MLB.TV Is A Waste Of Your Money

Major League Baseball is without a doubt only a step removed from the WWE in terms of treating their paying customers like mongrel idiots who don’t deserve to be there. Case in point: MLB.TV, their sorry fucking excuse for an online “Audio & Video” offering.

So, what’s the problem? Let me see if I can explain simply. MLB.TV has this whole thing about blackout areas. So if I live in Madison and the Brewers are playing on the local FSN, you can’t watch it online (though you could probably do some shenanigans with your IP). I understand that; fine. However, what I just learned after waiting on hold for 45 minutes is that the area is blacked out during the game even if the broadcaster declines to actually show the fucking game. So the Brewers are playing, someone somewhere is taping that game, but the local FSN is more interested in showing some bullshit Bucks Live bullshit as if I fucking care about the NBA (now THERE’S a league that hates its fans). And when I said to the customer service guy, “I know this isn’t your fault, personally, but it just reflects badly on the MLB that I paid money, and I have NO way of watching the game.” His response: “Sir, it’s not the MLB’s fault if the broadcaster won’t play the game they have the contract for.” That’s when I was livid: are you telling me the MLB couldn’t get any better terms out of its broadcaster agreement? The fucking company that SHUT BASEBALL THE FUCK DOWN for a season because one incredibly rich set of peoples’ lawyers couldn’t play nice with another incredibly rich set of peoples’ lawyers? And you’re telling me, “boo hoo, those big bad broadcasters can do whatever they want!”

Eat shit and die, MLB. A “contract” is a piece of paper that defines “terms”. If you really cared about your fans and not about how much that new matching gold-plated dildo and cock-ring set was, you would tell the broadcasters: “you get exclusive blackout rights in the home area, but if you don’t actually, you know, show the fucking game, we get to show it online.”

But alas, poor widdle MLB can’t stand up to dose big, bad broadcasting companies. I mean, what if they balked? No one, but no one would agree to terns like that! Showing the game online if the broadcaster refuses to show it live to the home area fans?! That’s fucking kwazy talk!

Again, fuck you MLB. I hate your fucking guts.

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  1. what exactly did imus do? so far all i’ve heard is he said the team was nappy headed hos, and everything is on him for that because they say it’s racist.

    i say that saying it’s racist is 1000 times more racist than just saying it. and i speak for all nappy headed white people when i say that.

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  7. border patrol agents are federally sponsored super racists unleashed on society with a do whatever you want homeland security act backing up their animal instincts.

    a smart society would work together to eliminate them and the hate they represent.

  8. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

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    then i shut the door, confiscate every tempest-auto, and send them all back to wherever they came from, because we are unable to function at current capacity and we have no problem admitting that in thunderous checkpoints and ridiculous talks of walls and policies.

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  9. i’m just playing! i love it here! you don’t have to do anything constructive whatsoever and you can thrive!


  10. imus was a big pussy for appologizing…. i finally listened to that clip and it was a total progression that he just played along with. someone else said that they were a mean group of hos or bad ass hos or something like that, and i think someone said something about nappy heads before that, and playing along he takes the next step to agree with everyone else and says they are nappy headed hos.

    now when i think of a mean person, i don’t think of long, flowing, soft, shiney cal hair… i think of kinked up, rough, dirty, badass, mean hair…. a nappy head if you will.

    where are the womans rights advocates complaining about these girls that play basketball… and lets be honest… girls playing basketball is a joke in itself… but calling them hos… sorta mean, but what are they really? they don’t play in the main league against the best players… they started their own division and only let in other players they could compete against… this isn’t the game at it’s highest level. it’s a show. and showgirls are hos last time i checked.

    nappy head implies no disrespect to any race. assuming it to be negative in a race neutral way is also incorrect. a tough nappy head of hair can do a lot of good. it’s solid protection. no one needs shiney soft hair… that shit is gay as hell. hook me up nappy style.

    so what do we have? nappy headed hos playing a game on a level that means nothing. and then al sharpton decided that he was offended because he is a self hating black man that spends 80% of every day wishing his hair wasn’t nappy, even though that nappy head of his is 80% of his image. AL! it’s ok. nappy heads are cool. hos are cool. what is your fucking problem?

    imus, you always sucked and you should have quit years ago. who listens to that mumbly ass show of yours anyways? i flip on the tv, and see the tv show of you doing your radio show (what the fuck is that lazy shit anyways) and i can’t even imagine the fucking shiney soft haired bitch that would subject themselves to your old man rumblings. fuck imus. fuck sharpton. fuck those nappy headed hos that couldn’t even win the championship in the lessor female division… i mean who the fuck cares about the uggo bitches that couldn’t even win?!


  11. Did you get to watch the Cleveland/Angels game? Or was that considered blacked out? Even though it wasn’t your team?

  12. or does my nappy head somehow align me with the race al sharpton represents?


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