68 thoughts on “One Small Update

  1. Last night we went on a funny date. We’re sorta on a budget, so we peeled $100 off the old tip pile and hit the road Huck Fin-Style. We packed some road sodas and took the trolley to Old Town and then a bus to Ocean Beach. That smooth move cost us about $1,789 less than a DUI so strong opening move.
    We had our first drinks at Pacific Shores. They were pretty cheap-o $2.50 each. We watched NCAA bullshit and drank em down.
    For din din we did fish tacos (mahi and lobster), calamari and beer at South Beach. That was pretty cheap even though I impressed the shit out of the bartender by ordering their most expensive beer, Stella at 5 bones a pop, by accident. She didn’t even know about our budget and she was all like “Whooooaaa! That’s our most expensive beer!”
    After that we looked at the ocean (free) and wanted to go to Bullfrogs, but it went out of business (serving 16-year old girls does that to a bar…), so we tried Tony’s. Tony’s is sorta like Nick’s without the food and darker. Funny thing: there was a giant, drunken ogre in a Wrigley Field t-shirt there. He got into a baseball discussion with this little dude. It went something like this: the ogre was an Astro’s fan but once a year he goes to a Cubs/Cardinals game in Wrigley because he thinks it’s the best rivalry in baseball. The little dude thinks that Red Socks/ Yankees is the best and they got entangled in an incredibly loud and convoluted argument. Next thing you know the ogre does a massive double handed-shove to the little guy that sends him across the bar into some tables. Right away the bartenders fly from behind the bar and demand to know what the little guy did. He says nothing and they tell him he must have done something because this guy (the ogre) is a regular. They then grabbed the little guy by the scruff of the neck and tossed him into the street. Bottoms up and we got out of there.
    Next we hit some odd OB neighborhood bars. They had a real anti-tourist vibe, but we fit in ok. One of them had posted rules about tourists and weed smoking rules. It was a very odd, sketchy beach culture. From there we blew a bunch of skrill on convenience store grub (jerky, candy, chips) and had a really nice hippy lady cab us home. She charged us 12$ instead of the normal $15 (whatta peach). I had $19 left of our $100 so I just gave it all to her. At home we baked some cookies and then went to sleep around 5:00am. Overall a good one.

  2. i slid 100 over to the butter bone. i gotta go to the store now though, cause we’re out of everything.

  3. well, i’ve never participated, but my guess would be start of the baseball season.

  4. so cal, what would you say to lillly?

    this is a pretty cool statue, but it’s lacking the children using their only real tool: biting. also i think one of them should be more wraped around his arm to suggest he was flinging it into them.


    fucking babies.

  5. you know what i hate? when you got sizzle sizzle and you think they got ace quizzle, but they got quizzle quizzle, then you got sizzle sizzle again, and they really do got ace quizzle, but the flop be ace quizzle no sizzle.

    fuck all that. 4th. i’m eating at denny’s. still. alright?!

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