Hortonville Hibachi

Last night was pretty fun.  Spacebee took me out to a sushi/hibachi dinner at Takara to cheer me up after a pretty shitty work week.  We had a grand time watching the chef do flippys with knives, spatulas, and broccoli.  There was only the two of us and one other couple sitting at the grill; after an embarassing 2-for-6 performance catching food in their mouths, spacebee and I went a perfect 2-for-2.

Afterwards we promenaded up State St. and settled in for a night of darts at Monday’s.  Spacebee had to work this morning, though, so we left just as it was getting crowded.  An Ian’s Pizza and a beer at Main Depot later, we were asleep in bed.

Today we’re ArloHorton’n it up to Hortonville for the Bunkster’s graduation party.  Not sure if we’re staying the night yet, so we may come back tonight or tomorrow morning.

Finally, the apartment decluttering is proceeding apace.  I went through all my photos today and got rid of a ton of them.  In doing so I found my WHAZZ Wisconsin license plate and a pack of M-80s.

68 thoughts on “Hortonville Hibachi

  1. That stupid test took forever… plus we all took it a few years back. And the dude who made it needs to spell check his shit. Anyway, I’m a social liberal for whatever that is worth.

  2. inspired by whazzman and peter whats-his-face, i am taking a massive load over to st. vinnie’s today. spring, er, summer cleaning sure feels grand!

  3. Sausage Race = sold the fuck out. Very unorganized. Complete lack of vision. I know that me, jess, and the child of man are registered, but what about skeezer? Poor bastard has been running 5k everyday.

    And cla? what about heem?

  4. Just got the cla email. I guess he caught fragile x or something and he is O-U-T. Belly’s sister is out too since she can’t register.

    Man, this went from the most funnest weekend ever to the stupidest of all time. Glad we didn’t rent a van or a barn.

    I guess we can try to go to the game on Friday, but I don’t know where we can get golden tickets.

  5. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, I registered myself last night but stacy didn’t. uh. oh.

  6. Can I just say that the brewers organization can go fuck themselves with this bullshit bushleague shit?

  7. Ha ha! You can: freedom of speech. You can even yell “fire” in this chat room. It’d be funny to see cal, clad in his nighty and sleepin cap, jump out of bed and run into the street. Joke’s on him.

  8. The sausage race is always poorly run (ha ha). Half the year it’s a blank web page that says “coming soon!” It really pisses me off that they are passing the buck on to us. The page is all “sorry! you shoulda registered sooner! Better luck next year!” and I’m all like, bitch, you put the site up 5 seconds ago along with a phone number that no one ever answered.

    I mean these idiot’s screwed shit up when the brewer’s were a 10-216 team, so now that they actually have to deal with demand it’s really, really shitty.

  9. Hey, planning a catering event? Go to milwaukeebrewers.com and look at a menu from 1996. Very helpful!

  10. sorry pal- didn’t register. who knew the sausage race would be so popular??? i’m sad i’m not coming to visit. your friend,


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