Thought Bubbles

(I know this does not need to be said, but when the human race is no more, a mathematical equation could probably be fabricated wherein the MTV show My Super Sweet 16 was a contributing factor to the apocalypse.)

(I am apparently a runner now.)

(I took off of work for Brewers Opening Day, April 2nd, and the entire Cubs series in June.  It should be delightful.)

(The movie Air Force One is preposterous.)

(I have a problem with RESTful web resources interoperability potential.)

(Is madddddddddddddddddd there yet?)

(I wish someone in Madison wanted to play poker on a weekly basis.)

32 thoughts on “Thought Bubbles

  1. 1. Nice seeing you at the coop this evening, lawman. It will be our secret meeting place from now on.
    2. I picked up Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs today cuz Arlo told me to. I didn’t listen to him about Wet Hot American Summer, so this time I’m getting in on the ground floor. And besides, I like Klosterman’s columns in Esquire.
    3. Boy oh boy, is it ever snowing.
    4. Alandovos: I made the salsa; it’s steeping now. I’ll report on what it’s like tomorrow.
    5. Alandovos: I may have a project you would be interested in; I’ll forward you the email and see if it touches you in the right way.
    6. How is So+Cal?
    7. I also made a kick-ass chicken marinade tonight, and will be eating it tomorrow evening. It will be delicious!

  2. morning whazzers.

    Today I’m taking the had-inator to Milwaukee by myself. I have never done such a thing… it’s a big enough deal to take her into town by myself.

    Whazzmaster, how much snow did you get? We got about 3-4 inches. Our “plow guy” came and plowed us out. We have a long enough driveway that we don’t shovel it.

    Rumbthumbs, what’s shakin’ with you guys?

    MR & MRS Bellygirl… what are you doing? Mr. bellygirl, I have’t talked to you in a long as hell time. If you make dinner together are you MR & MRS BellyGRILL? HA HA HA HA HA.

    Well, I better go and get purtied up before the bambino wakes up.

    Also, Eroz, remember when we bailed you out of jail 🙂

    Also, what did happen to madddd? I think Rach-o has him tied up somewhere with one of those round ball gag things in his mouth. She seems very, very sweet and innocent… but maybe Madd pushed her to the breaking point.


    OH: Question for all: Do you watch cooking shows. If so, which shows do you like/hate?

  3. Haven’t been touched yet (in an either good or bad way) did snow hold up the delivery?

    Also in fairly exciting news I may have figured out the WHAT of the tiny robot if not the WHO. Did said tiny robot come in a small yellow capsule?

  4. 1. We probably got about 6 inches, which is weird because it was snowing for 1.5 days straight.
    2. Alandovos: yellow capsule: yes, email: sending now.

  5. hey whoever: that last picture bellygirl sent me? the one where cal and wwhazz and emily are holding hands? it’s so cute I threw up.

  6. But those things come in candy and the robot pill came in a block of birdseed as big as a softball. Also, it was a consortium of investors including GMC and wwhazz that hatched the Tiny Robot Scheme. I found that out relatively recently.

  7. So cal was so great I can’t even tell you. There was food and recreation and pugs and submarines and book stores… and yes, dreams deferred.

    so you had a bad day, da da da da da

    knowledge of ear candles and cara cara oranges was shared and tales of boarding school received… There were ewaz stories and there was


  8. PLEASE NOTE: Persons that have trouble bending, crouching or climbing or are uncomfortable in confined spaces may have difficulty touring the B-39 submarine.

    and this

  9. All in all, fun time/romantic as hell. Many many thanks to our San Diego Pals. Mp i would like to see the hand holding picture! god speed, skeezer.

    Your friend,


  10. You know what moneypenny? Step foot on a B-39 Soviet Attack Submarine and then talk shit. Cal got into the cap’n’s vodka and tried to launch a warhead at Madison. Lucky for you he pressed the wrong button and only flushed the toilet.

  11. ktk–why aren’t you stopping in madison on your way to MW? i mean, the car needs gas! you need coffee! hadley needs a diaper change!!!

    MP–i’m sure aaron would be up for the weekly poker but here’s the thing-i’m going to play the ball and chain and say NO. every time he has come home from a “boys night out” with you he smells like a giant whisky bottle and one of us sleeps on the couch so i don’t have to get drunk by proximity to his oozing booze smell. i fear that would become a scheduled event if poker were to materialize.

    also, walmart movie is next in queue on netflix and should come tomrorow. lawman is gone this week but he authorized us to have a date–even better, a 3-way with spacebee–and watch it without him. i hear you have some nurse/family duties but, when you get back, what night do you want to hate walmart together?

  12. 1. you know what wwhazz? i officially cancel your birthday, you will be 30 years old… FOREVER!
    2. Wal*Mart Three Way would have to be next week. Spacebee works Tuesday and Wednesday night, then Wednesday night late we leave for Illinois. Anytime next week is good, though.
    3. RE: A boozy lawman, probably won’t happen (at least due to my involvement) for the next 8 weeks.

  13. I need scheduled boozing. I need more structure in my life. It’s the spur-of-the moment drinking that’s the problem. I’m off to a conference in sunny appleton, wi. It is at the same place that we stopped for a beer on the way from the church to the reception at the Wirkus wedding.

  14. ktk-I do not want to offend you, but I definately remember BRIAN-bailing me out, and you telling him NOT to. I therby revoke your right tho say that WE bailed him out. I do also remember that he was wagering the health? insurance money to do so, so could other married or have-been-married folk settle this for me? I tend to think of it as Christmas. It was the thought that counts. Now that I think about it, it is the single nicest thing anyone or ones, has ever done for me. Especially, when you factor in the amount of time that Brian, you two had known me! All said, I can’t thank the both of you enough! Thank you!
    Rumthumbs-I know I am on your shitlist, and deserve to be, but I want to know more about the nights Lawman comes home smelling os whiskey. Or Scotch. Are you telling me that you won’t let him into the same bed just due to the fact that he smells of alcohol, or perhaps smoke also? Your loving husband? OR-does it have to deal with the actions of men towards their signifigant other, while heavily intoxicated? You know, the roaming hands at 2:00a.m., bodily functions all night, loud talking. . .please clarify. Heart ewaz.

    I have spent the last few days taking a break from, The Story, due to all of the other garbage that has happened into my life. Nothing life altering, but I was a D.D. on Sat. until 1:00a.m., then killed a 12 pack of mgdlite and sipped Jim Beam until 4. Lets, skip Sunday! Actually, NO! I went to The Kalahari to Jason Havey for Ewazzing into the dead zone. I visited a friend in the Kowabubga Lounge to watch fotball. Two GG martinis. Now, erase Sunday! Today, and yesterday I recouped ands went hiking during the snowstorm so eloquently put forth by our host. Spent about 6 total hours outside In The Bush!
    I am hungry. I will go eat!

  15. ewaz, not to worry you are on no such shitlist. as for my sleeping arrangements with a drunko–it makes me totally nauseous to have booze laden sweat stinking up the bed. but don’t worry, it’s usually me on the couch not him. so at least he gets the good sleepin’ spot. if we’re both drunk and stinking of booze, obviously we sleep in stink together and usually live in a hangover together the next morning.

  16. If it’s a real poker night, it involves 5 beers, tops. Some people have phony poker nights just to get away from oppression at home, but this sounds like poker poker– you’d need to worry about him losing money more than anything.

    KTK gimme a call. I’d love to shoot the shit.

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