12 thoughts on “This message was sent from my phone by me talking into my phone. I didn’t write…

  1. thgis massege was typeeded weth my wng bby me typingvh with myy wagn. i didnt finger tyroe a werd of text.

  2. fitting that my husband is a pervert since i have a patient that is one too.

    real story:
    87 year old little old man. i am attempting to obtain urine via his member and he reaches in and attempts to go down my shirt. when I move and ask what he is doing he says,

    “Come on, just let me have a little tit.”

    I explain that this behavior is inappropriate and that I have a husband. He says,

    “Isn’t he home sleeping?”

    I start to leave and he says,

    “Come on, stay a little while, I just want to hold you.”

  3. Come on, bellygirl, just let me have a little tit. You’re husband’s home sleeping, and I just want to hold onto (the tit) you.

  4. how is the wrestlemania party looking? i could leave now and be there by the hair match

  5. this thing is smart enough to cut out your hesitation and doubling up words at the start, and make contractions at the end?!

    we’ve surpassed the technology that powered data from star trek?!


  6. and how does that wang thing work? is it just like a normal keyboard, or does it respond to twitches and thrusts? was that old dude watching you “typee”?

  7. anyone familiar with all the shit stirring joe rogan is doing lately? basically calling out the system through the system and i fully support what he’s doing. the comedy store banned him though, and his old agency dropped him, he re-signed immediately somewhere else, and louis ck and nick swardson both had the same old agency representing them and left them over it.

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa

  8. gay robot saying, “sorry, snoop started it” is one of the funniest things ever.

  9. i’m sorry. blame snoop. he started it.

    that’s the funnier way that they chose to say it….

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