A Royal Melter

Yesterday was the first Big Meeting™ between the Spacebee Family and the Moneypenny Family.  There had already been a Small Meeting™ between Jack and Al, but this one was full-fledged.  We planned a big tailgate for the Brewers/Royals game on Sunday, June 23rd.

I’m glad to say it went off without a hitch.  The only problem was the brutal heat inside the game (more on that below).  Outside it was a veritable cornucopia of fun!  The Lettows brough up a game of washers and beanbags, and we even had a purloined 6′ table for beer pong.  The Freedom Grill was churning out brat after burger after brat patty after burger, and we even brought a 1/2 bbl of High Life for th’ sharin’.

It was an all-fan Bill Hall bobblehead giveaway too, with a select few getting the pink bat Bill Hall in the throwback uniform.  Through a series of shrewd trades I got my hands on the throwback Bill Hall, and he’s bobbling away on my bookcase as we speak.

Once we got into the stadium for the 1:00 game, however, things turned ugly.  The roof was open, and the sun beat down on us without mercy.  Everyone there was horribly sunburned, and when the game went into extra innings there was a faintly audible groan from the collective sellout crowd.  We stayed as long as we could, and then retreated to the cars again for more beer and brats.

Ridiculously, when wwhazz first got into the truck to ride home he chuckled that everyone was so sunburned except him.  “Chumps,” was his sneered insult to those with such sensitive skin that a little thing like 6 hours in the hot sun would hurt them.  Then he passed out.  Upon waking as we drove through Cottage Grove, he was horrified to learn that, in fact, his delicate skin was burned just like the rest of us chumps.  Pffffffffffft.

So now we’ve got about 1/2 of a 1/2 bbl left for Monday NIGHT RAW IS WAR!  Come on over, chumps.

40 thoughts on “A Royal Melter

  1. That was one of the most complete tailgates I’ve ever attended: a fine spread of meats, multiple chips, dips, games, tri-generational attendance and enough highlife to sink a battleship. Plus the Bill Hall bobble is sweet. I’m glad I didn’t lose it.

    The only downfall is the extreme sunburn that, thanks to the anesthetizing properties of alcohol, I thought I avoided. I think I aged my face to age 52. After we got home, I took an icy cold shower and locked myself in my room with the AC blaring. I watched two Deadwoods, drank 64 oz of orange Gatorade and then went to sleep.

    What should we do for the sausage race? I’d like to try and get the tickets this week just to make sure. Now that the Brewers are awesome, they sell out. Any ideas on transportation? Should we get a hotel? We are going to have 10-15 people. I guess we could rent a van and have one DD bite the bullet. Also, any ideas on what to do between the game and race? The race ends at like 10 or so and the game starts at 6:30 so we have a hojo shift of time to kill. We could maybe rent a spot at a nearby park and cook out and play games all day or we could just grab lunch somewhere and kill the afternoon at a play or in a bar.

  2. My sunburn is not quite as bad as I thought, but it’s still pretty bad, especially my knees.

    I can DD for the sausage race, van or one of the several vehicles. I tend to completely fall apart on all-day drinking adventures, and I’d prefer just to stay sober.

  3. Well, once again for the sausage race the problem is that my truck can take 7 people, lots of stuff (coolers, chairs, etc.), OR 4-5 people and some stuff. I’m happy to do any of those, but with that many people we’ll likely still need some more trucks/vans available. We could look into renting a hotel-like shuttle van (didn’t you guys do that for a game a few years back?)

  4. no lizards around; lost all my money at the palomar; cal can’t even beat the 2 san francisco traveling hippies in a foot race.

  5. i’d really like to see pictures of these 6 billion dollar hippies who can run faster than a fully prepared cal on cow. their dreadlocks must be a city block long. their tie-dyed shirts must have a thousand colors.

    cal, it’s time to own up to the fact that these hippies have an advantage over you. you need to locate them and begin training with them. learn their weaknesses. become their strengths. out-hippie them. eventually you’ll smell fear, and when you do, challenge them and radiate victory.

    or maybe get some of those nike air shox.

  6. it’s true! i lost to the traveling hippies. i will train with the hippies, and learn to think like a hippy, and the sausage race will be mine! MINE!

  7. Bad sausage race news.

    We can sign up for the race no problem, but the tickets to the game are *poof* already. This year instead of giving you a ticket to that night’s game they give you a voucher good at select games. Our problem is not due to lack of vision. The first day you can redeem a sausage race voucher is July 11th. I think part of our problem is Bonds related cuz the 21st is vs SF and an estimated launch date for 755. Also Brewers are just drawing like crazy. I mean last night, a freakin Monday, they drew like 28K. In the olden days that was a generously estimated 12K crowd.

    So not sure what to do. I still want to do the race, no duh, but I don’t know how to spend the rest of our Saturday. Since our golden boy cla is the guest of honor I’d like to hear his thoughts most of all. Cla, how gung ho are you about seeing a Brewer game when you’re in town? Also, maybe, we can still see that game but we just have to all sit apart. Really there is no way to know until July 11th.

  8. Our prospects are inversely proportional to the Brewers standings in the division at that time. Which is to say, nonexistent.

  9. Next you’ll be telling me Bob Uecker won’t be starting the race.
    That’s a shame, it would have been real nice to boo Bonds as he trots around the bases and into the Hall of Steroids Fame.

    It’s ok though, I say after the race we hightail ‘er back to Madison and swim in a lake, or we wait until evening and swim in a lake, maybe we can listen to the game on the radio as we swim in the lake, or maybe just watch the game on TV and drink drinks. Skeezer buy a plane ticket already, it’s gonna be fun unnn unnnn… it’s not like you’re busy anyway you jerk.

    your friend,


  10. that’s hateful, cal. scientist is always up to something. hey scientist, wanna get back into writing computer code?

  11. once you build yourself an umbrella-ella-ella-eh over at tu-it, i’ll stand under it and make computer codes. this will empower the users of said codes. consequences of these actions should not be considered, because then the terrorists win.

  12. ok…. the village club in chula vista (chula is a hilarious word. fucking mexicans. so funny) anyways, chula vista…. they have a $20+5 omaha hi/lo (i assume limit) tournament every wednesday! (that is tomorrow). $20 unlimited rebuys for the first hour any time you’re under starting 1500 chips. THEN $50 add-on for $5000 chips. this gambling orgy seems really fun and profitable to me. then on the 2nd and 4th saturday they do another tournament… and if you win the wednesday tourney AND THEN win the saturday tourney you get another $2,000 bonus from the house. chula fucking vista. i like this place.

  13. every other day they do no-limit hold’em tournaments, and all the daily winners in those tourneys are also eligible for the $2000 bonus on the saturday omaha tourneys.

    19 minute drive down 15, right off the freeway.

    so that is what i’m doing tomorrow. tonight i’m getting drunk at the lucky lady, hopefully playing 4-8 kill.

  14. ktk, i picked up your busted camera today @ the repair place. they tried to give me binoculars–in fact, inSISTED they were mine–belonging to a jeanette ramsey. ramsey with an A. no, sir, those are not my binoculars thanks though.

  15. ktk & kcar: you’ve got the outdoor environment where this would be perfect-o. You could smoke 6 meats at once!

  16. W-Whazz, did you know that the JC high school baseball team won the state championship this year?

  17. 1. Scientist, I heard real bad things about that card room. You might want to wear a stabbing proof vest. Chula in general is trouble.

    2. Pffft! Whazzmast, you have the perfect indoor environment for that smoker: your office.

    3. Oneil, Belly’s dad mentioned that they were doing well and the Culvers sign confirmed it… right next to flava of the day (butter brickle). I haven’t heard any of the details though.

  18. Brewers swept the Astros! Damien Effing Miller hit a walk-off in the bottom of the 11th! Jayzus!

  19. I hope some schmo had a Miller t-shirt jersey. Walk-Off Wednesday! Or as Duttie calls it Whack-Off Wednesday!

  20. Meatacular! I’ll buy 2 and we can grill 12 meats at once (if 12 meats exist??)!!

    Rumthumb. Karma is on your side for not taking the binoculars. We just got a new camera last week and I’ve been documenting Hadley’s every breath again. Whew.

    Our neighbors told us that two bears have been sighted by the Christmas tree farm that’s about a 3/4 miles from our house. Yikes!

  21. i refuse to believe that it is hard to move the freedom grill from one vehicle to another. pull the pin out, slide it off, slide it in new car, put the pin in…. is it just a balance issue or what? if you gave cal a soy turkey brat and 20 minutes to sit and stare at everything before he touched it…. could he do it himself?

  22. I will prepare a “Why The Freedom Grill Is Hard To Move From Vehicle To Vehicle” post, complete with pictures.

  23. the media is playing this benoit drug angle like retards.

    “violent outbursts called roid rage are liked to steroids”

    who is that fucking news to? it doesn’t even matter if it’s true or not because it doesn’t fucking mean anything. how about this…. “pleasureable sensations called ice creamy weemies have been linked to ice cream”. just one more thing to look at for the agonizing 1 year+ until this corrupt administration is even exposed to the possibility of moving in a sustainable direction. they brought up mr perfect and his drugs too. what about the drugs (drugs not approved by the FDA for human consumption) that our government feeds our soldiers?

    cow milk is a hormone growth drug.

    either the media is full of complete morons, or it is full of smart individuals who don’t mind looking like morons who push an agenda that doesn’t hold up logically. but msnbc’s anchor stands up and refuses to talk about paris hilton when that exposure of the justicial branch and executive branch failing to check each other to further promote their individual powers is a much bigger story. so fucking ridiculous. how could anyone see this as functional?

  24. Yeah, there are bears living right outside my freakin’ front door and I’m some irriational woman for being scared. Screw you.



  25. i never said you were irrational…. your fear of appearing irrational actually supports my actual statement.

    how to deal with bears: fake high and then slap them in the belly (sorta like king hippo). they will run away in shame.

    w-whazz, is steven going to be my homie one of these days? dropped another $300 last night on about 6 straight 5 out beats and it would be nice to forget that.


  26. i think what happened with benoit is obvious…. he saw brock man up and fight for real denying his jobber a pre-fight respect pound, and then sorta dominating the shitty opponent for a few minutes and ultimately winning. chris realized that brock decision to be a commercial fighter is retarded… then he realized he does the same thing, only he doesn’t even do it for real. he’s a fraud. murder/suicide is the only play he has left. human growth hormone did not cause chris benoit to kill his family. society failed him. we should have put him to use wrestling bears.

  27. I’m in talks with steven. Sometimes he takes a while. If it’s urgent I can talk to others but it might be sorta weird.

  28. My last 5 months at the Palomar really shook my faith in poker.

    In a pinch, a stroll down by the OB tide pools does the trick.

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