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  1. As usual this time of year, I feel the need to plug BrewCrewBall.com, a clearinghouse for Brewers discussion by hardcore fans. Also, the game last night was superb. 10-0 was the final.

    I’m processing the pictures from the Brewer game last night and from Cinco de Mayo/Mifflin Street Block Party/Farmer’s Market this morning. We’ll get some pics up soon.

  2. real players do what they want to. suckers do what they can.

    i met danny banaduce (sp?) tonight. cal is so fucking lame.

  3. i met a girl that guranteed me that girls don’t like getting…………… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….. taken care of.

    this is a formal poll. ladies…..

    do you?

  4. scott went home with queen latifa. he left his things at my heeeeze. i am going to pee on them

  5. Rumthumb. I object to your calling Celebrity Fit Club “crap” TV. CFC is the hottest thing since quacking was a week ago.

    My only objection is that everyone is pretty thin. Remember when they got people who were really fat. Now they’re just looking for people who have a touch o’ pudge.

  6. We made it home to Wisconsin last night!!!! Wow the weather is amazing, it was 80 yesterday and already early this AM it is very warm. What a nice welcome. It feels good to be back in a land where backyards exist and you can always find a parking spot at the grocery store and there is no such thing as traffic. Parker is loving it too up here in Hortonville. Hope to see everybody soon.

  7. those are old ass videos whazzmaster… aziz got his own show on mtv now “Human Giant”. there was a new episode last night and i got drunk and had me a good ‘ol time

  8. they had a new illusionators on there too and i remember cracking up, but don’t remember what it was about. they also did a grip of shutterbugs that didn’t get stale. super solid comedy team. very fresh.

  9. also… i just caught that franzia picture again… that is seriously the gayest thing i’ve ever seen. it’s like high gay art. it should be on covers of gay magazines. i’ve seen nothing gayer. you should look into getting a gay prize for that somewhere. it’s that gay.

  10. ktk, you can watch celebrity fit club all you want now that you’ve got super duper satellite or whichever device it is that hones in television out there in pittsville. not for me. it’s not for me. especially with dustin diamond, who by the way will soon be starring in a documentary directed by baby sister $penny’s boyfriend andrew…

  11. wirkusez, welcome home!

    as for WI being the land of no traffic, we were stuck on 12/18 today on our way to mt. horeb and it was almost as bad as so cal. ok, not true… not true at all.

  12. i believe mangos yield the smallest flesh per pound ratio of any fruit under the sun.

    this am i went down to the coop and bought 5 mangos (recipe called for 3, i wanted to be on the safe side) for the mango mousse pie i intended to make. got home, skinned those bastards and scooped out every last milimeter of mango i could and it still wasn’t enough. back to the coop for 4 more. count them, NINE mangos yielded only 3 cups of mango puree. that is fruit bullshit, i’m telling you.

  13. your local suppiers are cooperating in hustling away your money

    don’t you watch the sopranos?

  14. you know what they are doing now, rumthumbs? mcdonalds… with the whole dollar menu mcchickens….. they went smaller. but now with the gas price going up, and most chickens requiring a sunday outing of some sort, mcdonalds is losing money on those $1 treats. so instead of just cancelling them, now they give you a spicy mcchicken instead. there is no more mcchicken… but here is a spicy mcchicken that is way too fucking spicy and eventually we figure you’ll just stop asking for them. FUCK THAT. now i order 6 and don’t even eat them.

  15. did you guys read that because the local authorities in boston overreacted to modern grafitti and wasted large large sums of public resources, that now “terrorist hoax’s” which includes “distributing false information” will be a federal felony.

    no more lying on whazzmaster that you really know how to make mango whips. you shit will be in JIZZZAIL! KNOW IT

  16. oh snap… there is another new human giant on the tivo right now… does this show even have a schedule? first sketch was a terminator spoof on roombas, something i feel passionate about (computers doing tasks for morons), so THUMBS UP! your butt.

  17. Same thing with beer: I used to drink a 6 pack to get drunk, but then it became a 12 and now it takes an 18 pack (but I’ll have 3 leftovers). MGD LIGHT BEER WHIPS ARE BULLSHIT. May as well go back to huffing glue…

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