Brewers Weekend

The beginning of the 2007 Baseball season had me more or less enraged. I was so excited to be able to go to Brewers games that I was stumbling out of the gate, and every little thing pissed me off. Opening Day: no parking, no tickets. First Cubs game: sat in traffic for over an hour, then parking was sold out again so we didn’t arrive until the 2nd inning (by which time Bush had already given up 6 runs). One of the problems with living in Madison is that the earliest I can easily leave for a 7pm game is 5pm. Theoretically that would be enough time but, especially for Friday games, the traffic is so bad entering Milwaukee that we get within 5 miles of the stadium by 6pm, then another hour to actually get to the game (never mind tailgating).

I went to two games this weekend, Friday Night Retro Bobblehead Giveaway Extravadanza and Saturday Night Hullabaloo. On Friday we left at 5pm and sat down in the middle of the first inning. One note: any idea anyone here has of walking up at game time and getting any remotely good ticket is nuts. On both Friday and Saturday we bought tickets at just about game time and we were in in sections 440 and 437, respectively. Way up high, way far back. And the ticket counter told us those were the only tickets left for 2 people sitting together. Frankly, if the Crew is selling that many tickets, good for them. Hopefully Attanasio will use increased ticket sales to increase the team’s fortunes. One can only hope.

Friday’s game was great until the top of the ninth when Fucking Aquino (he of AAA Nashville now) gave up a grand slam to Craig Biggio. The score went from a tight, “can-they-do-it?” 2-2 to a disheartening 6-2. To the Brewers credit, they battled back with Prince Fielder’s 3 run homer in the bottom of the ninth. They followed that by getting two men on with two outs. So, tying run on second, winning run on first. Kevin Mench was up, but Yost pulled him in favor of left-hander Gabe Gross to pinch hit. Ugh, grounder to first, end of game. I’m still second-guessing that one; Mench has been on fire lately. The drive home was sad.
Now for the fun part: on Saturday peterstiffly and I left Madison at 3:30 for a 6:05 game. We got to the parking lot at around 4:30pm, and got right down to breaking out the Freedom Grill. Oh yeah, it was awesome. Within minutes of firing it up we had guys walking over and saying, “Whoa, what is this?” Actually, while stopped for a train crossing on the way out of Madison someone drove up next to us and wanted to know where I bought it.

So, J.J. Hardy hit two jacks while the Brewers cruised to win on Saturday. That was great, as were the three sections of drunkards we were surrounded by. One guy took off all his clothes except for a pink g-string and then started crawling up the rows over the seats. The cops came to get him and everyone started chanting “LET HIM STAY! LET HIM STAY!” Also, some kid left his 2007 Milwaukee Brewers Police Baseball Card set so I snatched it up. According to bellygirl, Reider and MikeWhiteHouse were at the game. I’m sad I didn’t know that.

Kyle and I did a post-game tailgate while we waited for everyone to filter out of the parking lot. A man two cars over brought his wife to show her the freedom grill and said, “This is what I want for my birthday.” Kyle and I devised the Peanut Throwing Contest, which I won by a mile. Later on, we improvised the Peanut Punting Contest. I swear to god, I would be the top pick based on a Peanut Combine. I’m that awesome at leveraging peanuts to their maximum distance potential.

peterstiffly presents... the freedom grill
peterstiffly presents… the Freedom Grill

wonderful tailgating

post-game tailgate

Spacebee was quite sad that she couldn’t join in the tailgate party due to work, so when we woke up on Sunday the first thing she asked was, “Do you still have that grill attached to your truck?” The answer was yes, and we were soon off to Lake Wingra park (off Monroe) to grill out, play basketball, and endure hellish Earth Day winds. On more than one occasion I cursed Mother Earth and her Damnable Wind. Rumthumb and lawman joined us as well, and we had a good ol’ time until spacebee had to work again at three.

After an afternoon nap, the o’rumseys and I kept the party going at the Terrace. It was a beautiful day until the early evening clouds rolled in. We retired to Himal Chuli for dinner , and I forced them to go to Irish Pub for whiskey afterwards. The night rolled to a close as we watched the first two Acts of Spike Lee’s “When The Levees Broke.” It’s a very good documentary, and I encourage everyone to watch it. Katrina will always be known as America’s Shame.

rumthumb and lawman

thoughtful moneypenny

lawman and rumthumb, beaut of a day on the terrace

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  1. oh man… i mean… REALLY. who gets their ear cut while getting knighted? that shit was before it’s time.

  2. Zach, those are some sweet photos of our grill. We’re very glad you like it. We have an ad campaign starting at Miller Park this weekend with posters in very visible locations. If you get a chance, send us a couple photos of the posters and we’ll send you a t-shirt or some Fire Brand Sauce. Awesome blog. Keep grilling and stay hungry my friend.
    P.S. sorry you guys got swept. I was out there Sunday and it’s always nice to see Trevor Hoffman pick up another on his way to 500 saves.

  3. Damn, well, I’ll be at all three Cubs games next week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) so if they’re still there I’ll fuckin do it. I goddamn love the Freedom Grill, man.

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