The Pinella and Zambrano Show

We went to see Knocked Up last night.  It is rare that I exit a theater without thinking I’ve wasted part of my life, but there were two reasons that didn’t happen: 1.) I was bored as all hell this weekend and 2.) the movie was just plain great.  I won’t totally spoil it for you (psst: this chick gets knocked up) but the part where people go to Vegas and do shrooms while watching Cirque du Soleil is pretty dope.  Ah fuck it, the whole movie is really dope.  Just go watch the damn thing.

On second though, don’t do it tonight (Monday), tomorrow (Tuesday), or Wednesday though.  That’s when the Fucking Cubs are coming north to play the Brewers at Miller Park.  Gather all of your lucky pennies around you in a heap, and then eat a Four-leaf clover salad with rabbit foot dressing or whatever.  Not necessarily because I think the Cubs will win the series, but because I want to sweep those filthy pieces of shit back to that stink-hole they call home.  And note that I’m not talking about the NotDouchebag fans (like my sweety-pie and her clan) but the onslaught of “WOOO”-ing backwards cubs hat fuckwads that make Miller Park such a shitty place that the Brewers get booed in their own fucking stadium.  I can’t handle that.  I wish I had enough money to buy all the unsold tickets and give them to small children from Oak Creek to Marinette.  Hey Hadley, you wanna go to a baseball game? Grace-o?

So for those that haven’t seen the last few days on Sportscenter, Pinella is suspended indefinitely and Zambrano apologized for punching out his catcher in the locker room.  Ha ha you assholes.  I guess $300 million doesn’t buy quite as much team cohesion as you’d like.  Please, god, just let the Brewers mince the Cubs up into tiny pieces and send them back to the dump of a park they call Wrigley.

Next weekend (from what I gather) we’re all heading up to Points North to kick it with the Kalishes in Rural Splendor™.  I hear they have a porno basement.  I think I’m bringing the smoker with too, perchance we could make some rib-sticking ribs.  At any rate, hurray for Ruralacity.

43 thoughts on “The Pinella and Zambrano Show

  1. Okay:

    1. Brian got Hadley a really cute little brewers outfit for her birthday. It may make an appearance this weekend.

    2. Do you really have a smoker? I thought you were joking. Should I buy ribs?

    3. What time do you think you’re going to roll in on Saturday? Should I plan a lunch?

    4. Is Spacebee coming? If so, her name is really Stacey, right? I guess I don’t really need to know that ahead of time, but it would be nice…

    5. Porno basement = no joke.

  2. 1. The smoker was no joker. What meats should we smoke? I say: all of ’em.

    2. bellygirl and spacebee work til 11pm on Friday. I assume we won’t be getting an early start, but I think the o’rumsey’s will be up there Friday night.

    3. I’m bringin’ Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan. Rumsey wants Apples to Apples.

    4. Should I get a bottle of scotch?

  3. i concur that “knocked up” is great. esp. the part where i was drunk and spilled 1/2 of spacebee’s and my popcorn. what an asshole.

    this flick was truly a “freaks and geeks” reunion for anyone out there who remembers and/or liked F&G.

  4. carcassonne? settlers of catan? apples to apples? whaaaaaa? okay, I just googled it. Games. Gotcha.

    Zach, now that we have an impressionable child, we don’t drink anymore, nor do we condone drinking in our home. Just kididng. Scotch might be nice. What about the makings of gin & tonics?

    What was the name of that TV show that was on for a little while with that f&g kid and it was his freshmen year of college???????

  5. Also, whazzers coming up this weekend. If you’re in a laundry-less apartment or have to pay to do your laundry, bring it here and do it for free. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  6. Just plugged in my computer and guess what? Magic free internet. Yee haw. It looks like we can make it up on Saturday but we have to roll out on Sunday morning. Til then I’ll be at my grammies painting her house and watching brewer games on whazzman’s dime.

  7. flipmode is the greatest. magic free internet is the 2nd greatest. ktk, do you film pornos in your basement or just watch them or both?

  8. Weekend assignment:

    Okay, meals and snacks are set for the weekend. We’ll have beer and soda. If there is anything other than that that you want to drink, you should bring it. When we moved two years ago, we gave all our booze away, and then I got PG, and B is a beer drinker, so we haven’t bought any since.

    Also, Zach, if you can bring your airmatress & pump, that would be great. We have extra blankets, sheets, and pillows, so don’t worry about bringing those.

  9. ktk, kcar, and darth hadley,
    i am very excited for our visit. i can’t wait to meet darth hadley. also I can’t wait to see Pittsville. Thanks for taking on this giant load of company. we will promise to behave. can I sleep in the single bed in hadley’s room? please, please????
    ps. i started my new job today at U Dubb with Spacebeeeeee, it’s going to be great.

  10. ktk, sorry i ever mentioned the porn basement to anyone.

    maddd, fyi it is porned out due to disco type lighting and mirrored ceillings. not your run-of-the-mill basement.

  11. the great dane served tilapia for lunch. i had to work hard not to say the special of the day is “bad tilapia” for $7.95.

  12. shut up and sing is good.

    americans who make death threats against the dixie chicks, get a life.

    fuck you toby keith.

  13. ok, so there was a porno filmed there before they moved in, but they just haven’t seen it yet. finally… clarity.

    rumthumbs, imagine when you have stamped dvd copies of bad tilapia to hand out at the GD. that will be cool. i think we should stamp them with a minimalist depiction of a “bad” fish on a plate. x’s through the eyes might work. perhaps a scratch or 2 of parsley and a lemon wedge. make up a bunch special with a length of coiled fishing line and a hook in the jewel case with production stills and a menu from the fictitious restaurant including the tilapia special.

  14. Hey Belly!

    You can have the single bed in hadder’s room IF w-whazz and whazzmaster’s bother don’t mind bunking together 🙂

  15. time warner digital cable is pure butt.

    i can’t wait until all the channels realize they can broadcast digital over the internet instead of letting time warner take a deep cut. then cable subscribers can finally get the ala carte pricing they’ve been asking for and being turned down for years. give me 10 channels at $5 each and i would be way happier than the $50 basic digital with about 60 real channels (oooooooooooh, on demand music channels… someone jerk me off).

    anyways, tv is dumb. if they aren’t going to change to suit my needs i’ll just throw it all out and be like the cal that doesn’t have a fancy tv. fucking idiots. cable companies infuriate me. i wish sickness upon them.

  16. madd are you still having cable issues? I heard you were living at archstone and there is an inside guy at Time
    Warner for them that can get you a better deal and hooked up faster.

  17. most disturbing propeganda i’ve heard in days…. from our heroes with the United States Army:

    “the power to help people one day, and lead them the next”

    yes tv… leaders are not supposed to help implicitly… i will obey… drink coffee

  18. c’mon skeezertist where are you? sorry to use for my own personal benefit but whatever… i hate all of you!

  19. rach-o has had this hp laptop for like 2 years with no problems. mac does not mean nothing will go wrong, but it does mean, that when it does, you can go to the apple store and talk to a “genius”. you can buy these at best buy and the price isn’t that bad. if you can spend $750 for a new one, you’ll get everything you need.

  20. rach-o has the HP Pavilion dv1000. the specs are higher than that powerbook, and i think you can buy them new for that $600 used price now.

  21. Hey Rumthumb,

    If it isn’t too much trouble, would mind snapping a few more hadley pics? The last ones you took were soooo gorgeous. No pressure, though.

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