Esurance.com commercials piss me off and here’s why: they are cartoons escaping from doom, gloom, and evil madd scientists. Or alternatively, giant robot football players.  And I’m supposed to even understand why a cartoon woman superspy is so goddamned concerned about getting car insurance via the intertubes before stealing a car to make a getaway. What?  I don’t get it, TV. Explain it better.  Make me believe that buying car insurance via the internet is a life or death prospect. Lie to me.  But don’t expect me to believe that cartoon women need car insurance to escape giant robot football players.  That is not how the world turns.  Coincidentally, I got a refund from my old car insurance company to the tune of $122.87 today. No spies involved. No robots.  No madd scientists.  Just $122.87 of US dollars.  I hate you, esurance.com.

71 thoughts on “RAHR!

  1. thanks for the anniversary greetings. And belated happy day to the kalishes and the monneybees. where do you two get off eating at delmonicos one night and harvest the next? hope you’ll be bringing me and my hobo husband along with you when we live there.
    Currently i am working but after a short sleep tomorrow it is off to a delayed anniversary celbration and new year’s. hurrrayyyyy. wwhazz came home with a box o boooze as my anniversay present, wine and champagne galour. Should be fun.

  2. ok now you’ve been there awhile (a while?)i would like a post titled:

    Reflections on Moving Back to the Midwest

    get on it!


  3. cal, did you sit there for 7 minutes hoping it would appear and then just gave up? patience is a virtue, and the only way doctors make money.

  4. Attention nursing Whazzers. Want to have a cheap good time/romantic as hell? Take you and your significant other to the Melting Pot for only $22 per person. details

  5. skeez what’s up you are neglecting your whazz rant duties. i’ll try to help.

    1) remember those “i got the motts” applesauce commercials? you know how many crummy commercials i will have stuck in my head until the day i die? many. thanks for nothing ring around the collar.

    2) in pinky news i am recovering. physical therapy weekly. lots of gripping and straps and various bands to recover strength and get back to my old tough-grip self. some day i will again be able to shake the strange “powerball”. what was up with that guy/video???

    3) i am very excited to voyage to socal to visit my socal friends. i am SOOOO CAL EXCITED!

    4) finally here is a link to some youtube thing i have not watched yet but was sent to me by a pal. normally i wouldn’t post something i have not yet seen but these are lean times in whazzland… so i do what i can.


  6. zach: thanks for the old fashioned recipe. i think i may try to make them some time this weekend.

    ktk: how’s hadley doing? is she crawling yet? grace-o has figured out how to scoot herself around, but she’s not quite crawling. check out jucoja.com for more details.

    scientist: how’s phoenix?

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