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Wow, lots to review in that last thread.  My favorite part: cal and wwhazz arguing about squid fishing when ewaz jumped out from behind a bush.  Also: cal’s ignorance of Wrigly, I’ve heard that Chain-Gun-of-Shit story a hundred times.  Also also: a guest appearence by Ronni (hey Ronni, a healthy percentage of New York is powered by your personal energy.  Jesus.)  Also: we got to know everyones’ first Tapes and CDs.  And finally, Eroz blew wwhazz’s Over/Under for the year out of Teh Water.


BEAR DOWN CHICAGO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bears made it to the Super Bowl, I can’t believe it! Whazzmaster and I spent a long weekend in good ‘ol Illinois. I drug him all around to various places, visiting friends and family. We had an exciting game of CLR on friday night. Usually we only play with quarters, but we did play with dollars this game ( for one round!) Saturday we watched Wisconsin kick some Illini ass!! Then we went to a couple of the most exciting bars; the Blackberry Inn (where one of my good friends works) and Stoney’s. Both hole in the wall bars, my favorite! Overall it was a great weekend the Bears and Badgers won, I was able to see lots of friends and family and catch up with them, and I dominated whazzmaster in darts!!! Although he did win the ping pong tournament 3 games to 2, oh well there is always next time.


On Wednesday late-night spacebee and I hit the road towards all points Illinois.  Thursday was hectic as I sped from one small suburb of Chicago to another to do customer Follow-Me-Homes for work.  I hit I-94 just in time for afternoon rush hour and headed back in the direction of Aurora (Ay-Town).  I had taken Friday off so the rest of the weekend was MINE ALONE.  Spacebee and I spent it cavorting around Chicagoland and eating, darting, ponging, and watching sports.  Also: I did some real world class napping.  In-between moments were spent reading a book I got last week: World War Z.  I think I have a post somewhere in my head about it, but I have to formulate more at this point.

Happy Birthday Manders! Happy Birthday Madddddddddddd! Happy Birthday Wwhazz!  So many to celebrate.  All y’all’s parents got it on in the same relative time frame.  Yee haw.

142 thoughts on “Wiffle Ball

  1. how can you compete with 20 somethings cal? you’re a fogey. without my twentiness you’re worthless. you know it. i know you know it. i want 80% of the prize.

  2. former MN boys (cal and maddd, that is), i do have to say it warms my heart to be reading about highland park, lilydale, and ramsey county (where i lived for 18 years, oftentimes being called emily rAmsey because of it).

    that said, the winter carnival has always left sort of a weird taste in my mouth. 1) one of my parents’ best friends was king boreas back in the 1980’s and it seems like his job description is still somehow applicable. winter carnival royalty is supposed to make you big shit for the rest of your life–why is this? 2) my 5th grade teacher was klondike kate in 1990. see #1 for same story.

    but, main reason is 3) my mom runs a homeless shelter within viewing from the $1,000,000 ice palace that goes up yet her winter budget gets cut every year by the city. who the fuck needs a $1,000,000 ice castle?

  3. what would the world be like without royalty? would there be incentive to promote the increased knowledge in the ways of protecting chosen individuals? what would the world be like if royalty did not have a royal castle? does royalty without a castle exist in theh real world? what if the royalty just rented the castle, but it was awesome? what if no one knew you were royalty, but you were? then can you hear cal crap in the woods?

    does your pal by parental linkage make sizable contributions each year to your moms cause? i assume he does, but what of the other kings? if your mother is friend with a king and that friendship leads to his realization that he should donate or look like a hypocrit in front of his icehouse 12 pack, then he’ll probably do the remaining leg work convincing all the other kings to the do the same. if this happens, and all 40+ kings who are all big shit all now donate $50,000 a year each out of their big shit budgets, then that $1,000,000 guilt trip across the street just turned a $1,000,000 100% ROI. it’s called social economics mrs ramsey. i’m just kidding, i made that all up.

  4. jeff garcia is on the tonight show tonight…. didn’t he die from herpes or drunk driving or anything yet? i am SHOCKED. why is he still a public figure?

  5. i’m not saying jeff garcia has herpes… i’m just saying valtrex does not prevent all outbreaks.

  6. oh man stop the whazz presses. there another hunt on! 5 grand to the finder. i’m a little burned out on all this after yesterday but in case you’re all on the edge of your seats:

    2007 Treasure Hunt II – Today’s clue
    Posted: Wednesday, Jan. 24

    Congrats to the finder, to all a reminder
    To hunt hard from first to last clues
    Medallion I is history. Now a new mystery
    Begins — strap on your hunting shoes

    To some its demented, for all unprecedented
    But hunters’ thirst must be quenched
    Tell sister and brother we’ve hidden another
    In a park where a body can be benched

    Our 2nd prize? Don’t laugh — 10-thou cut in half
    So get out there even if it’s snowy
    And as a special bonus — some might say an onus —
    A meal with our own Clueless Joey

    Good hunting to you, let this be the first clue
    Think of a woodsy retreat
    It won’t be so hard if you channel the bard
    You’ll get warm and smell pretty sweet

  7. hard…. strap…. demented…. thirst quenched… sister and brother… body can be benched…. onus… woodsy retreat… channel the bard… get warm and smell pretty sweet.

    hmmmmmm. what was ice backwards again?

  8. you know if you took rumthumbs old nickname and extrapolated it to her new one, she would be ramthumbs, and trilobyte would be making entirely different films. they would probably have steve-o in them.

  9. hmmm demented… what about wacouta commons? if you are wacked out, that is the same as demented, right?! GET DIGGING!

  10. there was a line at the beeangeezy and jeff garcia was trying to pull the skip the line move talking to your boy at the door, when we just strolled past them both shouting a combined total of 2 hollers. dudes herpe turned to me and said, “you son of a bitch.”

  11. I dunno muck ’bout traysur hundin’but, I’ll tell ya’ll wut! I just watch the last 70 or so minutes of, The Island. Have you seen it? Ewan McGregor and Scarlet Johansen. I swear that they bought the rights the the sript of Fortress, a sci-fi film about the regulation of population due to over-population. It is pissing me off that I can remember the actors name. He was The Highlander, Christopher something. The fortress takes place in this huge underground facility with lots of high tech LAMBERT, Lambert…Christopher Lambert, is the actor!!! The movie is ok(The Fortress) but The Island is not. The premise is that in the future, a person would pay to have themselves cloned, in order to grow organ transplants. The clones are kept in a vegatative state until”harvest”. Of course, it is found that the organs shut down if kept like that, so the company tells them that the earth is contaminated, and that they are the last of mankind, and special. BLAH. blah, blah!
    Somebody tell me they have seen it!

  12. griggs rec center #1 attraction is a “warming room”. get warm, homie. get warm and DIG!

  13. inside the bar JG scored 3 underage sluts, though… so i guess in the end they were the punkees.

  14. lily, are we going to have a playdate or what? get your stepdad to call my parents for woof’s sake! 441-7460.

  15. cal, do you want the medallion, or do you want to run free in a large outdoor playland? FOCUS! the clues say griggs. tear that bitch apart.

  16. that reminds me… you know what i haven’t done in a long time? put heat to the purple beast and let red and meth act a fool on dv dizzle. you right ice, i still ain’t workin. oh wait, that was c.tucker… wait up homie, got shit to do? HOLLLLLLLARIT

  17. i’m representing rougue dog rougue dog, 57th street. WHAT?! cal’s got this mother fucking house on lock, WHAT?! einstein.

  18. doo doo doodoo, doo dadoodoodoo…. scenes… doo doodoo dadoodadoo, bonus materials…. doo doo languages da doo doo doodoo, PLAY!

  19. Onus (pronounced: ‘O-n&s) is a literary and legal term meaning burden or legal obligation of proof. It is the Latin word onus, which means “burden”.

    or perhaps they mean “on us” like… free or gift…

    hmmmm… what is 80% of 5k again?

  20. anyone see king’s ransom with anthony anderson and jay mohr? clever storyline. rever cleever clever elver.
    fat ass bitch, i’mma shelver her
    save for later, saran ran type shit
    pussy tight and in april it’ll be tight again
    talkin sit n’ spin.
    i got the freshest pussy on the block.

  21. actually i just sit around waiting for the directv guy. and whoa. he smelled. like stunk stunk. like perhaps stunkiest person i’ve ever smelled. fucking directv. i hate it. software is for SHIT.

  22. oops, i shut this place up
    ewaz and a hoop and a ball
    time to dunk
    delux burger in my gut
    i’m talkin tasty
    but much less would suffice when i’m wastee
    i stole your mirror bitch, chase me
    walleye vision can not place me
    lasers can’t trace me, haters don’t phase me
    but tasers to my pair of quasars dissuades me
    so i don’t fuck with strapped bitches
    i just run up in they ass and snatch riches
    i’m the theif at dusk,
    the early bird with the worm
    but it’s 9pm so freak what you heard
    don’t speak what you heard.
    cause the shit ain’t right
    don’t rob in the morning… gank a bitch just before night.
    and i’m out.

  23. while in delux burger, we were flanked by 17 year old chicks who talked for 30 minutes solid about that mtv reality show about those fucking kids. that show = phoenix. they all like to pretend they are lauren. bitches said lauren like 8 times. i was sad for humanity. on the qwest to find a bar after we left i drove through some construction. no one merged. something is seriously off around here.

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