Viva Las Vegas

Three days: the Perfect Amount of Time to spend in Las Vegas.

Spacebee and I have a history in Vegas; last May I met her and her friends with the sole intent to show her just how out of control I could ball.  Things went pretty OK on that trip, so for her 26th birthday we hit it with the express goal of eventually quitting it.

For the first time ever, I attended a “show” in Vegas.  Bellygirl and wwhazz had seen Zumanity at NY, NY so we saw that one.  If you ever imagined what it would be like if a burlesque show got drunk and smashed into a fliipty-floppity-gymnastics show light pole doing 125, you need imagine no further.  A highlight: a half-naked man who flew through the air on some billowy drapes at the end of the show took spacebee and I’s photograph.

A couple of notes:

  • We kicked it at the Voodoo Lounge on top of the Rio.  If you’re looking for an awesome view while you drink, this is the place to go.  Even with the not-so-great weather (see below) it was still a fantastic time.  Big ups to spacebee’s bro on the recommendation.
  • The weather was not so great…  while sunny, it was only getting into the high 50’s during the day.  We were hoping to escape the snow to some nice days, and while 60° is better than 20° it’s not a good as 80°.  We did go down to the pool on Friday, but didn’t stay long.
  • We went to the Wynn on Wednesday and while it was very nice, I just couldn’t fucking afford it.  Even on a Wednesday all of the table minimums were too rich for my blood.  Then we went to the bar called Lure, and all seats and tables were reserved for bottle service.  Bottle of Stoli? $350 Bottle of Captain Morgan’s? $450  We just couldn’t roll with that, so we took off after one drink.
  • Holy shit the Bellagio sucks.  We went there for just a little while on Friday night and it was packed with utter jackasses from top to bottom.  The dealers were rude, and we escaped quickly.  The Bellagio is over and done with. Don’t go there.
  • We stayed at the MGM this trip and I ate that place alive, gambling-wise.  Up $600 in craps, and around $1000 in blackjack (single deck was very good to me this week).  Wynn, on the other hand, ate me alive to the tune of $500 in craps.  Everywhere else was pretty much a break-even proposition.
  • Old Vegas was fun as usual, we kicked it at the Golden Gate Casino and the Golden Nugget.  Spacebee and I had a rollicking good time at the cheapo $1 roulette table.
  • For the first time ever, instead of running the Vegas Economy solely to the benefit of restaurants and strip joints, I used my profits to actually buy stuff that I would take home with me.  Spacebee and I hit the Forum shops in Caesar’s and did some shopping for purses and clothes, which was good.
  • For old time’s sake we had dinner at Gallagher’s in NY, NY.  Upon further reflection, it was some of the worst service I have ever encountered in a restaurant.  The waiter had Zero interest in us, to the point where, when he would talk to us, he would always be looking elsewhere in the restaurant.  When asked how a Rose champagne was, his response was “(pause)Awesome!” Looking for a little better description there, champ.
  • Booze: oh man, I never want to see booze again… until next weekend.

Overall a very fun trip.  I did a lot of Traditional Vegas Stuff™ that I normally never do, and the gambling went well enough to cover a good portion of the stuff we did.  Next trip: let’s do a bigger group.  HOLLLLAIR.

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