Uncluttering My Life, One Box at a Time

Spacebee’s movin’ in at the end of July, and my apartment was full.  Well, not full as in things-spilling-out-of-closets-full.  More like we-can’t-fit-another-human’s-stuff-in-here-full.  So, I hit the ol’ internet and discovered a never ending cornucopia of information on productivity and uncluttering.  Now, my friends, I am on A Roll.

Goodwill has been a benefactor of my throwaway spree, as well as the Madison chapter of Freecycle.  I’ve given away a lot, and I’ve thrown away even more.  And it genuinely has helped create a better, more open space to live.  A lot of the stuff that I moved from Wisconsin to California and back has ended up thrown away once I really ask myself hard questions on why I’m keeping it around.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be moving spacebee in slowly but surely, and the only furniture we really have to buy at this point is one or two dressers for the bedroom (I don’t own one currently).  We’re planning on moving a china cabinet in, and that’s pretty much it.  I’m looking forward to an uncluttered space.  I’ll take some pictures once I clear a lot of it out.

19 thoughts on “Uncluttering My Life, One Box at a Time

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  11. Though it was laughed at, my house in Lake Chuck took the cake. You could put it in a Simple Living Magazine and everything. Pre-woman, my Milwaukee Apt was pretty sweet too.

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