86 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth Podcast

  1. wow… after some research (typeing “does fuck all” into google) i’ve learned it is widely used in the internet developer community. i am officially out of the game. it means it doesn’t do anything. it does fuck all. what it do? fuck all. i need to get out of the house.

  2. Crazylegs run was today. We did the walk (due to mouth swollen-ness) and after it was over got 5 free beers at Camp Randall, then hit the Stadium Bar for a few more. HOLLLAIR, pictures a-comin’.

  3. maddd, funny you should mention ktk’s hot doggin’ ways. in fact, we were up north with those kalishes a few weeks ago and she made hot dogs in her pot-o-water for our lunch. lawman and i have transferred to the “grilled on stove” method but it was fun to have the old school boiled up dogs.

  4. crazylegs was today and did i get to run it? NO. did i get to walk it? NO. i got to VIDEOTAPE FIGURE SKATERS ALL FREAKING DAY. wonderful. everyone else in madison was exercising in the sun and i was wearing a hat and a puffy vest and watching twirly twirls.

  5. whazzman, glad to know you were able to get out and move those crazy legs.

    if lawman ever carried his CELL PHONE perhaps he could have called you down at randall and made a crazylegs beer date, as he was runnin’ in the sun today. my main complaint about marriage so far: paying a ridiculous amount of money to share cell phone minutes and then having one of the married pair NEVER have the phone on. what’s the point then?

  6. i ONLY boil dogs, and i only eat hebrew nationals. if you like the grilling for texture, perhaps try a little diced pickle and onion on top of a boiled dogs. it is biblical HEAVEN.

  7. a husband can be reached in his marrital bed and via message left at his place of employment.

    expectations beyond that are womanly and selfish.

  8. i’ll take a stab that you’re not up yet… i was in bed by 11pm last night. so fucking lame. now i have to deal with the sun all day. i don’t see why you clowns do it.

  9. Cal – did you decide about law school? If you want to reapply (I totally did), you should try to get some legal experience. The office I’m going to hires paralegals (read: just Americans without law degrees) to come and work for 6 months … not sure what pay is, but it is paid. Plane ticket and housing provided. Email me (or get my email from Moneypenny) if you’re interested.

    BTW–my trial was all set to go. My alleged victim (read: the psycho who attacked my client) even showed! Then we got bumped by an older felony. New date: May 15.

  10. looks like christoper berg who owns the weary traveller, among other bars in madison (magnus, blue marlin, some others.)

  11. yo big j, thanks for the offer! I think I’m just going to go to this school and hope for the best… maybe transfer? maybe drop out? stay tuned whazzmaster!

  12. Yes. It was glorious. but the ‘eating nothing but yogurt, applesauce, and pudding, and soup!’ thing is starting to wear thin. In defiance of my teeth, I ate at the Old Fashioned last night with spacebee and her mother. I did some chili, some mac and cheese, and some pieces of summer sausage off the Lazy Susan No. 6. Also: booze. The oxycodone makes me nauseous, so I have to choke down The Pukies if I want to go out and eat while on the pain meds. Things are a helluva lot better today than last Wednesday however.

    Also, I played golf with Scubby yesterday out at The Oaks. It was fun, if frustrating. I was shooting an 88 going into the 18th, then hit a 12 to finish at 100 even. Barf. It was windy as all getout, and in a moment of classic rage, scubby broke the shaft on his driver when he smashed a drive very, very far right. Say lah vee.

    Brewers won yesterday, and that’s their second straight road trip with a winning record (4-3 on the first one, 4-2 on this one). They’ll start a home stand against St. Louis tonight. Maybe those dudes’ll be so sad about their journeyman pitcher dying that they’ll give up the game. Shrug. Who knows.

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