Morning News Roundup

I read the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel online edition every morning, and today there were two interesting items.  One has to do with something I talked to wwhazz about last week, and one is another entry in my ongoing cynicism towards home-buying at the moment.

I wouldn’t say that it boils my blood or anything, but it is annoying that the city of Oconomowoc is allowing a Gigantor Shopping Complex to get crapped right into a large field on the outskirts of their town.  Apparently Mayfair Mall is too urban (urbane?) (both?) and the developers wanted to suck up some of that Johnson Creek Outlet Mall fat money cake, so they planned a Mega Mall 30-ish miles outside Milwaukee that would house your usual assortment of Bed, Bath, and Beyonds, Cheesecake Factories, and William-Sonomas.  Because yeah, with gas at $3.65/gal it makes sense to drive 30 miles to eat at an Olive Garden.  Here’s the rub: oops, the city is out of liquor licenses.  Now that makes me more happy than you can know, but apparently there’s evil shenanigans afoot.  As always, laws are only for the stupid, not the rich developers who want to tramp down arable farmland and build another fucking Chili’s.  And while I’m hoping this derails the extent of the project I’m not holding my breath.

Next up, it’s heartening to finally see that Milwaukee area homeowners are getting the picture.  New home listings are sagging, but the gold in the linked article is actually a secondary topic: the fact that most home purchase contingencies these days include clauses about the sale of the buyer’s home first.  This is creating ridiculous “chains” of offers.

“A lot of my deals are four and five people deep,” Buzzell said. “I have sold a property to a lady, whose house I now have on the market, which I’ve sold to a guy, and none of the deals will close until his house sells.”

Hey hepcat, dig that ownership society groove.  Look out below, middle class coming through.

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  1. 1) Cool running/cow rap
    2) I wanted Furio to kill him, remember Furio? That’s where my Soprano watching left off… Furio Goes Back to Italy

  2. I don’t know Furio. I’ve only seen seasons 1,2 parts of 5 and 6. I only started watching it again because if was on before Entourage.

  3. I don’t know Furio. I’ve only seen seasons 1,2 parts of 5 and 6. I only started watching it again because if was on before Entourage.

    Yo madd, give us some lucky lady and palomar updates.

  4. HBO was gone so i coudn’t watch. but i didn’t miss it too much. i enjoyed that show but it really was too violent.

  5. just so ya’ll know, aaron and i are major sopranos fans yet, not HBO subscribers so i have been avoiding whazzmaster for a few days in light of all the sopranos discussions. i closed my eyes to get to the end of the blog so i wouldn’t read anything.

    if anyone would like to provide me with an edited, non-sopranos version of what is going on in whazzworld free feel to do so.

  6. So? Twins aint even .500 and there is a bigger chance of Kirby coming back to life as a fat ass zombie than the Twins making the playoffs. Fact, Jack. Truth, Ruth.

    Plus, playoff teams do get no hit:

    1. Brewers, this year.

    2. Yankees, a few years back.

    And that is two I just thought of without even thinking.

  7. some older hobo type dude broke down crying on his cellphone in the front of the palomar tonight (inside the glass). not a single person in the room would acknowledge this guy as he basically announced he was off to kill himself. here is a hand for you…

    straddle live 6 and i’m 2 off the button with AQ… it goes limp limp limp and i decide to just limp. everyone else limps behind me, both blinds call, and the straddle makes it $10 more. everyone calls and it gets back to the big blind who goes all in for $85 more. the straddle calls, and the 3 limpers in front of me all call. i fold, but 1 or 2 more people call and the pot gets super huge. an ace and a king flop and not a single person had an ace, and KQs one pair scooped like $700 after getting some calls on his bluff with the best hand. so that sucked. $25 showdown at closing won me $150 though with 8T. i tripped up the river. Q2 called me down when i aces to catch trips on the river and get me for $45. lame. they had no limit action. as in… limit action, they don’t have it. they also have no limit action…. 4 tables of it… but no limit. none. bah, i’m out.

  8. poleinoliosis is a funny disease i made up where your body is unable to absorb vitamin c. i bet no one could go up to someone, stiffen your lower lip as wide straight and low as it will go, talk a little gimpy (naturally with the lip the way it is… this won’t be hard), and tell someone that you have poleinoliosis, and that your body is unable to absorb vitamin c. tell them supplements don’t help. then don’t do anything. i bet you giggle and fuck it up.

  9. sorry to get political, but how do people feel about these pharmacists who refuse to sell the “abortion pill”?

    you have the right of a capitalist merchant to choose what they sell vs the expectations of the medical consumer regarding their access to modern medicines. if a drug is approved to be prescribed, does that mean that every pharmacy must stock it?

  10. should grocery stores be required to have a separate bakery and deli? like what if they sell day old baguettes… and people like them, but then one day you sell out of fresh baguettes and the next day customers show up for the day olds, but you only have fresh. you owe them. you introduced the idea of selling the day olds. you made it a product. now you have an obligation to keep it a product. my day is fucked with a day old baguette.

  11. “jerkin yer gherkin” may be the oddest euphemism for masturbation that I have seen in print. that it was applied to paul reubens in said print did not help.

  12. i’m surprised i didn’t see a mr. wizard RIP shoutout here. didn’t u guys tivo him at thugg? tort.

  13. I’m coming for you in the dinger league, Dr. You too cal. And when I catch you, you’re reading World War Z!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

    Yo, whazzmaster, have you seen 28 Days Later? What about Dawn of the Dead?

  14. I like World War Z. I’m on page 200. I also like the Brewers. My favorite player is Geoff Gherkins.

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