Well, the iPhone comes out today at 6pm.  And, because it’s Apple we’re dealing with, there’s no way in hell I’ll actually get one. Not because it’s by Apple, of course.  I like the company, and I’d love to have one of dem phones that do Teh Int3rn3t and stuff.  But I live my life by a credo: never wait in line for shit.

I really wanted a Nintendo Wii when it came out last year, but I wasn’t about to camp out overnight or anything crazy.  My process of buying fancy-pants gadgets I would like: walk into a store that sells one, pick one off the shelf, pay for it.  Due to this attitude I didn’t get a Wii until two weeks ago.  I was walking past EB Games on State Street and saw a hand-written sign in the window that said, “We have 4 Wiis”.  I walked in and said, “Is that hand-written sign true?” “Yes,” the woman responded.  And so it goes.  I can say one thing: Super Paper Mario is a really fun game that evokes old-school Super Mario Bros. (Orig, 2, and 3) while doing a little bit with the 3-D-ness capabilities of the platform…

That was an odd segue, but not completely out of line.

So anyways, the iPhone.  I want one, I’m willing to pay for it, and in all honesty my current phone is getting a little creaky.  All things considered, however, I can certainly wait until I happen to be walking through an Apple Store and see one on the shelf.  That’s the cool thing about having a circle of friends who can barely use a computer: you can’t and don’t impress them with new techy gadgets.  I’m sure that exactly one person who reads this site: me, even cares about the iPhone at all.  But, being a computer guy, I think it’s pretty nifty.  With luck, the entire first generation will remain sold out and I can just get a second gen one in about 8-12 months.  That’s after they fix the bugs.

Spacebee and I are going to Summerfest in Milwaukee tonight. Sugarland is playing at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse Stage and CMT will be there recording for an August showing.  So, maybe I’ll be on country music television.  I guess.

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  1. Oh yeah, and I’m still marveling at the deliciousness of last night’s CSA dinner. We did a Jack’s Pizza night, but I cooked zucchini into the crust. And then we sauteed escarole, pearl onions, garlic, and garlic scapes down and put them on top of the pizza with no tomato sauce. Man, it was delicious. Also we watched Night & Fog which was ultra-depressing, followed by Arrested Development which was ultra-funny. We needed something to balance it all out.

  2. i certainly hope you are not counting me among the friends who won’t be impressed with your iPhone as i will make love to all things apple. i have two macs and three iPods, one of the iPods broken and one that is technically yours. nonetheless, a lot of mac gear. iWait with you, breath baited, for your iPhone. steven colbert had a funny iPhone bit the other night.

  3. I was blinded this morning by the triumph of the human spirit set to music. Thanks a lot, SportsCenter. Please just show me sports highlights.

  4. was typing fast. damn, why isn’t there a “revise” option on this freaking website?

  5. guess what came!!! guess what came!!! my very scetch-ily acquired iPod. and all it took was purchasing a $75 apple care plan and then having the bastards lose the broken one forcing them to replace it. how thrilling. must learn how to load up movies.

  6. i hate flip phones. i needed a new phone. i like the internet, and i don’t hate apple (3 ipods)… so why oh why would i not want to get in line behind rumthumbs, and titty fuck the iphone? because fuck the iphone, that’s why.

    it isn’t a phone. it is a mobile device that brilliantly recreates the feel of the desktop internet, namely what has been labled the world wide web and email. it is a mobile mobile computer. it is a stripped down pda in modern terms with highly sensual responsive software. and that is cool and useful to some, but that is what it is. it is a pda that has a phone feature, sort of like the palm treo or motorola Q.

    so the things i don’t like about it:
    1) has your ipod every died for 2-3 days and you don’t know why and you get all worried that’s it’s really broke this time, and then on the 4th day it works again? well, i don’t want my phone doing that, and the iphone has the same internal sealed battery, so that isn’t cool.

    2) 6 steps to make an outgoing call. sure if you get a call you can just hit one button or pinch the earphones… but if you want to make one you have to unlock it, and open the phone application before you can even launch your contacts database.

    3) so the only reason you’d want this is if you want the mobile internet…. which is a valid want if you don’t get enough of it the rest of the day… on the AT&T cellular network you are going to get like 1kbsp max which means web pages will load in like a minute. that is lame and unusable. that is why all the other devices scale down the internet to make it quicker. apple ignored this, because content is key, but then they didn’t include a flash codec, which powers most graphic/video websites which is exactly what this phone is supposed to be for… so thats dumb. but to get around all that, they include a wi-fi adapter… so thats good as long as you are always around a wireless network that isn’t encrypted, and i’m sure after these phones are all over the place exploited unencrypted networks that won’t encourage the owners of the networks to lock them down. blah, dumb

    what the iphone does is cool, but where it does it there are already better options… maybe phoneless options, but you can get shit done better in better ways.

    so i went with the 4 fold attack

    1) samsung upstage phone
    2) 8gb ipod nano
    3) dv1000 hp laptop computer
    4) garmin nuvi gps

    all are best at their sole function and balanced at rich feature set and small size.

    as a tool, i see it as a gimmic, and that is why apple advertised to me on television that this is not intended to be a corporate tool… because corporations like strong tools, not gimmics… it’s cool, and you can do things you couldn’t do before but dreamt would be awesome and now they are real… but ultimately, dumb.

    as it evolves from a gimmic to replace a once useful tool (as all gimmics that don’t die do), then i would be glad owning an iphone, but this isn’t an iphone. this is an imnotdonewithityet.

  7. another thing that pisses me off about the iphone is every ad mentions you can look at youtube on it… but you can’t! the actual youtube site is powered by flash which doesn’t work on the phone, so apple licensed 10,000 of the videos, converted them to quicktime and offer them on a youtube rss feed channel they provide to iphone owners.

  8. 4gb iphone = $500
    8gb iphone = $700

    they have 80gb ipods smaller than the iphone, costing a fraction of the price of the 4gb iphone. it doesn’t make sense. on a device that is suppose to play all these videos and shit, and you scale down the hard drive 10 fold from your previous product that did the same thing? ridicously lame. are people really buying these????

  9. apple selling 4gb multimedia devices for 60% more than their 80gb multimedia devices is like ford motors selling those go-karts in front of lee’s true value hardware for $41k… and i really don’t give a fuck if it’s a really shiny go-kart, it’s just stupid. the company is playing you.

  10. the fuckin iphone is about imoney and iapple is pimping iconsumers…basically, wait 1-2 years for the 3g internet speed and the larger hard disk, then buy it…until then, purchase apple istock and get irich…cuz the one thing apple knows is marketing and they are going to track all segments of ibuyers and extract jayz money…once they get the folks who will buy the 4GB generation 1 iphone, they move upstream…simply put, they don’t want madds and zachs right now; you aren’t in focus until a couple years down the road…hollar

  11. Who needs a hotdog when you have a brat? Italian? Pu-leeze. Wait two, three years until they add the chorizo.

    10-2 Poop mouth. Make a poop sandwich or something. Poker game at whazzmasters on Sunday. I’m calling everyone I know. Please have finger foods on hand. Springer will bring the beer.

  12. it’s bad business to be a technology company that intentionally provides inferior products than what they are capable of making specifically to create a downstream market. it’s not pimping, it’s rape.

  13. a 14″ ibook with the same multi-touch sensitive screen and interface features would be exactly what the people who think they want an iphone really want. include a bluetooth headset and you can make calls over wi-fi internet to anyone else doing the same.

  14. tablet ibook with reversable screen, or maybe no hinge at all with the same on screen keyboard and smart interface so that whenever you need to enter text it pops up and just shows what you are typing.

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