Blades of Glory

We went to see Blades of Glory last night and it was a solid “*shrug*”.  I didn’t want to kill myself for watching it, but it was nothing to write home about.  Nick Swardson, hoo boy.  And that’s all the commentation this movie deserves.  Aqua Teen movie comes out tomorrow, though.

Good job, Brew Crew on winning the continuation of Tuesday night’s game in the 13th AND taking Florida down in Wednesday’s game.  Florida had won 9 straight going back to September 2005.  Anyone interested in going to the the Retro Friday game on April 20th against Houston?

45 thoughts on “Blades of Glory

  1. Blades of Steel aloha friends all seems well with the calf we’ll be returning to high mileage running next week. thank you for for your thoughts and prayers. I am excited to see AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE!

  2. 1. yes it was hilarious.
    2. i was growing it out, but i bitched out and shaved it
    3. BoG was a guaranteed shrug at best
    4. ATHF!
    5. now cal and greg can have calf flexing contest agains!
    6. that maury clip is like many years old and has already appeared on many “best clips” shows. granted you have no tv and are excused… but not excused from being mocked.
    7. if one of those rutgers bitches doesn’t personally get in front of cameras and say she is deeply hurt, i want all of this BS to stop right now. another dj was fired today for saying it because he had “full knowledge of the reaction to Don Imus’ use of the exact same phrase.” so now if there is a private reaction to something outside of public governance, that reaction can be used as grounds for termination. or so Nassau Broadcasting Partners L.P. and their socialist friends would have you believe. BAH!

  3. the presidential records act is actively being broken and this is all the controllers of the media outlets want to tell their monkey facemen to talk about.

    what a joke.

  4. 90 percent for Todd’s…depends on if i have to go into work…at a lame wedding tonight or i’d roll up

  5. Yo! Are the Whazzers playing beat the streak this year?

    Skeezer, next time you’re out (and this time, not the closet) – you can play in my new baby:

  6. Does anyone know how those cranes that build skyscrapes are erected? Like, where was the crane that put up the crane? Soooo confused.

  7. If you didnt smoke pole would YOU still be gay?

    Skeezer, never mind the phone call. I had a big stack in a multi (the last of the skrill…) but I lost THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE flips in a row to bomb out before the break.

  8. timmah, i want to do a wake flip on a kneeboard. like bring a video camera cause my shit is going to be supah tite

  9. i’ll time the shit to bounce off a turtle shell

    i’m so fucking sick at wake flips

  10. i saw judah friedlander at the improv tonight and he was completely 100% solid.

    good show

  11. here is me at wake flips……



    then i just clidgge and shit. like yeah. you salweheen that wakeflip. that shit was me.

    i did that.

  12. he crane that constructed miller park (and later destroyed it and then built it again) came on like 100 semi-trucks and was assembled by ever smaller cranes for like 3 months. all on taxpayer money.

    fucking cdranes. fucking taxpayers.2w834967)W($^7@)(^

    cal, whats crackin? what it do?

  13. done. shits got a ballast system for maddddd kneeboarding. why is it you’re so good on your knees anyways?

  14. i’m not sure…. just ever since i started blowing dudes on the regular i’ve just sort of progressed… hold on, i gotta suck a dick

  15. so what are you going to do with the rest of your life, timmah? that boat was like the only think you ever talked about wanting.

  16. Ride around in the boat, duh. Maybe flash his wang at unsuspecting ladies then burn off real real fast.

  17. ehat it do! i’m sorry to report that ATHF was a shrugfest. no… it was better than that but nowhere near what i was hoping for. sure as hell no handbanana.

    timmah i’m in for beating the streak! set it up willyou? it’s… but you know… i’m afraid beat the streak my have been discontinued… anyway check into it and report back… again, in summary… ATHF… wait for the DVD.

  18. good work 4nay. i will try to set up a whazzmaster league. MLB website is janky. i will report back when i have more info.

    your friend,


  19. that would be an evolutionary tactic to seed his potential mates with only woman that could AND would chase him successfully. in a boat.

  20. or i suppose girls not only unaware that he flashes people on the lake, but unable to figure it out. perhaps they have no access to a boat of their own, or, they are really dumb.

  21. boston marthon tomorrow… unfortunately a nor’easter is currently pounding the east coast…the race-day forecast calls for 3 to 5 inches of rain, start temperatures in the 30s and wind gusts of up to 25 mph. sorry runner hommies!

  22. are you embarassed about a shrunken member or excited about taught pecs and stiff nips?

  23. goddamn MOJO tv… you say its “Untold Stories: Strip Clubs (Adult Program)” then it’s rated TV14. I haven’t been teased like that since maddds promise to give me his taquitos.

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