Gadgetlust Fading… Fading… Gone

Thanks, madd scientist. Thank you. My gadgetlust was at an all-time high when you stepped in with some very cogent reasons not to buy an iPhone now (and perhaps never). From the thread,

i hate flip phones. i needed a new phone. i like the internet, and i don’t hate apple (3 ipods)… so why oh why would i not want to get in line behind rumthumbs, and titty fuck the iphone? because fuck the iphone, that’s why.

it isn’t a phone. it is a mobile device that brilliantly recreates the feel of the desktop internet, namely what has been labled the world wide web and email. it is a mobile mobile computer. it is a stripped down pda in modern terms with highly sensual responsive software. and that is cool and useful to some, but that is what it is. it is a pda that has a phone feature, sort of like the palm treo or motorola Q.

so the things i don’t like about it:
1) has your ipod every died for 2-3 days and you don’t know why and you get all worried that’s it’s really broke this time, and then on the 4th day it works again? well, i don’t want my phone doing that, and the iphone has the same internal sealed battery, so that isn’t cool.

2) 6 steps to make an outgoing call. sure if you get a call you can just hit one button or pinch the earphones… but if you want to make one you have to unlock it, and open the phone application before you can even launch your contacts database.

3) so the only reason you’d want this is if you want the mobile internet…. which is a valid want if you don’t get enough of it the rest of the day… on the AT&T cellular network you are going to get like 1kbsp max which means web pages will load in like a minute. that is lame and unusable. that is why all the other devices scale down the internet to make it quicker. apple ignored this, because content is key, but then they didn’t include a flash codec, which powers most graphic/video websites which is exactly what this phone is supposed to be for… so thats dumb. but to get around all that, they include a wi-fi adapter… so thats good as long as you are always around a wireless network that isn’t encrypted, and i’m sure after these phones are all over the place exploited unencrypted networks that won’t encourage the owners of the networks to lock them down. blah, dumb

what the iphone does is cool, but where it does it there are already better options… maybe phoneless options, but you can get shit done better in better ways.

so i went with the 4 fold attack

1) samsung upstage phone
2) 8gb ipod nano
3) dv1000 hp laptop computer
4) garmin nuvi gps

all are best at their sole function and balanced at rich feature set and small size.

as a tool, i see it as a gimmic, and that is why apple advertised to me on television that this is not intended to be a corporate tool… because corporations like strong tools, not gimmics… it’s cool, and you can do things you couldn’t do before but dreamt would be awesome and now they are real… but ultimately, dumb.

as it evolves from a gimmic to replace a once useful tool (as all gimmics that don’t die do), then i would be glad owning an iphone, but this isn’t an iphone. this is an imnotdonewithityet.

This is a very good analysis of why the iPhone is all hype. I can’t refute any of it, really. I own a laptop and a desktop computer (not counting my work laptop), and there really isn’t a good reason to buy a phone that does the exact same shit. That $500 could better be used paying off my All-Time Most Stupidest Purchase Ever™: my truck.

At some point in the near future (within the next year) I’d like to sell off my custom-made desktop to my parents, and buy a Mac Pro for all my media wants and needs (hell, development too, I love TextMate). I’d have my Sony VAIO Windows XP laptop and a Mac Pro desktop. That’s all I want; the iPhone doesn’t really have a place in that world.

Also, as was expected by anyone who has had to work with AT&T Wireless Cingular AT&T, the activation of iPhone service plans is becoming an incredible headache. Really, should that surprise anyone? Probably the biggest collection of shitheads ever to assemble in one industry, AT&T Wireless Cingular AT&T and Sprint duke it out regularly for who hates their own customers the most. Well, perhaps Charter Communications could step in to make it a Texas Tornado Three-Way Deathmatch. Not sure.

Again, thanks for the perspective Mike. You have the ability to keep a cool head in the face of new technology (except when it comes to Garmins, but I can understand that shit.)

21 thoughts on “Gadgetlust Fading… Fading… Gone

  1. it isn’t AT&T anymore…. it’s at&t. they adopted my all lowercase lifestyle.

    i’ll flip the skrip and pimp the good of the iphone:

    1) multi-touch screen. there is an inherent learning curve because there isn’t a labled button or interface that implies how to do something… you just have to know how to do it. the garmin has a touch screen the same size… to zoom in on the map there is a “+” icon in the corner… you just press it once and it zooms. to do the same on the iphone that doesn’t even have built in gps you’d have to touch it twice, and then with each touch pull apart. now the added benefit is how far you pull apart is how far you’ll zoom… so you should always be able to get the zoom you are looking for in a single 4 step process. but it’s always 4 steps instead of 1 which is sort of silly.

    2) big screen. you can take all your picture everywhere you go and show them to people who will enjoy flicking the screen and watching the animations. on my PDA the pictures just show up and there is a solid next button with tactile feedback that boringly instantly shows the next picture with no animation.

    if the iphone did true gps and had 3rd party developer kits for new applications, then it would replace the garmin in my toolkit, but it’s just an iBrick to me now

  2. perhaps a better analogy than a shiny go-kart would be one of those multi-tools at shop-ko with the included bonded leather case. it has a lot of tools, but they are all far from the best to do the only thing they can do. pointless.

  3. wow…u can really tell the seriousness of this matter becuz MP called madddddd….mike? weird.

  4. there is a reason apple pulled out of the pda market a long time ago. the entire concept is silly.

  5. i have not seen anyone with an iphone yet. when i do, i will ask them one simple question: “why did you buy that?”

    knowing that whatever they say will be stupid, i’ll be ready to respond, “you are an idiot”.

    just dropped 2 racks at the palomar without winning a pot. last 3 trips = 3 racks, 3 racks, 2 racks. i hate everything.

  6. i also had a dream last night that i was playing cards in a palomaresque place and i noticed that 2 aces of hearts and 2 aces of spades were in play and i sorted the deck out to show all 6 aces and no one cared.

  7. if anyone does want an iphone, you can get them on ebay at list price without paying sales tax with free shipping. no one is buying the huge lots the idiots waiting in line thought they could resell.

  8. The Palomar’s mix of players (degenerates, tight old men, bored players waiting for a bigger game and suicidal dealers) creates a very odd lottery system that I had a lot of trouble with. Even poker room back in the days of 20$ 1-2 average pots seemed more sane and more importantly, beatable. Seems every time I play there, some clown turns 30$ into $500 to put him at even on the day at my expense. Or I might just be washed up at poker.

    I saw a sorta bum looking guy with an iphone on the bus to Milwaukee yesterday. It didn’t really fit with the rogues nappy hair, ripped shirt and the bundle at the end of a stick he stowed under the bus. I also sat behind Tunnel Bob, but did nothing to show I knew him.

  9. I’d get an iphone but I could hardly work Madd’s gerbil last time we rode dirty to Escondido, so I’d just end up using it to make prank phone cals.

    Also, I got a cryptic message from cal on our fantasy baseball message board. Either he’s lost somewhere in England or he’s strangled greg and their retarded adopted son.

  10. why oh why isn’t there a 6-12 game anywhere in san diego. this place blows.

  11. i seriously had to do a double take to make sure this wasn’t w-whazz in 8th grade

  12. it’s funny though…. they are like… if you were in there for any period longer than 2 hours… and i’m like… bitch, one time i didn’t leave for 2 DAYS!

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