Backwards Compostability

Two Items: one Important™ and one Dumb™.

We spent Saturday up in Pittsville, WI (where the hell is that?) with the *-kalishes, wwhazz and bellygirl, rumthumb and lawman, and MY BROTHER. Photographics abound; I’ll link to some of rumthumb’s for now and get mine uploaded today. We smoked some roasts in the smoker, watched Cordero melt down in the 9th, and in the morning had a Gigantor Country Breakfast.

[UPDATE] Here’s a link to rumthumb’s gallery of pictures, and here’s a link to my gallery.

The ladies took a ride into Pittsville proper and got themselves some Bomb-Ass hunting caps, beef jerky, two bumper stickers, and a 30-pack of High Life for $20. Nice.

say cheese

ktk and HADLEY!

two blondies

There was also a rarin’ game of Bocce Ball. The wwhazz/lawman combo ruled all… again.

whazzman's throw

Smoked Meats!

i got the meat

The above pictures were all from rumthumb. My pictures centered more on a dog-wrestling match and food porn. Here’s a picture of the dogs playing…

michael vick's front yard

And here’s some food porn for you:

smoked meats

asparagus fry

curried green bean delight

Finally, from rumthumb, here’s a picture of me taking the food porn pictures…

food porn photography

Now, onto all things Dumb™. I guess the last episode of the Soprano’s was this weekend. I dunno, I never watch that show. Apparently a bunch of people went apeshit over the ending, though. Let me cover my eyes and point randomly at one dumb part of the Teh Internet:

The line to cancel HBO starts here. What a ridiculously disappointing end lacking in creativity to The Sopranos saga. But if you’re one of those who found it perversely interesting, then don’t bother to read on. Even if David Chase, who wrote and directed the final episode, was demonstrating the existential and endless loop of Tony’s life or the moments before the hit that causes his death, it still robbed the audience of visual closure. And if it were done to segue into a motion picture sequel, then that kind of crass commercialism shouldn’t be tolerated.

Chase clearly didn’t give a damn about his fans. Instead, he crapped in their faces. This is why America hates Hollywood.

This comes from the Me-Me-Me! School of Thought, which states that anything you don’t get is Dumb or Elitist, and anything you don’t like is like having crap thrown in your face? Or maybe pooped directly into your mouth; not sure. It’s unclear why people believe that they (the viewers) get to tell the creators of Art (uh, the artists) how to create said art. Moreover, realize that people are calling to cancel their HBO subscriptions. Take that, HBO! I’m not gonna watch the now-finished show on your network any mo– wait. Notably, thanks to Hollywood Douchebag or whoever this guy is , I know now that a clear dichotomy exists in the art-creator/art-consumer relationship. You either “give a damn about [your] fans” or you “[crap] in their faces”. Noted. You stumblefucks. You cloisterfucking Derrek Lee poopmouths. I’m canceling my internet subscription because this guy’s website exists.

We also saw Ocean’s Thirteen last night. It was ok, good summer popcorn movie, but I saw the ending coming 1.5 hours away. Also, it does a repeat performance from an earlier installation, which helps in calling it. Solid meh. Can’t wait for Superbad.

22 thoughts on “Backwards Compostability

  1. Hello! Looking forward to seeing the whole gang late July! in other news, Grandma’s Marathon is Saturday! I am excited.

  2. you know who annoys me? Bono. you know what i learned recently? that you can put a belt on two ways. right or left. that blew my mind.

  3. you know what i learned recently? that you can put a belt on two ways. right or left.

    Not if your buckle depicts a local landmark or a humorous saying.

  4. The above hoedown was the pits which means “good” when you’re in Pittsville. If we end up buying that compound I definitely want to splurge and grab that 30 acres of prime hunting land. I mean, might as well. For you freaks like cal that love fun facts, Pittsville’s claim to fame is it’s the exact center of the state of Wisconsin. I guess there’s a plaque. KTK claims to have seen it. The meat in the food porn pictures was cooked in whazzmaster’s smoker. We built a fire outside and just tossed the thing in. It ended up a little over done, but it was true caveman cooking and we didn’t have a meat thermometer or a temperature gauge.

  5. Last Sopranos was fine. Even the New York Times said so. That dude in the above review was a dick. I’m not going to dry hump it or anything, but it’s an interesting show. As a whole, I loved the last season. Especially the episode where Tony does peyote in Las Vegas and wins a shit ton of money playing roulette. Also, what the fuck more did that dipwad want? Everyone except Tony and Paulie were dead at the end of the final season. That to me was enough. The show started with a power struggle and heat from the feds. The show ended with a power struggle and heat from the feds. That to me is a tidy enough ending. Hell, even jessi liked the last season and wants to neflix the whole thing. I think we’re going to try and do it in one 85-hour session if anyone is interested.

  6. Also, I’m not worried about that asshole’s threat to cxl HBO affecting how art is made. If anything the Sopranos and its success has opened the door for people to make the kind of TV show they want to make. We had HBO in San Diego. When we moved here we decided to drop it, but last night’s fun made me want to reup.

  7. ktk… it was a pitiful weekend (which is also really good). It went by really fast, so I hope that we get a lot more hangout time in this summer. There were so many things I didn’t get to chat with people about for very long–California, Belly’s school, whazzmaster, we still have to talk about the compound. But it was really fun. I’m glad you could all come up!! I’m really glad that Emily photo-documented the trip, too!

  8. One more thing about the Soporonos ending: Even though I was ok with it, there was no denying the ending flung a little poo at your face. Homie had 85 hours of weight behind that final punch and he pulled it. Not only did he pull it, he spent the whole episode playing little jokes on the audience. Tony’s turning informer. Ha, ha, ha: just kidding. Tony’s going to jail. Ha, ha, ha: just kidding. Paulie’s turned rat. Ha, ha, ha: just kidding. Tony gets it here… no here… no here. Nope. Kidding again.

    And then he builds the tension in the final seven minutes to a crescendo that has the hair bristled on the back of your neck and your wife’s nails dug into your flesh only to end mid scene like the cable went out.

    I mean, yeah, I get it: life goes on. But I’m not buying it was a genius move. Art ain’t broken and a leeeetle more of a conventional ending would have been nice just because it’s not easy to earn the kind of ending that the series earned.

  9. i was hoping john leguizamo was going to pop up right before tony got on that train, “remember me?” BOOM! CAL! then paulie comes around the corner, eating 3 sandwiches, “tooooooooooony, what’s wroooawwwwwwwwwwwwwwng?” then paulies breasts catch on fire. he removes the tops from 2 nearby pots and extinguishes the flames as it is revealed that he was really robbin williams.

  10. yo man, check this. that sopranos episode man, yo man, that episode was FIRE. yo, on larry man. yo yo yo man, on larry that episode was fire. yo.

    a cal dedication
    grandma’s vacation
    the rice ain’t tite
    back to cow lactation
    the worlds waitin
    record time escapin
    EXPLODE! yo yo yo yo yo

  11. I concur Pittsville was anything but pitty. Thank you again to the Kalishes for the grand hospitality. The food was great, your bed was comfortable and Hadley is by far one of the happiest little one year olds out there. Oh and the Mercantile, it sure was your good ol country store. I am hoping to wear my hat here in the big city and I hope to get spacebee to as well. thank you thank you and you rest assured we will be back!!!

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