Tick Tock, Never the Glock

The weekend was uneventful, perhaps a calm before the impending WirksuStorm (being tracked in realtime by our Doppler9000 Storm Track team).  On Saturday evening Spacebee and I did a late dinner at Tornado Room, and then hit the hookah at The Casbah for awhile before meeting Meg at The Main Depot.  Curiously, the Depot was packed to the brim with older, alumni-looking folks.  Also, Bret Bielama.  That makes 4 times.  It was one of those nights where I wish I had a camera in my house to capture myself at 2am.  I’m pretty sure I was speaking fucking Sputnik.

Yesterday morning we had brunch at the Westside Businessmen’s Club with spacebee’s family, which prompted my over and over question of “Can Eastside Businessmen join this club, or what?”  Later in the day, we drove down to Racine to have dinner with my family as well.  Dad made a risotto with chicken stock, grated Parmesan cheese, asparagus tips, and julienned prosciutto.  Holy moses it was good.

And that, as they say, is that.  This week will be one spent in quiet seclusion leading up to Friday’s Brewer Game and The Weekend Where Wirkus Comes To Madison.  Should be fun.  Er, on a bun.

140 thoughts on “Tick Tock, Never the Glock

  1. 5% of my winnings will be donated to the whazzmaster collective. distribution will not be in dollars. there will be a party. you will be invited.

  2. tourney starts in 4 hours 55 minutes. 326 in there right now. $25,000 for 1st. you think you have an idea about how i’m the best, but you are righter than you know or think. scieezer in the pink. that’s right, i fuck this game up. 1st place vs 300 chumps. cal is real. feel this.

  3. Gabe Gross, who may or may not be gross, and who is definitely not batting his weight, has hit his second home run of the game to put the crew up 2-1. exciting!

  4. cal knows how to run the commentary so shitty it’s good game. that is impressive.

  5. seriously… it’s SO shitty that it’s good. so so shitty. ridiculously shitty. he is so good at that… and it’s so good. because of how shitty it is.

  6. due up in the 3rd killerbrew, allen, and janet jackson. 15 for station identification on your brewers network

  7. due up in the ftops event #7 staring madd scientist:

    Andy Bloch
    Chip Jett
    Layne Flack
    Mike Matusow

    today i will be king.

  8. Nice dude. The liar liar tendons on fire was for c-a-l. Me and timmer really were going to stake you. But good luck anyway. I wish I could watch but I’m not allowed to download poker shit on the in-laws compewta. You more than earned a shot.. shit I’ve taken like 3 or 4 and there was no way I deserved those stakes even if I won my way in to them.

  9. i think that timmer + a few tourneys experience in this ploiter joke and he would dominate. all of the decisions are classic timmer decisions.

  10. He’s too busy fishing. In mushroom news, wife and I found about 10. I fried them up with butter and garlic and mixed them with floppy brown rice. I ate the rest on a burger. Now I’m tripping my balls off.

  11. Lee Watkinson just won a $50 9 man turbo where blinds start at 15-30 and everyone gets ONLY 100 CHIPS!


  12. cal, now that you have left THE SAN FANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY where you make all your internet posts, i ask you to wish me luck. t minus 3 minutes. i’m about to be huge.

    my dick just got big.

    remember that shit? put it in the tip cup. I JUST MIGHT

  13. what do you call it when you cut up the bouncer at cinnebar into really fine strips?

  14. no change. all in with a dude with 500 + the blinds and we chopped.

    you are incorrect. churros is not what you get.

  15. i dedicate this tournament to the baby fish orphans resulting from timmers hobbiage.

  16. david chui… dead
    chip jett…. dead
    layne flack… dead
    lee watkinson… short stack
    andy bloch… short stack
    huck seed…. 7k
    mike matusow…. 11.5k
    scientist…. 13.5k

    people. i have a gift.

  17. wwhazz, good work on those mushrooms. find about 30 more and you can charge some schmuck in the city $24.99 for them. but why would you sell your hard found shrooms when they are so delicious? you wouldn’t.

    i’m outta here…cuba calls again. see you all after memorial day. i spent my final hour in madison trying to blow through a roll of B&W film that i had just started. anticipating the 6 or so plane rides i will take in the next week and considering the high amt. of damage done to film with airport xrays, i needed to have an empty camera. decided that lawman, timmer, and fishies would be my subjects.

    enjoy yourselves, whazzers. and, sorry to say, i’ll be rooting for the twins when ya’ll are enjoying the game.

  18. canadian exchange rate is .92 now.

    is canada really 35% stronger than 5 years ago, or……

  19. isn’t going to cuba very dangerous? does it worry you o’neil, or are you super into dangerous women?

  20. uncle jesse behind a tree hidin
    you ain’t survivin
    kimmy gibs trys at the dive in
    mouth full, now she jivin
    full house all the time kid
    rhymes like weight
    thats how i’m survivin
    degenerate morons americas supplyin
    want to go to school but the letters keep denyin
    big j did it so i’mma keep tryin
    after the race.

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