The Fourteenth Annual Vegas Post

I got shit on by Northwest Airlines, but I’m bouncing back, homey.  I talked to Rock Chalk today about various tax issues and she’s also stuck in the Mini-Apple on Northwest.
1. Lawman: I made the cast-iron-tater-tot-crust-with-egg-mixture-bake and holy fuck it is awesome.  I mixed soy milk and wheat germ with the eggs and when it was done I spread alandovos’ homemade salsa over the top.  For a dude with next to no food in my house, I’m living the high life.

2. We ship out for Vegas on Wednesday and we’ll be there til Saturday.  We’re staying at the MGM in case any of you jerks want to come to. You can’t stay in our room, though.  We’ll be touching each other’s private parts in there.

3. wwhazz did a pretty good job describing the visit to san dog.  I had far less time to visit and do stuff than I had initially thought, but we still managed to make a great week out of it.  I loved the sushi summit, and seeing grace-o and manders was A+.  I can honestly say I’ve never seen a baby as expressive as grace-o.  Sometimes it’s pretty damn simple to discern her opinion on things.  Thanks again to wwhazz and bellygirl for the hoespitality; it will be re-paid.
4.  Tonight I bought Jet-Li’s Fearless on PPV, and it wasn’t bad at all.  I think the good doctor told me to watch it awhile ago.

169 thoughts on “The Fourteenth Annual Vegas Post

  1. I have to be at the airport in seven hours.

    Ok Madd, Rach-O and Quince here are the rules for babysitting little wwhazz:

    1. Bed time is at 3 am so that little wwhazz can wake up and work on one of his special kid writing projects before noon.

    2. He is allergic to needles and gets motion sickness easy, I will keep some dramamine on hand.

    3. If he gets really madd when he plays poker and punches the wall or swears a lot he has to sit in the time out chair. Once in this chair NO beer, NO pizza, NO sex

    4. If you want to set a trap to catch someone off the balcony you must be wearing lucha masks and when you catch them rub Parker’s eye boogers in their faces.

    5. TV is ok, but only 3 hours of wrestling/UFC per week.

    Call with any questions, your pay is room and board and maybe a Taco Del Mar meal or a Costco hot dog.



    Will call and check on Vegas goers when traveling to Ft. Lauderdale. I never thought I would be excited to leave San Diego for even warmer weather, sorry Wisco residents.

    I’m going to Miami, benvenido a Miami.

    Key Largo Montego, a road trip to Key West is where I ought to go……..oooooooohhhhhhhlaaaallaaaaaaa

  3. The answer is false, cal never studied any form of “martial” art. Unless you count karate. On the apple II. In a game called Karataka. And I really enjoyed The Karate Kid when it came out. Miyagi-san hiiiii–ya! (honk). Miyagi’s ascetic So Cal lifestyle inspired me to move to SF and be underpaid. It’s really great- just like in the movie. Except Miyagi had all those great old cars and I take the bus so… Hey Madd you should train me in karate. I’ll do anything you say. paint your house, brush your dog, sweep your leg, catch your flies, hey, dude, are you going to that Coachella festival? That is probably the best lineup I have ever seen in my enitre life, but I can’t go. It’s expensive and I am a busy man. But it is insane. Any band you ever wanted to see ever will be there. You should go.

    Last but not least a big shout out and Happy Birthday to Spacebee.



  4. i did lie about lily allen being my myspace friend. i’m sure that means something

    news organizations know nothing about nothing.

    every single online video they show clips of is from a SATIRICAL music video making fun of the perceived extremes of the participants of the fashion trend. it was a JOKE. then they say because online quizes exist that give you a score that people actually do the actions SPECIFICALLY TO ALTER THEIR SCORE.

    i mean FUCK. these people are fucking STUPID and they are given the public responsibility of educating us through the airwaves. they are doing the exact opposite yet still have an FCC license to broadcast. fuck everyone involved. i can’t stand these mental guppies.

  5. the message from news corporations is clear: do not be a punk.

    you know what, FUCK THAT. i’m going to be triple punk now.

    fucking idiots.

  6. Hmmmm… lost a hundo at the Palomar, but I offically get their 1-3 NL game. So that’s good news. Everything before this was getting comfortable, I think.

    A lot of interesting shit happened, but I’ll go the normal route and end with the bad beat. Build a 100 into 360. Raise to 25$ preflop with AA. Get 4 callers. Flop is K2h3h. I hit it for 100; the button reraises all in. I got him covered by 50 bucks, know he has a flush draw, call. Turn and river are both hearts; my aces are black. 700$ and some change goes his way.

    Eh, soon there will be money in the bank.

  7. I also made a fold. Limp with A8 suited and take a flop with 8 players. Guy on my left says “I guarantee I have the best hand preflop” I instantly put him on something like 99.

    Flop is 2h3h8, pretty much a dream flop. Guy hits it for 20, I make it 40. Even though I’m drawing at the nuts, I want to see where I am at. I’m pretty sure my 8’s aint shit and I want to know for sure. It folds to dude. He agonizes and calls. Now I know he has 99.

    Turn is a J. He goes all in for 170$. I ponder. Ask aloud, “you got 99” he says “no” and I know he has a set of 2’s or 3’s. I know it in a second.

    Eight outs, call 170$ to win 274$? I folded. Madd approval or you let that rip? Maybe go a litle smaller to get more skrill in there on the flop?

  8. so you think the agony was a show? if not he might just have AK AQ KQ smaller hearts 9Th 55 66 77 any of those and he could just be using the J as a bluff card to represent if he put you on a pair and a draw. up in the air. i just got back, 3 digit folds times 4 in the clip, and haters still say i ain’t shit, even though it’s all profit, so praise me cause i’ll blaze bleezies like the prophet jay zeezies with a beard out the top drawer next to fresh panties cause your pussy sore, and your booty done got worked. pissin in the water til it’s murked. and that word.

  9. When I woke up this morning, that AA vs the flush draw hand instantly replayed itself in my mind. Perfect too, using the old pokerroom software. Not that I’d do anything different. One more thing worth noting: it happened at 1:45 am and the palomar closes at 2:00.

  10. i was having weird poker dreams too all night… i was playing quincy at omaha hi/lo, and dude would not stop betting, but he always had the nut low or nut low draw and i kept counterfeiting him on the river. i think we were playing online though, but we were at the same table so it was weird.

  11. sam physical table i mean… i don’t even know how dude bet… i just knew that he had.

  12. good promotion at casino az: 3am-9am M-F aces cracked wins a rack ($100). so the limit hold’em game is really weird because the guy that limped and check/called down turns over aces all the time.

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