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  1. this is the beginning of the civil war between modern americans and natives. harrah’s bought that law for $20,000,000 to a guy that isn’t even in the game anymore. sure that may be a drop in the bucket to them, and perhaps all the expected to get for their $20,000,000 was a 9 months stall out of online gaming that they think they could exploit to get the addicts coming to their land based casinos and getting hooked their before the ban could be lifted… who knows… but swapping this law back would be a big slap to them. and what better way to forget about and justify bringing troops back from iranq than our very own civil war here in what was once thought to be india. it just fits nice.

  2. Just a strained right groin, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This game is pretty much a throwaway. I was hoping for a sweep, but taking 2 of 3 is a fine way to start the small road trip. Here’s the Brewers winning the pennant and big tits.

  3. cal, how does the minnesota air pressure and quality alter your marathoning?

    do you have to tweak your training?

  4. i agree. why are kitchen appliances always white? where are the BLACK kitchen appliances?

  5. the “democrats” are playing “republican” politics… and both sides are eating hot dogs

  6. Word to your mother.

    I’m going to go home and make dinner now–hot dogs cooked on the motor of my H3.

    Wait, I don’t have an H3… maybe I’ll just cook them in a freaking pan of water.

  7. a PAN of water. oh my. not a POT… or anything like that. ktk cooks hot dogs not on the motor of an H3, but in a PAN of water. a freaking pan of water. a pan of water.

    i’m still cracking up. seriously.

  8. it took ktk about a pan of water to put out the small kitchen fire caused by her hot dog toaster.

  9. then you freak it out an cook the dogs in it. in the freaking pan of water in the pot. oh man. wisconsin is funny.

  10. ever notice how everyone in wisconsin talks about distance in terms of time? i love that.

  11. cal is so much faster than everyone, that when someone tells him how far something is away in terms of time, he can ALWAYS respond “pfffffft. maybe for YOU.”, and that is awesome.

  12. once internet gaming is legal officially, the first casino to open up with this promotion will run the show forever.

    give people $500. sign up, verify your identity, and here’s $500 on the finger… hey, if you lose it all and want to keep playing, you can pay us back then and we’ll front you another $500. no problem… hey, this place is friendly. turn that $500 into $1000, $2000, $20,000, it’s yours to keep! just give us the $500 we lent you and you’re on your way.

    i know someone is going to bite my idea

  13. cal, what was the first thing you thought when you left the theater after seeing fast and the furious tokyo drift?

  14. after fast and furious all i could think about was fast driving all over town, zip zip zip! i am the fastest! i am furious! fast and furious!

  15. cal, even though i approved your mc serch comment…. i still don’t respect him. horrible flow. horrible name. jacked up face. and don’t he wear glasses? come on.

  16. how are you going to be in the mc game and wear glasses?

    do you know how easy it is to ryhme 4 eyes with 4 guys? and dude chubby too… but not like, i don’t give a fuck, i’m as big as i want to be… dude just chubby like he do care but can’t do shit cause he busy with those 4 dudes.

    mc serch… what the fuck does that even mean? you’re looking for something? like on that shitty basic cable show where you exploit wanna-bes? you had this name before it was your quest to serch for the best wannabe rapper? i don’t buy it.

    you don’t even rap… you just fucking say the words you know you have to say when you think you have to say them. you SUCK. mc serch fucking SUCKS. why would you post that, cal? just to piss me off? GRRRRRRRRRRRR

  17. why do you think serch quit performing?! because he SUCKS. he is a wannabe promoter executive in that he promotes wannabes, AND he himself is one.

    mc serch is not shit. he ain’t even shit.

  18. dj clue, however…. whoa. he’s so tite, he can take a normal song, and then just TEAR IT UP.

    CLUE Clue clue clu…. ILLUMINATI Illuminati illuminat….


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