211 thoughts on “Primo Shit

  1. alright now madd, i got your back for this franken 2008 campaign that you will run (from AZ, no less) and he won’t appreciate any hits on molly, who is (was) his main political comedian squeeze.

  2. by giving al something to not appreciate, you give him potential to show the type of leader he is capable of being. or not being.

  3. also you reiterate the power of the same freedom of speech al used to make all those paranoid homocentric jokes in the early 90s. but who remembers the early 90s?! i’ll tell you who (did)… molly ivans. raise up, al. take your shirt off.

  4. wwwwwhazz, are you going to be free in the next couple days? i was thinking about a 1 night run through flanked by booze and staked poker on either side. let a caucasian know something.

  5. man… it’s hard to shorten caucasian down to positive street slang…. cau… what are we, jungle birds? cauc is always confusing… do you mean plumbers glue or thick penis? out. auc? no. cay? hmmm… what up K? that’s 2 K’s short of taking this racial glorification to the dark side, and thats gay. asian? taken. casian? sounds like blacked grouper. just like white people… can’t reduce anything to lessor terms. “how are you doing caucasian?” offical white street greeting of 2007, my caucasian!

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