Welcome to the Bungle

February 2007 is halfway through, and I couldn’t be happier for myriad reasons.  The end of the month is spacebee’s birthday, and it’s Vegas Time.  Also, it’s fuckin Wisconsin in February so, yeah, there you go.  But mostly it’s because I’m criss-crossing (miggety mack’ll make ya) this country of ours like a futuristic hobo on the the modern boxcar: coach seats on United aircraft.  It’s full of the same disheveled stinkpots you’d probably find on the long-haul from Hackensack to Hoboton, but with laptop computers and an even worse disposition.

So this week was Mountain View for Hacktavism RC1 (you tech-tards won’t understand or care, but it had to do with making whiz-bang software) and next week is Whale’s Vagina for the Intuit Tech Forum.  Fuddruckus and Manders are shouldering the awesome responsibility of watching grace-o crawl/creep/boot-scoot-boogey all the way from San Heezy to San Deezy to kick it, Intuit-style, at a Coronado Resort.  I’m still trying to organize a Sushi ExtravaDanza sometime next week.  Fudd told me Sceizzer was down as well.  That true, maddddddddddddddd?

So, it’s Sahn Dee-ah-goe next week, then back home for the Ultra-Rare (biggest screen in the Midwest!) GMC Wisconsin visit.  Oh man, oh man, I’m so excited! I’m! So! Scared!  Then it’s off to Las Vegas for food, folks, and fun.  And by that I mean food (Sbarro food court), folks (mexican dudes throwing hooker trading cards at me), and fun (losing my shirt in craps).  Oh mommmmmmmmmmmmmmm, can’t we stay the Hooters Hotel & Casino?

After that I’ll finally be back in Wisconsin for a week or so, and then it’s off to Florida for a week. Theoretically I should be taking pictures.  In fact, I may or may not. We shall see.  Here’s some pictures from the Hacktavism Thing-A-Ma-Jig.

Finally, oh my god, is that Vanilla Ice? Yes, my company hired him as a pitchman.  Yes, he’s wearing a giant Uncle Sam hat.  Yes, he raps about filing your taxes.  Huzzah.

172 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bungle

  1. “where’s greg? on the dance floor.”

    It starts out in a woman’s voice, but as the song goes on it gets more and more robotic.

  2. what if hitler only put the jews in lockdown and never killed them. would the joke be less disconcerting?

    what the christ are doing searching myspace for anyways?! looking for rich old flammers?

  3. cal, be james hurst’s houseboy!

    are you trying to date this tofu girl? she doesn’t even have any friends. how sad. also, no clubs. 🙁 boo hoo. cal, she NEEDS you.

  4. i was looking for Mcteague refrences on myspace… i have to amuse myself somehow whazzmaster is such a bore these days. 24 refrences! Mcteague moves to the information age.

  5. did you try to sing along? where’s greg? where’s greg? i haven’t seen him. greg. where’s greg? THERE HE IS! where? greg? where’s greg?

    ON THE DANCE FLOOR! it’s fun.

  6. so cal, how about those dems? 107 days in office… illegal war still going on… facist homeland security department still empowered… patriot act still law… port act still fraudulated… great work, eh?

    so all these reasons they campaign why they deserve control, but once they get it, they don’t do anything about it, they just go open their community centers or whatever the fuck else democrats do.


  7. you’re crazy they’ve been getting things done man! min wage and school loans and more. cleaning house. lousy republicans. USELESS.

  8. raising the minimum wage is a giant blow to the economy. larger and easier to get school loans only encourage educational facilities to lower their standards. congressional house boys already dusted, and not all republicans find themselves with lous. YOU are crazy.

  9. i can’t visit ivan without being stopped *3* times by dogs and men with guns checking my car for mexicans that just want to work in this land that requires everyone to be richer than their fair share by LAW. if the minimum wage was $50 an hour, think about how that would change things. now please understand how making it $8 or whatever it is now does the exact same thing. BRO. KEN. how about everyone gets diamond chariots and 6 mules? MINIMUM! so kind of those dems to help anyone who chooses to dig themselves a pile of debt. i mean, why should you put off school for a few years and save up tuition money when someone is kind enough to trust that you’ll get that great job after graduation and pay them back? surely very few people will take advantage of this new program leaving the job market just as prime as you currently perceive it. i want to be an astronaut, can i borrow $10?

  10. 1. cal is on my space; try to find him
    2. i’m in an airport bar
    3. one of cal’s ‘friends’ is a girl he dated in high school. her comment: “Hey Zack- I’m so glad you found me – you are still as cute as I remember you in high school. Still out in San Fran, huh? Hope it’s going good and you are loving whatever you are doing!”
    4. myspace, even with cal’s addition, i still the shittiest of the shitty web designs i have ever encountered. period.
    5. fooferaw!

  11. the shitty web design was on purpose to inflate usage statistics. i got about half done on maddpower before i realized it’s pretty much the same as raising the minimum wage. it only make’s people like cal happier and that CAN’T be good.

    cal, you’re old ‘friend’ seems extremely kind! whats the deal with that huh… like… still in san fran… HUH?! HUH?! huh, what? what is that supposed to mean?! HUH?! like gee, i wish you weren’t there. HUH! HUH I WISH YOU WERENT THERE! WHERE IS GREG?! YOU SHOULD BE WITH HIM, HUH? not good enough to just like what you’re doing, huh?! cal’s fucking friends. probably republicans.

  12. did anyone see the most recent dennis miller stand up special?

    is he serious? i think he’s catering to a perceived majority exploiting comedic reverse psychology… but i’m not sure.

  13. i mean, he even did the “make the mexicans build the wall, then kick them out” joke that carlos mencia took heat for “stealing” from ari whatever. it was just boring and dumb. even his odd references weren’t that odd. if anything, they were obvious. obb. sorta like odd, but backwards, huh?

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