Romantic Shit

As the sun set last night Spacebee and I furiously pedaled out to Picnic Point to get us some sunset action. Once there, we goofed around on some rocks for awhile and took some kick-ass pictures by balancing my new, expensive camera precariously on a rock above crashing waves. A dormitory/fraternasorotity/sexual-tension-extravaganza fire was blazing as we rode back into town. Once back home it was Leftover Night! I’ve been unable to eat down my vegetable-stocked fridge, so we had to use it or lose it. Rice pilaf, mashed potatoes, leftover meatloaf, steamed broccoli, leftover soggy veggies.

As a gracious host, it was my duty to endure through the DVD rental of the evening: Charlotte’s Web. It made me think: I think those slovenly farmer-folk were a little quick to leap to such wild-eyed accusations that “the pig made the web” or “it was a miracle”. There’s something in a web; a spider probably made the fucking thing. When questioned by a gawker as to whether they had a super-intelligent spider on their hands, the Farmer Naive replied, “We searched and couldn’t find a spider.” How hard did you look? Idiot.

I came up with a great Topic of the Day while grocery shopping today, but forgot it. In its place, I’ll describe my new favorite vegetable: ramps. Half green onion, half garlic (but not a shallot!). Today’s recipe: cooked up some hash browns, sauteed the ramps down, mixed eggs with the hash browns to make a scramble, then mixed in the sauteed ramps. Delicious. Tonight we get the next CSA share.

Tomorrow we’ll probably take off around 3:30 for Milwaukee to hit the next Friday Retro game. Gotta get there early; don’t want to miss the Brewers. TAILGATE!

tree backdrop

senior picture time

the lovely and talented spacebee

17 thoughts on “Romantic Shit

  1. first. you two are truly livin’ the madison life. i haven’t been to picnic point in…who knows how long. i should pack up our wine basket and head over there one of these days.

    no doubt, ramps will be in the share tonight. as well as more weird asian greens that we can find a new use for. (the dandelions made a great salad last week, by the way.)

    charlotte’s web–great book. haven’t seen the movie. i’m impressed that you watched it, whazzman. definitely a movie for 6 year old girls and 20-something women so, way to show your sensitive side!

  2. rumthumgs, i got this new pitch…


    (a man walks in)

    what’s good?

    (a waitress walks in behind him and takes position where this man was directing his question)]


    }the man is disgusted))

    man: NO THANKS!

    we are millionaires.

  3. I like how Madison has an International Speedway but only a regional airport.

  4. ONLY. bah. like getting people to and from real cities isn’t important.

  5. Hello from Zion National Park! Wow this place is unbeleiveable. We woke up to large looming red rock/cliffs with th sun sparkling off of them. Don’t worry we are taking lots of pictures. Picnic point looks great, we’ll be there soon. Little carrot out.

  6. last night in a moment of sleeplessness i watched crap TV at 3am. i hate dustin diamond more than ever. dude is on the latest celebrity fit club, which is now more a gender war than fit club as it’s Men vs. Women. anyway, he is a whiny bastard and i wouldn’t be too sad if he were to disappear. car accident, mystery illness, whatever.

  7. Zacaroni, your lady friend sure is pretty, but why in the picture of both of you is your eye all squinted up like you are a pirate?

  8. i dropped a tight ryhme…. some shit like… cal trims on his penis.
    if he owned a tv, he’d tivo every shear genius.

    and dude deleted shit. come on. why? it made you look bad? it made me look good? it doesn’t make sense.

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