Brewers Mistake, I Win

Well, I suppose we all won last night at the Brewer game. My mom is a member of NACE and their group was doing an outing at Miller Park last night. It was something like $45 for a buffet, two drinks, and a ticket to the Club on the Club seating area. Well, when we got there there was apparently a mix-up in the catering offices or sales offices or what have you, cuz instead of the Club on the Club we were actually sitting in the Dew Deck. Whatever, we still got free food and booze. It was cool.

In the fifth inning we went to meet up with my dad, who was hosting some clients in one of the Founders Suites. As we were leaving the Dew Deck, however, they stopped us and, to apologize for the mix-up, gave us gift bags. I got a neat little backpack with a Miller Park fishing hat, a Miller Beerpen T-shirt, and a Bernie Brewers bobblehead. Not bad.

Down in the suite it was pure awesomeness. Free beer, pizza, snacks. So my parents and I kicked it there while watching the Brewers stave off a late-inning outburst from the Nationals. They’re 23-10 now, hooah!

Pictures from the game:

jack and zach

zach and sue

why do the race? they race for taste

talking shop

128 thoughts on “Brewers Mistake, I Win

  1. wwhazz, we had morel risotto last night but we didn’t find them ourselves, we paid premium coop price. lawman is thinking about buying a pound or two (around $26/lb!) to dry or freeze.

  2. i am trying to round up a new lens before leaving for cuba–has to fit both my film and digi bodies. the fuckos at B&H close early to observe the sabbath and the fuckos at the camera company say they have it but they don’t. the fuckos in MN where i usually shop are charging $100 more than all the other fuckos listed. what a frustrating shopping experience.

  3. They had a Uni A&B tub of them set up in the kitchen area of the skybox. It’s interesting that you noticed cuz I was thinking about it during the game. A few games prior, the dudes in the row in front of us got caught with smuggled cans; they should have just said, “we got these in the suites.”

  4. bird shirt bird shirt bird shirt. cuba cuba cuba cuba tuba tuba tuba tuba goldy goldy goldy goldy

  5. wait! just wait. we got these in the suites. they were in the suites. we got them there and we are very sorry, but we got them in the suites. the suites, these. in the suites. we are sorry, but we got these in the suites. no! wwwwwait! cuba!

  6. cal, are you ok? did my card question break your brain? it should. it’s somewhat of a trick question. the only winning strategy is an adaptive one over a period of time. is that adaptation implied in the rules of the game? people who argue poker is a skill game argue that yes it is… that factor dictates who will win more than any other.

    i guess lawmakers can’t understand that though, so it get lumped in legally with slots.

    cal, lets say you had the Q and bet, but your opponent knows you bet anything, so he re-raised with his K. but you know he knows you bet your Q and that he is capable of raising a K… would you ever put in a 3rd bet with your Q to run him out?

  7. My plan would be to check call with anything the first 5 hands. Then I would check raise for 7 hands. Then I would bet and raise every hand until one of us was broke.

  8. I missed 5 runs from the time I turned my car radio off until I got inside and got the television turned on the game. An orgy of offense for the Brewers today.

  9. happy mothers day you freaks (not ktk and manders, the rest of you freaks). i’m going to see my mommy.

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