Crazylegs 2007

It was a beautiful weekend for the Crazylegs Classic 07 run/walk here in Madison. Spacebee and I had signed up for the 8K (~5 mi) run that started at the Capital, went up to Langdon and over to the UW Hospital before looping back to Old University and up to Camp Randall Stadium. Unfortunately, due to timing of my wisdom teeth removal, I wasn’t able to do the run. Instead, we did the 2 mi walk from the Capital, up State Street and across campus to the stadium instead. We did the walk with many nurses from B4-6, and were in for a treat once we got to Camp Randall. All-you-can-drink beer! Yay! It was Bud Light or Michelob Ultra (blech) but it was free. Spacebee had a Scubby sighting, but by the time she led me back to the spot he was already gone. After the stadium drained out we went across the street to The Stadium bar for more booze and fun. Luckily, Gabe and Greg (two guys we did the walk with) were hungry enough to push for a Topper’s run. My mouth was hurtin’ something awful, but I was starving so I chomped down some Topperstix and a pizza while we stood outside at The Stadium and drank away. We followed that up with some Guitar Hero and all was well.

On Sunday I hooked up with Scubby for a round of golf out at The Oaks in Cottage Grove. The day started out terrific, but the wind soon caught up with us and by the end it was howling. I was frustrated, but had a great time getting out with Jason. We also talked about future golf trips and poker. Oh man, this summer should be a good time.

Here’s some pictures from Crazylegs.

zach, pre-walk

legions of walkers

in line for free beer


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  1. i think madison businessmen should open a new eatery called “bomb bagels”. their advertising will consist of beat-box.

    buh-buhbuh-ba–buh-bah-buhbomb bagels

    free cream cheese, bitches

  2. No. Never. Cream cheese is expensive, mayne. Turn off the entrepreneurial mind and watch the Brewers on Monday Night Baseball. First time in forever.

  3. So, I know I already used my alloted once a year post, but I have a question for Madisonians out there. Since when the FUCK is there a cow pasture on Charmandy drive? I drove past it a few times to see if there were any windows in those cow’s stomachs, because that would explain a few things. But no, they were just regular, albeit very clean, holsteins. Is Madison just getting it up for people who want to see cows? Or is it a real cow pasture. (versus pretend.) Please investigate.

  4. So I’m packing and I have 3 lucha masks. Is that enough? I’m sort of freaking out that it is not and I know of no way to get more after I’m gone. Should I make a run for the border or is 3 really enough for a grown man to own?

  5. if the baseball season ended now the brewers would be in the playoffs! bagels for all! eat! celebrate! cream cheese! cows! mooooooooooooooooo brewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwers!

  6. madison had like the hugest bagel boner in the history of the world in ’99. einstein tried to blow up. in the end, i say the game won. if the bagel game is going to get played… i think bomb bagels is the only thing capable of getting that done. buh-bah-buhbah-buhbuh-bah-buhbomb bagels!

  7. That cow pasture has been there as long as I can remember. They are owned by the university as much of that land between charmany drive and mineral point road is. My guess is there is a ton of research being done on those cows and the university just doesn’t have enough real estate to put all the cows they want to research on down by the regular campus.

  8. guess how they are trying to learn more about mad-cow disease? they created mad-rat disease.

    fucking scientists.

  9. 1. Go Brewers. I just wanted to get that out of the way. I couldn’t cheer them on via internet last night cuz me an’ the sweety went to a fondue joint for our one year annow. But go Brewers, just the same. This upcoming home stand against Pittsburgh is gonna be crucial, since Pitt is second in the division at 12-12. They’ve given the Crew trouble in the past, but this year’s early showing against them was solid.
    2. Fuck cows.
    3. I’m trying to collect every 1982 bobblehead. That means I gotta hit all 13 home Friday games this year. I’m definitely going this Friday (I think with spacebee and lawman), but I have no plans for the next one (May 18th). Yet.
    4. I awoke with an incredible pain in my mouth today. I don’t know what happened, but I was drooling blood on my pillow and it felt like someone was swinging a hammer at my gums.

  10. I am coming to the game on friday. Are we tailgating? I’m certainly up for leaving work early.

  11. That may work, but Spacebee works until 3:30pm, so that would be the earliest. If we do it, we should sort out food-buying responsibilities by Thursday night.

  12. it won’t work! just kidding, it will work. be sure to get there early to obtain the bobble head.

  13. i haven’t read herbert kornfeld in over a year, and the year before that was very disappointing. the original voice has been long lost, and we’re left with creative writer after creative writer trying to stay true to the genre without pushing any limits whatsoever. it pissed me off what some of these writers thought herbert was or would do or say. he spirit was killed long ago. RIP homie. stay up.

  14. maybe you could hook the freedom grill up to a tombstone after you discover the lot is full again

  15. i mean, jesus christ. herbert was killed in a copy machine by someone slamming the lid down on his head repeatedly. that is the dumbest way he could have died… maybe the new new york onion writers find humor in doing things the dumbest way. if i wrote that piece he would have been stabbed by a letter opener, and the police would have been follow a lead looking for someone with the initials L.O.D.

  16. “(Whats your name?) G-Reg. (What you do?) Get head. (How you do it?) Drop my drawers, let her see my third leg. Chillin’ on the 7th floor[6], I gotta let these chickens know Big Greg is in the house, and I’m finna to make these hoes choke. On my balls, on my dick, then I bust a nut quick. On her face, on her chest, stick my dick between her breasts. Come on fellas, let’s get weird. Stick your dick up in her ear. While I’m laughin at these guys, a second nut all in her eyes. (Wait a minute…in her eyes?) In her eyes.”

    the new chicago bears are awesome

  17. “(What’s your name?) Big Beast. (What you do?) Skeet skeet. (How you do it?) Bust a nut, aim for her mouthpiece. Sorry, “Trick”, if you thought I loved ya. Marvelous rolled with her, you know I used a rubber. (Man, nigga, stop lying you didn’t use no rubber when you fucked that ho). Nigga, I used a rubber. I ain’t trying to catch that die slow. Marvelous, can I finish? (Go ahead man) — The 7th Floor Crew don’t trust no chick. Actin’ all innocent last night suckin’ “T.G.”‘s dick. Held her by the back of the head ’till she swallowed all of it. Nigga even told me the bitch did a split. It’s cool cuz you know we a tag team. Whenever we fuck a bitch, all the boys on the crime scene.”

    the carolina panthers are cool too

  18. in greg olsons defense… his entire verse sounds like he’s really trying to sound like he thinks he’s supposed to sound and not speaking with his heart.

    it’s a song about fucking ho’s that come to the 7th floor… i think he just did it as good as he knew how. 3rd leg… NICE. that means 1 of 2 things, either his legs are about 6-8″ long, or his dick is 3″ and can support his body weight. that is a genius at work. in a world where the act of ejaculation has absolutely nothing with procreation, greg olson chooses to leave his seed on eyeballs. he wants his DNA to merge with anything that can look at his tiny legs. concentrated talent. and please… when you come to the 7th floor… don’t bring your man, because me and my 13 friends in line to have sex with you don’t like dudes around.

  19. “she thought that 5-2 was just my number, but then she realize that is she multiply it up she get my dick size”….


    um. i’m not a math genius. sure, i know a few things, but i’m no genius… so bear with me as i work this out….. 5-2…. 52 decimal. 34 hex. 110100 binary. ok. multiply that up…. five-two… ok… 25. so she sees 52… but she should know that your dick size is 25 units, and she should know that not because she’s dislexic, but because she multiplied the digits.

    dude, you didn’t pass 2nd grade math, did you?

  20. i why not just say that 52 is your dick size? you made the shit complicated AND smaller. dicks should be simply huge. you work for the onion, don’t you?

  21. i seriously think that dude thinks that “5-2, multiply it up” is bigger than 52. i can’t figure out how. does it mean 52 multiplied by 52? 52^2? i would think he would say “square it up” instead of “multiply it up”… right? i think he’s really just that dumb.

  22. see, baby… encoded in my jersey reference number 52, is the length of my junk. 25 units. now let me tell you the formula about how we hid that information. it’s a code, see… you probably can’t figure it out, so let me help you. take 52 units decimal. the digit in the tens place… ok, seperate that from the digit in the ones place. great. you think we’re done, don’t you? not even close. it’s just a coincidence that the digits we have now represent the digits of our target measurement. multiply it up. thats right. 5 times 2. what do you have? my dick size.

  23. dude, you didn’t pass 2nd grade math, did you?

    Get this kid’s Wonderlic score immediately.

  24. Dude, you are overthinking this. He says 5-2. Multiply that up. Five times two: ten inches. Dude’s schlonger is 10 inches long. Nothing to brag about, really.

  25. cal, i’m talking about modern socio-economics. i’m all out of hot dogs. red baron pizzas were 4 for $9 though, so i fucking hit that up hard. 2 4 meats, a cheese and a mexican.

    the mexican was really good. i, of course, removed the olives prior to cooking.

    red baron are cheap assholes though… you get the pizza wrapped up in celophane (sp?) in a box… no cardboard. so what the fuck are you supposed to serve this thing on? the box obviously… but the box has been exposed to countless factories… so you really shouldn’t serve it on there because it’s nasty, but what else are you going to serve it on? the cardboard circle INSIDE the celophane is a staple of the frozen pizza industry… WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO THINK YOU DON’T HAVE TO PROVIDE ONE?!

    fuck red barron. those cheap fuckers.

    FRESHETTA COMES IN A BOX WRAPPED UP IN PLASTIC TOO! only with these differences:

    1) quick open tab on the side for easy pizza removal.
    2) cardboard circle inside sealed plastic safe from factory nastiness.


  26. *jerks thumb* We got scientist over here doing complicated differential equations an’ shit tryin’ to figure out dude’s junk size. Quick, get a chalkboard, I think he as theorem (or possibly a lemma) to unveil.

  27. damn it, un-block my last comment… it got flagged. it was a response to cal.

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