Sundance, Pus, and The Cubs

First: The Bad News.  I went for a wisdom teeth follow-up check-up yesterday and the doc informed me I have two abscesses.  He informed me that if antibiotics don’t clear it up then he’ll have to go in and re-open the area and clean it out which would be me back at the beginning of the healing process.  Ugh.  Please let the antibiotics work.

While picking up my meds, however, I checked out the new Sundance 608 theater/cafe/restaurant/bar over at Hilldale Mall.  I heard that they were serving Peet’s Coffee (my favorite from my California days) and wanted to check out the digs.  Man, really nice indeed.  The interior is really… comfy, I guess, is how I’d describe it.  Leather chairs, nice lighting.  It made me really want to drive back to my house, get my laptop, and camp out there for a day writing code.  I liked it so much I went and got wwhazz and brought him back there for more coffee and newspaper-reading.

Finally, next week is the second (and final) Cubs @ Brewers series for the season.  I’ve got tickets for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Monday is spacebee and I, Tuesday is wwhazz and I, and Wednesday is me, spacebee, wwhazz, and bellygirl.  Of course, there’ll be pictures when all is said and done.

35 thoughts on “Sundance, Pus, and The Cubs

  1. ktk, i found your use of parens and points completely prudent.

    we don’t get internet until tomorrow or the next day or the next day i think, but i plugged the laptop in and there were like 15 wireless networks in range and more than half were unsecured… i tried the first one “default” and poof! ESPN! DOT COM! thats right internet (connection).

    they are probably hack bots trying to overtake this computer to send spam or attack national infrastructures, but for whazzing, I’M HERE! sweet.

  2. Which apartment are you living in? This is O. Henry-grade irony. Enjoy the Lucky Lady and the Palomar. If you see a little puggle, her name is Sage. If you see a little beagle, her name is Charlie. If you see the rapist, don’t worry: he can’t get over the fence. I highly recommend subscribing to the Sunday paper. Ralph’s has double coupons so you can save a bundle. If cal comes to visit, you’ll need to stash him in another apartment. He is allergic to dogs and has very sensitive skin. There are a pocket of ok bars down by McGregors. Otherwise there aint jack to do around your apartment except walk the dog and look at lizards. Twice I saw an owl. Be careful at night. Summer is spider season and they grow em big. At night be sure to walk with a hand in front of your face or you will run into webs. Share that advice with your wife. They are very industrious. Once I saw one build a web using the rear view mirror of a Jetta and the light at the top of a streetlight as the main support webs. The strand that connected to the light was a single strand that was twenty feet long. When I saw it I thought, “holy shit you got moxy”, even though I knew there was no way it was going to work out. I’m unsure about the comma placement in that last sentence. The Mcdonalds in the strip mall across the street is twenty four hours. Christmas trees at Lowels are dirt cheap. And always remember: Tijuana is only a $5 trolley ride away.

  3. Lesnar makes his MMA debut on Saturday. It’s in LA if madd and the wife want to check it out.

  4. I hate video links and story links mixed together. I see something like TOP FANTASY BASEBALL SECOND BASEMEN. And being an avid fantasy baller in need of a sturdy, dependable second baseman, I click that bitch only to get taken to a ford commercial and then some nerd telling me who he thinks is best and why. Asshole. No, assholes: the ford commercial, the camera man, the fantasy guru. Just spell it out with common words. Give me the information. Don’t make it difficult and don’t make it take 2 min. and 35 seconds.

  5. Use video if it’s to SHOW me something cool. A cat that can drive a car. A powerbomb through a table. That’s the kind of shit that is better to see in video than described with words.

  6. we already had a giant spider in our place… i killed it, and then miraculously the squished legless mush still clung to life and moved a millimeter towards the window with each twitch. nice work. whoa… just installed firefox 2, and shit does spellcheck like in word and puts squiggly red lines under words as you type. not sure if it does the green squigglies for context yet, but that might break ktk’s computer. shit would be mad green.

    and whoa… brock lesnar in mma is new news to me (all news should be new… that is why they call it that… the shittiest news is old news… that should be called olds. maybe that is how they came up with oldsmobile… like, it ain’t new… it’s just the same old car you already know) ESPN!

    i was going to go to LA on tuesday for a poker tourney, so i probably won’t go tomorrow, but wow… i really want to see that fight.

  7. i think we’re in building 2464. we’re the first building on the right when you go in the first entrance off friar tuck expressway across from mattress discounters. i wanted 1st floor or 3rd floor with an exterior view. we got 2nd floor with a view of the parking lot. it’s smaller than your place, no fireplace, and our porch and storage room aren’t private… just out front of our door with a little gate. so pretty much everything was as bad as it could be, but it’s still good.

    the housing lady was checking 3 different complexes within 5 minutes of rach-o’s work and this was the only one with vacancies. our rental furniture doesn’t match at all. it’s all nice… but as a whole our place looks a little goofy, we’re trying to exchange out some pieces.

    are there any places closer than palomar or the lady? in the joser i had garden city 10 minutes away and that was a dream. that place was always packed full of degenerate chinamen (ESPN!) nomenclature.

  8. wait, palomar is 9 minutes according to google maps. only 3-6 though, and not very big, and parking is a hassle. not that i don’t like tetris style valet, i just like to pretend i live in a world where it isn’t neccessary.

  9. lucky lady 8-16 + booze + a big lot + the fun of leaving there to see a giant “GOT A GAMBLING PROBLEM?” billboard next to the payday advance loan place always makes me smile

  10. jerry buss getting a DUI is funny. that dude single handedly funds the poker community.

  11. absolutely nothing.

    cal’s little blurb of someone elses philisophical theory accurately tells my tale. the more nothing i do, the more power i receive. this country is broken.

  12. it’s not broken…. it’s like iced tea and lemonade at baja fresh… america was founded on the idea that iced tea mixed 40/60 with lemonade was delicious. and it is. but why don’t they just sell iced lemonade tea? because after a while you don’t have lemonade and iced tea… you just have rotten mush and you might as well have gotten dr pepper or sierra mist straight up. lemonade and iced tea is delious. no doubt. but every once in a burrito you just have to dump out the glass and get a new one.

  13. 1. i’m drunk

    2. i got this way at mcgregors

    3. it was filled to capacity with a 15 minute line.

    6. a drunk bitch fell on rach-o’s toe. rach-o called her a bitch. ha. ha.

  14. ok, now i’m supa dupa missy elliot drunk. firefox thinks i spelled i’m, supa, dupa, missy, elliot, and firefox all wrong. man, i suck. capitalization bs don’t phase me though. fuck a capital. capitol.

    people in san diego are rick-diculously nice. rachel even asked me about it… every person we’ve come in contact too has become a new friend. i only visited here 3 times i think and i was present when parker met sage, and i’ve already met 3 dogs in one day and i only went on 1 walk to the leasing office (mut named honey ((owner alison)), chiauau finny ((or some shit like that… (((owner obviously supa gay))))), bichon frise look alike but cream-tannish named ralph ((owner unknown who was also walking a second dog also unknown because quince only showed interest in the cream freeze)) )

    tomorrow i am going lizard hunting and i’m excited. the first day in phoenix i saw a lizard sunning himself on the slit of sun that shone through the rooftops on the wall on the side of the stairs up to our apartment…… i didn’t expect lizards, but i LLLLLLLL O. VE. lizards. i go to florida and just geek out for days. so i was like, desert, whatever. but then i saw this singular lizard on the first day in such close proximity to my home that it instantly became the DESERT! ESPN! i never saw another lizard in phoenix for the following 5 months.

    now i get to see lizards. y. e. s!

    tomorrow’s ob, sunday is blue point and for the next 3 months is palomeezy and the lucky leezy.

    all are welcome to visit, and cal need not worry, quincy is dander free and does not shed. it is for girlie men like cal that the faggo french bred these supa gay bichons in the first place. also, we have an air matress. if rita or meridel aren’t joining you, the couch is awesome for onesies. it’s hypoalergenic microfiber that we clean with microbial bleach. often. OOOOH! we also have tivo, and an NES simulator including your favorite game ever.

    cal, do you like fancy beers?

  15. Lizard tip: head towards the trolley. That trail between the trolley stop and the River Run apartments is the lizard trail. I can’t remember if we took you to that.

    If Mcgregors is ever to crowded continue down the road past the 7-11 and hit the Stadium. It’s only crowded on game days.

  16. i saw the lizard trail on a no lizard day.

    i went to mcgregors twice before and both times it was at less than half capacity and everyone was just chillin… this time it was packed with a line… didn’t expect that.

    grease out

  17. oh man i forgot about falling down girl, it wasn’t drama, just funny… these 3 dudes next to us were running 2 minute desperation drill game on every girl that would walk by. so tipsy topsy bitch is talking to them for a bit, then cuts out in our direction and just biffs face first on rach-o’s toe. rach-o wasn’t paying attention and responds “OW!, bitch” the girl doesn’t hear her, instead she gets up, turns around and goes and makes out with 2 of the dudes for a few minutes, then continues in the same direction to her waiting girlfriend, and then cries for the rest of the night.

    ahhhh liquor.

  18. rach-o’s toe still hurts. falling down girls face must still be jacked up. maybe those dudes were just kissing it to make it feel better. it would be funny if that was the line that finally worked for them. they were both sucking off rach-o’s toe juices.

  19. we had an appointment with time warner cable to install our services between 10:30am and noon. at 1pm we called and they told us that our appointment is tuesday now because appointments are not guaranteed. a maintained low for cable industry. the power grid guys really need to up their network game and put all these fuckers out of business.

    if appointments aren’t guaranteed, then why should i be here? such bs.

  20. cal, what happens to people that follow knowledge pertaining to flow, or simply the flow of knowledge? are they special cases, or just another jerk in the jerk pile?

  21. I really liked that they listed the WWE title (3X) along with his NCAA title in his pre match list of accomplishments. Lesnar isn’t as ripped as he was during wwe days (damn drug testing) but he kept it real (like a real asshole) when he slapped away the attempt to touch gloves and just started fighting. I would have liked to see the intro though.

  22. greg might respond with a love attack as well ending in a love explosion ironiCALy killing them both.

  23. mazzagatti might have been fired from UFC too… out of his last 10 fights he’s probably made 4-5 pretty serious mistakes. herb dean even slipped up a couple times lately. big john still does it better than anyone.

  24. the review of palomar online said it had an adjoining bar….. is that true? i’m going tonight and hoping the parking situation is under control

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