Busy Bumble Bees

I’m fuckin’ exhausted from the last week; the last 3 days have been chock full of Intuit-representin’, college-edumacated interviewin’, eatin’-on-the-company-dime fun, but it was work all the same.  Today was meetings from 11-5 and now I can finally breath.  Well, take one breath before sprinting out to go play volleyball with the You-Dub Hoespital team: The Screaming Pancs. I wanted to use that breath to tell you not to expect many updates between now and March.  I’ll be out of town for 2 1/2 weeks in February at different events in Mountain View, San Diego, and Las Vegas (w00!).  In the meantime, I’ll try to pop back in from time to time, but overall I’ll be MIA.

I’ll post more about last week and my upcoming plans this weekend, hopefully.

71 thoughts on “Busy Bumble Bees

  1. CBS was in charge of the janet titty that supposedly pissed off a lot of people including the FCC… how the fuck did they get another shot?! doesn’t this country believe in retribution?! FOG?! TITTIES?! BLARGH!

  2. unless a guaranteed blurry tittie at best was the retribution for the first infraction… in which case… that’s fair.

  3. Ok madd:

    Your tuesday night booze is rum, gin, jameson, vodka (smirnoff of course).

    Your mixers are milk, lemon juice, syrup (lite), squirt (flat), soy milk egg nog (never opened collectors item from last x-mas), tap water.

    Good luck.

  4. So sad for the Bears. My poor bf has wandered around for the last two days talking to himself outloud, saying: “why does the world want me to be sad? The Bears lost.”

    Prince was pretty awesome, though.

  5. He went to the emergency room last night. Something about almost cutting a finger off. Whether this had anything to do with the Bears loss has yet to be determined.

  6. alright pop quiz whazzland:

    after 12 hours of taking care of a large highly annoying, hard to sedate, emotionally labile woman, which of these things would you like to happen?

    A. She smiles for the first time and mouths thank you

    B. Nothing

    C. Your boss thanks you for all of your patience.

    D. She attempts to jump out of bed, you stop her and nicely explain why jumping out of bed is a bad thing and then….

    she flips you off waving her hand back and forth vigorously while contorting her face into the scariest/ugliest face you’ve ever seen

  7. B. nothing.

    did nothing happen? she like, fell asleep? what does that remind me of? something about nothing… “and then nothing turned itself” oh i know. it’s an album by yo la tengo. you know i never liked yo la tengo. just didn’t hear what everybody was so crazy about. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, on the other hand… MY NAME IS… there is a MOVIE coming out hommies! a movie! hey i ran a half marathon on sunday wanna see me at mile 12.5? dying? ok here it is:


    look at the determination! finishing time of 1:29:46. ok but not so great. i gotta get TRAINING!!! chooo chooo training!

    wwhaz i have not seen that episode i will watch tonight… shake zoola, the old schoola, lula lula.

  8. yeah um, CAMPAIGN… dude she led a campaign she didn’t lead a Steppenwolf invasion. and anyway you guys probably didn’t include MATC kids in your book invasions. hojo elitists. so what’s up where’s all the congratulations cal for running your race??? you all read steppenwolf or no? i am enjoying it. that guy is one of my Favorite-Avorite. i really liked “the glass bead game” too. or magister ludi if you know what i mean. anyway what’s up whazzmaster? chillin. i gotta give big j her props when it comes to books, she picks some winners. lolita right you like lolita didn’t you big j? see what i mean? ok i’m outta here peace.

  9. props to the Big J! J gets mad props! book picking props to Big J! props props props! mad propers J mad propers.

  10. wow. silence. are you all frozen? what’s the word? frozen in the midwest? some cold weather no? you in the deep freeze!

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