    3. resulted in final state with nicer things

    i have now realized that situations exist that meet these 3 criteria, yet are still the incorrect choice because of the invisible hand of the market. being a person that doesn’t want to own fancy delicate plates means i’m a person that doesn’t support those who make and sell such items. i’m such a dick. oh shit… i broke the BBQ crystal

  3. whatever else goes on in rach-o’s life… no matter what happens. at least she’s got that couch thing taken care of.

  4. and i would take that from someone? i’m a HUGE dick.

    someones getting a special YOU WERE RIGHT!(c) breakfast in the bathroom. how about jellied toast and scrambles eggs with peppers. and jews. haha, i meant juice. sorry to get so racial so early in the morning. they just sound so similar… just that end part… some people don’t cap their s’s and it’s confusing… yeah, i buttered the toast too. wow, that many patients today? DRAMA! ok, well i’m off to bed. enjoy the eggs!

  5. Madd we have no furniture at all so I meant use all of your furniture including your marital bed, tables, couches, etc. It was just a thought for an alternative solution to paying money to store things.

  6. they could REALLY use your marital bed.

    also, i got a gift from someone in the mail today… it’s a women’s shirt. i have no use for such things.

  7. ha. “the scientists” nice one rumthumbs. oh man i just read That. Whole. Thing. my opinion? while i can sympathize with rach-o, i vote madd. but skeezer i’ll raise you a couch. ditch the couch, ditch the crystal ball, I mean crystal bowl, ditch the fondue set. The things you own end up owning you. Apologizes from wherever I stole that… A commercial? Ha, well, probably not a commercial… I’d fire that marketing guy. Anyway excellent night on the website. Good for you for opening up the topic rach-o. You know what? I change my vote. It goes rach-o. I’m a swing state.

    Your friend,


  8. whazzmaster are you serious that you don’t know why you would receive a women’s shirt? I just left you a message on your phone. Look closely at what the shift says then you should understand who it is for.

  9. I mean, what the shirt says silly.

    On the other hand perhaps you are messing with me to get me all fired up, is it true, would you do that to me?

  10. Yo rummythumb,

    Got your message past your bedtime last night. Too late to call, but I’ll try ya tonight or on Friday.

  11. Zachary(Alandovos):

    Thank you very much, that should have been on the top of my list today of things I didn’t need to see


    i’m a pretty little lady

  12. spacebee, don’t let him trick you into putting that thing on. he’s going to pretend you are kelly or jessi.

  13. bellgirl, i’ll ask rach-o, i guess she isn’t continuing this conversation online, or perhaps her laptop broke.

    my main issue wasn’t the money, even though it would be cheaper, it’s that plymouth is at least a 6 hour trip from anywhere we might end up living at least, and if we end up on one of the coasts it would be a nightmare to move… so we’re storing stuff somewhere we don’t need it. that just seems uber dumb to me. rach-o still disagrees with “i want to keep this stuff. i don’t want to start over.” i’m pretty sure i can’t win this one without blowing up her apartment. where did i get that idea from? cal? he should be fired.

  14. rumthumbs, i’m not jumping on the plan because i wouldn’t even expect my own parents to store this crap. it would take up a cars spot in a garage at least, and thats with tricky stacking, so unless bg’s parents got a barn or something, it just wouldn’t work.

    we have another month to finalize some form of plan. i really don’t care what happens, i’m just trying to make it easier and understand her reasoning. her reasoning is GRRRRRRRRR THIS IS MY STUFF!! GRRRRRRRRR STAY BACK! GRRRRRRRR!

  15. southhhhhhhh carolinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa come on and raise up! take yo shirt off. spinitroundyohead, TWIST IT LIKE A HELICOPTER!

  16. spacebee, you go up to whazzman and say “this came for you” then punch him in the balls.


  17. so much of the smaller junk we’re storing at the parent’s house. the furnitures going in storage. if you guys want the storage key in may and got a couple big trucks to move it all, i’m sure that’s ok. where are you guys moving to?

  18. donald talks like a fucking clown. he’s the fakest man… that’s his role. he leverages his debt to lure barely legal women into contractual marriages. his tv show stayed on the air too long, and now it’s pretty much worthless. who is he kidding with the hair? does he think it looks good? has he tried every other haircut that the most expensive credit card bill visa would authorize could buy and concluded this was the best option? does he know his face looks so frumpy and stupid? he looks like a retard slipped at lunch and slammed his chin into the table. the thought of thinking about donald trump naked sickens me. i couldn’t even think about it… i was already puking. if rosie whipped the tits out i’d give her some beads. what kind of shoes does mr. trump wear anyways? if his leased helicopter broke down would he have the first idea how to fix it? he looks like he is in constant anal agony… like there is a spiked thumb stuck up there or something. also his suits are gay as shit.

  19. donald trump certainly does not have the holiday spirit.

    perhaps the walking cunt he protected had the right idea.

    merry christmas everyone. especially rosie’s kids. God help them.

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