Reflections on Moving Back to the Midwest

Moving back to the midwest was a very odd trip.  With the crunch time at work to occupy my time the trip came very suddenly, and before I knew it I was posted up right around the corner from the Badger Bus depot.  If I go out on my balcony I can see such sights as the HowardTree (DoubleHo), El Capital, and the Main Depot.  It was a good month before I settled out of my childlike excitement (LET’S GO TO SMOKY’S TONIGHT! I HAVEN’T BEEN THERE IN YEARS!) at being back.  It’s been terrific being able to jet home and see the family as well.

All sorts of excited gesticulations and honorifics are due to the Rumthumb-Lawman Axis, the Queen and King of all that is Progressive Madison.  I am truly learning things about Madison I never knew during my, ahem, student days.  I’m a certified Willy Co-op Member now, and I’m looking forward to the neat things to do in the spring (or ice fishing if it ever gets cold enough around here to freeze water).

From my desk at this moment I can see the entire Capital (or capitol, I can never remember which is finance-related and which is governing-related) dome.  That in itself is breathtaking.  It’s very nice in many ways to be back in the midwest: no commute, minutes from places instead of hours (with traffic), food and drinks are cheaper by a mile.  There are some drawbacks: no good burritos, little choice in Thai or Indian food, the absence of the Technical Community of Silicon Valley, and the furthernerness from San Diego.  It was so nice to be able to hop a Friday night flight down to San Dog to watch a UFC ppv with the Pals.  The flip side of that is that it’s no longer a monumental effort to see family and friends between Madison and Racine.  Say lah vee.
Finance-wise, the expected boon due to the cost-of-living differences didn’t materialize at first but that was caused by Xmas Gift Xtravanganza 2006.  Now that we’ve settled down a bit I’ve scripted out the finances and they seem more under control.  Additionally, I need to be hesitant about doing anything until the 2006 income taxes are done.  We sold the house at a profit last year and I held back a bit of money in order to use for the taxes.  Once that’s clear and I know exactly how much to pay I can start saving the rest of it in earnest.
Finally, I miss seeing people like fuddruckus, gmc, ben, Tha RDP Krew, my peeps at Intuit, and a whole host of others.  My HOLLLARBACK schedule was somewhat disrupted over the holidays but I’m looking forward to spending more time back in the bay area for some project-related time.  I hope to see all of you then,

Things I Just Can’t Get Over in Madison:

  1. I giggle every time I pass Cal and Springer’s old pad on Doty St.  I pass it at least twice a day.
  2. I can’t get over that I can see Ogg Hall from my balcony.
  3. It’s January and still hitting 50° in Madison. The lakes aren’t froze yet, cap’n.
  4. That Cal told me to ‘lose the swords, homey.’
  5. That I can go to a fancy-pants restaurant like Harvest and get Schlitz in a can, for $2.
  6. That I can have BW3 whenever the fuck I want, but DON’T eat it all day every day.
  7. That Scubby and peterstiffly and I are going RAW is WAR on Feb 2nd.  Awesome.

55 thoughts on “Reflections on Moving Back to the Midwest

  1. I just got back from work today, after cleaning the house. I have a glass of Speyburn, which is named for and located on Scotlands laongest river? It tastes a little less peaty than Laphroig, and only costs $20 a bottle.
    Cal-I think you got a little too much out of my blog. The girlfriend and the mob may not be brought up at all, and I don’t know what turns will be taken, but you wolves were fucking hungry!!

    Insanity=Cleaning house.
    Cleaning house=Eroz.


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