Well, That Sucked

Left Madison at 5pm. Got to 94/894 Zoo exchange in Milwaukee at 6:10pm. Over the next hour we moved about 4 miles. At 7:15pm we were almost on Miller Park Way and the traffic radio station said the parking lot was full. We had to get off, turn around, go back on 94 west to Hawley Ave, and park where we parked for Opening Day (i.e., a long walk through graveyards). We got almost to the Miller Park parking lot when we realized we forgot the tickets in the truck. Stacy had to run back to the truck to get them. We got into the stadium at around 7:40pm, around the middle of the second inning. Oh, Brewers are losing 6-0 already. Fucking swell. Oh, you ran out of bobbleheads? Fucking swell. Beer Man! Four beers please. Oh, you only have three left. Fucking swell. In the middle of the fifth we get up to get a brat (we hadn’t eaten yet). Due to lines 30 or more people at every single stand, we get back at the end of the seventh. Missed the Sausage Race? Fucking swell. Cubs scored two more? Fucking swell. Beer sales ended? Fucking swell. Surrounded by asshole Cub fans? Fucking swell. Bottom of the ninth: rally caps on. The Crew scores two. Rally caps are working! I get made fun of by Cub fans all around me. Fuck them, and their mothers. Corey Hart dribbles one back to the pitcher to end the game. Fucking swell. Took some pictures down by the field and then my pa gave us a lift back to Boondocks USA where we parked. Oh yeah, and it now appears that my speedometer is completely broken.

Fucking Swell.

10 thoughts on “Well, That Sucked

  1. fuking swell. i got super drunk at rach-o’s coworker’s house and puked all over their bathroom. then i woke up in my bed. i don’t remember the in between, but rach-o is here, so thats good.

    off to san dog pretty soon i think

    fucking swell

  2. if it’s any consolation, the speedometer in my motorcycle broke, and i left that bitch broke for like 2 years because i didn’t give a fuck, then i fixed it myself and it was super easy and super cheap.

    NOTE: your odometer won’t record miles if you’re speedometer is broken. keep the milage low on that beast

  3. Ugh, this game is bowling shoe ugly. Weeks misthrows on a double play, then Lee scores on the flyout that should have ended the inning.

  4. At least you had good seats.

    Just remember this:

    Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks
    but substitute bitches with “brewers” and hoes with “graveyards” and tricks with “broken speedometers”.

    When I get back I’ll teach you all my tricks for quick and dirty Miller Park entries and exits.

  5. whoa, cal… just got your message! you DO have my number… me = OWNED

    sorry we didn’t call, no you know why… it totally wasn’t because we didn’t want dinner!

  6. i thought we were friends. all i wanted was a nice romantic as hell grand canyon dinner together and i got nothing! nothing! i want to break up. JUST KIDDING! jkjkjkjkjkjkjk! fgdasgagfragraq

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