Camp to the Max

Spacebee and I undertook the biggest step of our relationship yesterday: we bought camping equipment.  Y’see, we’re planning on leaving the city folk behind on May 21st and heading northernward to see bunnies and elks.  And pit toilets.  The only problem was that we collectively owned one of the items needed to successfully “camp”: a cooler.  So, off to REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods we went; I had a $10 rewards gift certificate from Dick’s and my rebate check from the REI co-op.

We bought a Hobitat.  A “Hobitat 4” to be specific, and I couldn’t be happier.  We also got things like a camping coffee pot, lexan silverware, and a citronella candle.  We got a basketball and a tennis racket for spacebee, too.  Also, I ordered my Freedom Grill: for Brewer games AND camping. Awesome.

Spacebee also bought a new bike yesterday, and while we still had some daylight left we hit the Capital City Bike Trail outside my apartment and headed eastward.  We rode out to the Barrymore to find the location of Gail Ambrosius: success, but it’s closed on Sunday’s.  Then we rode over to Johnson St, and went to Tenney Park to play basketball for awhile.  Finally, we rode back up Johnson to State and dinnered at Himal Chuli.  It took motherfucking forever to eat there, but the food was delicious and we had an ok time (until the hulk of a woman sat down next to us and started creepily craning her neck to stare).  We finished off the night at The Chocolate Shoppe (WeightWatchers be damned) before coming home and watching Planet Earth.  Also, we saw the biggest bug ever in my apartment and cowered in fear for awhile, until I was deputized to hit it with a shoe.  After that, I was still scared to pick it up and throw it away for fear it was “playing dead” until I got close enough for it to bite me.

Oh yeah, and on Saturday Scubby and I went to The Todder’s newish condo to play poker.  Three $20 buy-ins later I was up $20.  Then we went to Badger Bowl and bowled our asses off while spacebee and her cohorts were in the bar for a gig by The Mighty Electric.  Afterwards we went to The Main Depot for drinks (even though it was 2:15am) and then took our drinks out the back door and went to my place where we partied until 5am.  Jesus, that was late.

Brewers play Houston at 7pm on Friday. It’s retro night. Who wants to go?

127 thoughts on “Camp to the Max

  1. how about focus on the postive… you live in society, you give things up…


    so… obviously, i get stuff in exchange… what is it? what do i get in exchange for denying general physics and combat strategy? what specifically do i get in exchange for specifically that something given up?

  2. If I didn’t have a gun the King of England could walk into my house and just start pushing me around. Would you like that? Huh? Huh? Would ya? Seriously, I have no problem with quite a bit of gun control. I have no need for anything with more than 10 rounds. I think most people that own guns don’t have any problem with a few more regulations. They just think that if they give an inch the other side will take a foot. It’s weird how pro-gun ended up on the right wing side and anti-gun ended up on the left wing side politically.

  3. don’t even charge them. just give it to the people. they’ll want more. THEN we’ll charge. cal doesn’t care.

  4. “The Senate today approved a bill on an unanimous voice vote”

    aka: one person said aye, and no one else wanted to stand in the way.

    this is how we run things.

  5. cal, you wore water wings when you were a kid, didn’t you? the orange ones, too… right?

  6. the other thing is if you want to use a sharp knife is you should have to write a letter to the government for a loaner. LAW!

  7. I’d like to host a live debate about the Gun Control topic. Cal and Raj vs. Madd and peterstiffly. A polite evening of stimulating conversation on a stage, with podiums and everything. No cream pies allowed. No guns allowed. The audience will consist of wwhazz, rumthumbs, lawman, spacebee, gmx, dave kristopeit, timmah (with pants), timmer, that one guy who used to come to whazzmaster all the time and worked with Big J, Big J, and scubby. And fancyface. And bellygirlx.

  8. one more request: the violent death game “battleship” should be banned from the world! i know, now all the battleship nuts are going to go crazy. they love their battleship shows. ok you can keep the two holed battleship but no more! nobody needs a five holed battleship piece. there is nowhere to hide it on the board. your only hope is that your enemy hits the end and thinks the giant thing is sticking in the other direction. even then you are only safe for a short period. then it’s hit, hit, hit, hit sunk. HIT SUNK!

  9. i agree to the debate. i will lead with the following: your honor, if it please the court i ask that the scientist wash before proceedings. all in favor Aye! will you allow exibit A? my old orange water wings? fly water wings! fly to the sea!

  10. Also, I forgot to mention that I saw the pictures from the last time scientist was in San Diego and I have to say: dude, you are skinny. Getting back down to dating weight, eh? Wait, you’re married. wtf?

  11. Look, I was bored as shit so I wrote a song:

    Who’s that jumping out the sky C-A-L
    … we go

    When the mask’s out Greg he pass out
    Madd just black out better tap out!

    Go… the top rope so look out below
    And the next thing you know you be on the floor
    What you gonna do when your on ya back
    From a mean body slam ah damn ya wack!

    You like, what the heck, all of a sudden this dude sittin’ on my neck
    Where’s the ref?

    Know how much trouble you see, when you face the man of mystery?

    Flippin’ and spinnin’ and doing it fast

    You can’t remove the mask

    Why?…..coz he’s kickin’ your ass!


  12. what about pvc pipe, hairspray, and a hard projectile? have you seen these potato gun videos? i’ve seen them shoot through computer monitors with ease and blow the thing up. have you ever tried to destroy a computer monitor? i have. it is near impossible. hit it with a hammer as hard as you can and it probably won’t break. so now guns are banned, but “outlaws” are now heading down to true value hardware and the beauty shoppe and got just as must “power” as they did before. the idea of projecting an object with force so that it meets another object with force has been thought up. we are in a world full of people that understand it. the only way to go backwards is to make the average person dumber and dumber and dumber and that is obviously what cal and people like cal are trying to do to society.

  13. raj hosting the debate AND participating is BULLSHIT. and whats the deal with no guns at the debate? you’re just goofing us. neutral site, and i will bring guns. and tater tots

  14. my semi-auto tot gun is near completion.

    cal, you don’t even make your own running shows. pre had a guy for that… you just buy someone else’s shoes. then you can run as fast as you want. what if people got pissed you could run so fast and realized it was because of the shoes and they didn’t outlaw shoes, they just outlawed the legal process of buying shoes. what would you do? just walk around slow as shit watching for pebbles and black top when it’s sunny?

    you want to live in a world where you decide what other people can provide to other people, then you better be ready to provide EVERYTHING for yourself.

  15. there was a show on animal planet or some shit tonight called “champions of the wild” and the episode name was “humans help endangered bengal tigers from certain extinction”

    so…. are the humans supposed to be the champions? i don’t get it. if we are the champions, that means we are acknowledging that we live in the wild, and cal would disagree… we all gave things up to not live in the wild. if the title champion of the wild is intented to reference the endangered bengal tiger, then i think i have a different personal understanding of what it means to be a champion of the wild. i’m confused.

  16. madddd, i have had about enough chocolate hatin’ by you, goddammit. if you happen to get an anonymous package from Madison, WI containing chocolate, you better eat it and not go flinging it at doorsteps like poop, is that clear?

  17. whazzman, the veggies await us. what is the plan? we can pick them up if you want. i say, we look in the box and create a dinner plan out of what we see.

    i’m just getting over 2 days of feeling fluish. i’m going to trek today if you want to discuss this further.

  18. sorry, rumthumbs… cal taught me that trick.

    just won a $50 SNG while watching tony hawk on while 7 tabling 2-4 and straight KILLING it.

    i’m in a swell mood

  19. anyone hear about regina rohde? bitch was at columbine AND virgina tech.

    now, i’m not saying that she sends out mass murder energy that triggers would-be mass murderers… i’m just saying that guns didn’t.

  20. I second gun control. Or maybe we should all be armed, and just shoot each other whenever the wind blows … then eventually we’ll develop (or devolve, rather) into something akin to Somali society. That would be fun.

    Zacaroni–I’ve got some news for you, pal. The bugs in your apartment ain’t shit. I had a pretty steep learning to get used to ’em curve this summer, and now I smash the little yellow spiders that have followed spring back into our apartment with my bare hands. And I like it. At least they aren’t the red-eyed, furry bat moths that lived in my house this summer. I hated them.

  21. wrestling fans: stone cold steve austin will be tom green tonight for 90 minutes live taking your calls, instant messages, skype or ichat video calls, and also monitoring cb channel 19 on the LA 101.

    RAJ: in a bold move i am commanding you to put on a lucha mask, fire up skype and call up the show between 10-11:30 pm madison, WI time. you are instructed to be awesome. this is HUGE.

  22. stone cold will be ON tonight… he won’t be tom green. that doesn’t even make sense. you shouldn’t need this

  23. if you could get stiffly to come over and mean mug with some guns in the background, that wouldn’t hurt

  24. call yourself “lucha lucha”

    that shit is funny. so often that a wrestler in a lucha mask would have the word lucha in his character name, but then something else is expected… like lucha warrior or lucha steve or lucha i don’t have to cut grass for an hour… but you’re past all that bs. you’ve taken it to the next level. lucha lucha.

  25. front page of youtube, so this one’s a little too corporate internet video than i’m used to wasting your time linking to, but this UNO video is very well made and funny. you might see poor acting… i see genius directing.

  26. seriously this is an insane opportunity. you’re pretty much guaranteed to talk to him and if you keep the conversation fresh you could talk as long as you want until you ran out of tecate.

  27. cal, if someone is too close to you and won’t leave you alone but isn’t in any way threatening you physically, do you believe it is ok to hit that person with your fists? shove them? kick them? spit on them? throw feces? hug it out?

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