I Gotcher “Societal Pressure” Right Here

Fooferoo, table for two: spacebee and I are fucking blowing this popstand and heading down to Florida for a week.. While I’m gone, whazzmaster.com will continue under the reliable stewardship of madddddddddddddddd, w-whazz, and cal.  With guest appearances by timmah, ktk, rumthumbs, and Alex P. Keatron IIII.  Yes. Keatron.

I may or may not check in while sipping foo-foo drinks on a beach, but in the meantime I welcome you to read up on our SubPrime Overlords in whatever digest The Lawman can provide.  Also, you can sleep safe knowing that I’m gonna get my back shaved.  Also, I’ll be taking pictures.  Of Florida.  Not the shaved back.

Our flight connects through New York.  I think it’s funny that the first time I’ll ever set foot in New York will be a connecting flight.  But hey, it worked for Kansas City, Denver, Dallas, and Memphis.

Seeya next week, whazzmaster.com.

111 thoughts on “I Gotcher “Societal Pressure” Right Here

  1. it’s so ridiculous i don’t believe it slightly more than i believe it. waiting on the pictures. and i won’t believe the pictures unless you put a yamaka on the swine.

    one thing is for sure though: you will not forget it. perhaps that is the marriers true intention. sort of like hulk on the fire tacks.

  2. that mother fucker gonzalaz fake ass non american name foreign smelling mother fucker just said


    on national news describing the situation.

    FUCKING. LIAR. foreign non-american ass lying to our newsmen. fuck this guy. BEAT HIS ASS. SPIT ON HIM. SHUN HIM. MAKE HIM BABYSIT A PIG.

    “i grew up with nothing but my integrity”

    BITCH! don’t you call that shit integritato you bean picking fuck. LIE AGAIN. LIE TO ME. I DARE YOU.

  3. and why does tillman’s family get the silver star for valor in the face of enemy fire when there was no enemy fire?!

    look… this system isn’t working. we have to start killing the people that fuck up. it’s the only way.

  4. i was in the meeting… i sent the email… but, was i “INVOLVED”… look… i don’t recall. seriously people, bush appointed me to do this exact thing, and i did it, and i don’t know why you are all riding me now… don’t you know how this shit works? i’m just tryin to get mines, ya heard? i used to pick strawberrys along the border near the sand dunes.

  5. whazzman, i am disappointed in you. not because i wanted to offload our piggie onto you and der tabacco lofts but because in all of your culinary quests i thought you’d be into it.

    wwhazz, you will be living madison at the point o’piggie and i expect you to come over and bear witness.

    madddd, i will try to remember a holy hat for the pig but at the very least, i can offer up finny and perhaps parker if we can talk his parents into his participation in the romper room barn photo.

  6. do they roast pigs often? do they have their own roaster? camping spit over a fire?

  7. wow… so was just super deep super late in this omaha multi. 22 left, i’m like 3rd. raise it up with AAK2 double suited. get like 3 callers for a pot that is already like 20% of my stack. flop is JTQ rainbow. dude who is in 2nd bets the pot (also about 20% of his stack)… i push all in, and he instacalls.

    dude turns over J887. WFT?!#^%!?

    this is the dumbest call in history. i instantly know that this fucker has hacked the shuffle algorithm and knows what coming… the only way this guy can win is runner runner 8 pair the board, or J7 or JJ

    shit comes J7 and he wins 33k pot when 2nd has 18k.

    i am completely shell shocked.

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