Camp to the Max

Spacebee and I undertook the biggest step of our relationship yesterday: we bought camping equipment.  Y’see, we’re planning on leaving the city folk behind on May 21st and heading northernward to see bunnies and elks.  And pit toilets.  The only problem was that we collectively owned one of the items needed to successfully “camp”: a cooler.  So, off to REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods we went; I had a $10 rewards gift certificate from Dick’s and my rebate check from the REI co-op.

We bought a Hobitat.  A “Hobitat 4” to be specific, and I couldn’t be happier.  We also got things like a camping coffee pot, lexan silverware, and a citronella candle.  We got a basketball and a tennis racket for spacebee, too.  Also, I ordered my Freedom Grill: for Brewer games AND camping. Awesome.

Spacebee also bought a new bike yesterday, and while we still had some daylight left we hit the Capital City Bike Trail outside my apartment and headed eastward.  We rode out to the Barrymore to find the location of Gail Ambrosius: success, but it’s closed on Sunday’s.  Then we rode over to Johnson St, and went to Tenney Park to play basketball for awhile.  Finally, we rode back up Johnson to State and dinnered at Himal Chuli.  It took motherfucking forever to eat there, but the food was delicious and we had an ok time (until the hulk of a woman sat down next to us and started creepily craning her neck to stare).  We finished off the night at The Chocolate Shoppe (WeightWatchers be damned) before coming home and watching Planet Earth.  Also, we saw the biggest bug ever in my apartment and cowered in fear for awhile, until I was deputized to hit it with a shoe.  After that, I was still scared to pick it up and throw it away for fear it was “playing dead” until I got close enough for it to bite me.

Oh yeah, and on Saturday Scubby and I went to The Todder’s newish condo to play poker.  Three $20 buy-ins later I was up $20.  Then we went to Badger Bowl and bowled our asses off while spacebee and her cohorts were in the bar for a gig by The Mighty Electric.  Afterwards we went to The Main Depot for drinks (even though it was 2:15am) and then took our drinks out the back door and went to my place where we partied until 5am.  Jesus, that was late.

Brewers play Houston at 7pm on Friday. It’s retro night. Who wants to go?

127 thoughts on “Camp to the Max

  1. ok, i just got home. off to watch the show. i really hope you called it. it is going to be AWESOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME

  2. ok, it’s not up for on demand download yet………. but seriously… if you didn’t take the opportunity to address stone cold on live archived broadcast, i will be pissed and plan ways to punch you.

  3. hahhahaha, you didn’t even get to see them lose. TWICE.

    last night we went to the fox sports grill in phoenix for the game and all the tv’s had ESPN on… it’s like… come on. if you’re going to copy espn zone and make your own eatery, at least play your own fucking channel on the tv.

    fucking stupid fox.

  4. wait… he didn’t get a crown… he got owned in a way only he could. he got croaned i guess.


    slightly smaller than their 1/4lb dinner franks, and slightly bigger than their standard hot dog offering, this new size is sure to P-EL-EAZE, PLEASE!

    nathans struck out, and then hebrew nash fucking beaned them walking back to the dugout. IN THE FUCKING HEAD!

  5. cal, in my never ending quest to better understand how and why greg is in your life, i pose another sociomoral hypodermical situation for you….

    nuclear power. also, a follow-up… lets say a nuclear power generation facility is constructed. do you think the plans for that site should be made public? maybe i would see a flaw in the plans that i could point out…

    today there was a story about the arizona nuclear plants internet logs show that the operational details were downloaded from somewhere in iran by an ex-engineer. granted this could just be whazzman or 4nyay on TOR setting this guy up, but it seems obviously that he downloaded them, and one would think with intent to sell.

    a lot of people seem freaked out, but to me i would almost expect that this information would be public. i wouldn’t trust the facility if it wasn’t… but these people would rather blindly trust than have to be somewhat intelligent because they get all the ice cream they want in america and they want to keep it that way.

    i’m moving to mexico

  6. all a nuclear power plant is is a coal power plant that instead of burning coal for heat, you have a tiny uranium fission reaction providing the heat… then it’s just steam from there.

    uranium fission is trivial…. just physically press it together. done. ok, now you know everything about nuclear power plants. don’t read this in iran.

  7. also, what about that blues angels crash 2 days ago? hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars spent strictly on this propeganda promotional team, that now after this crash has only propegated the idea that they can’t even make you believe they can do it without crashing into a residential area killing the pilot.

    what a joke. what a waste.

  8. WM, are you going to leave your freedom grill on the truck at all times? that would be pretty awesome.

  9. It has not been removed since it was affixed on Saturday morning. But yeah, eventually it’ll come off. Pictures are en route.

  10. Nuclear power rant to Blue Angel rant to a light hearted inquiry about whazzman’s truck: standard Monday morning fare.

    1. I’m too dumb to have an opinion on nuclear power. All I know is you need a big lake near the plant to keep things from expolding and the lake is as warm as bath water even in winter, so the fish grow real big and you can catch giant ass bass.

    2. Blue Angels: stupid. When I’m at sporting events or parades and shit like that is put on display for all to ohhhhhh and ahhhhhhhhh over I feel a little sick. I mean, that shit is used to kill people and that really rubs me the wrong way.

    3. Whazzman’s grill: I see myself benefiting from this purchase.

  11. I didn’t know the Blue Angels crashed. Also: I like nukular power, it’s cleaner and stupider than nuclear power. Also: everyone will benefit from whazzman’s grill. Also, wwhazz, you owe rumthumb royalties for calling me ‘whazzman’.

  12. if you think the wisconsin seasonal elements are going to scuff all the shine off it, then i’d take it off, but cruising around with a fucking grill attached to the outside of your truck is just about the perfect accessory.

    you should drive around with grill accessories, then when people show love, you flash a spatula and they go nuts

  13. how are they even having air shows right now when we’re in the middle of a war that supposedly is understaffed and needs a “surge” of forces?

    i’m not entirely sure they even expect people to believe anything they say anymore.

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