Come On Down!

Spacebee is triumphantly moving into my place this weekend, so my attention will likely be elsewhere.  Cal: it’s good to know that you are no longer suffering from measles, mumps, and/or rubella.  Arlo stayed over at my place on Wednesday night and on Thursday morning we went and had a good game of tennis.  Cal, my shit is off the heezy, you can’t win.  I joined (free local tennis ladders) but there’s only one other guy from Madison on there.  I suppose we can have the world series of tennis, but I’d to find some more competition.

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  1. hey- speaking of books– remember how a long time ago i was all amped to read Steppenwolf bc i read The Glass Bead Game and liked it so much? Well i didn’t like Steppenwolf nearly as much… Big J what’s up with the Steppenwolf love? I don’t know I think i just didn’t get it. I mean, that ending is berserk. ha i used to have a atari video game called berzerk and ever since i’ve liked that word. berserk

  2. check out all this stuff i learned about my old video game berzerk

    Alan McNeil, an employee of Universal Research Laboratories (a division of Stern Electronics), had a dream one night involving a black-and-white video game in which he had to fight robots. This dream, with heavy borrowing from the BASIC game Robots (Daleks in the UK), was the basis for Berzerk, which was named for Fred Saberhagen’s Berserker series of science fiction novels. (“Evil Otto” was named for a disliked fellow-employee.) In 1986, Stern Electronics and Evil Otto were mentioned as an unwholesome influence on children during the “Suicide Solution” lawsuit against Ozzy Osbourne along with Dungeons and Dragons, marijuana, and Prince.

    The idea for a black-and-white game was abandoned when the color game Defender was released earlier the same year to significant success. At that point Stern decided to use a color overlay board for Berzerk. A quick conversion was made, and all but the earliest versions of the game shipped with a color CRT display. The game was test-marketed successfully at a Chicago singles bar before general release.

  3. CLA–Here’s a word to the wise: if I had to do lawschool all over again, I would get a “Nutshell” and “Emmanuel’s Outlines” for each class (those are supplement series). What they don’t tell you in orientation is that law school is a total set up. OK, so go out and spend tons of money to learn all the stuff they aren’t teaching you in the classes you’re paying out the wah-zoo for.

  4. I respectfully dissent. Cal, you shouldn’t spend any more money until you know how your classes are going to be taught. Those outlines are outlines of the generic way to teach a law school class. Your professors might be different, and those outlines won’t be helpful. I bought some for the classes I was having a hard time with my first year, and they just made me more confused.

    Take good notes and outline the classes yourself, you will learn much more. I’m sure people will be passing around old outlines made by students who took the classes already, and those are a better start than commercial outlines, but don’t use them instead of making your own. And don’t wait until the end of the semester to start your outlines.

    Save your money for booze, or at least look at the library copies before you spend the money to see if they would be helpful. If you really want them, you can probably steal them from some other person in your class.


    on my other “,” a poker-and-sex-free blog (the family website) my cousin just posted a story about the Duggers. New baby came into the world! Total freaks.

    I had to laugh that they make the news again.

  6. a sex free blog announcing the birth of a baby is irresponsible.

    cal, the legal game is full of hypocritical assholes. some are out for only themselves. others are out only to selflessly destroy everyone else. there are people out there that will trick you into giving them $100,000. that is the lesson you are paying to learn.

    if you want a solid future, consider a job in a law school admissions office. you already know how they hooked you… now do the same to 5 other dudes at flippers and take your 20% cut and just coast.

    law school is a joke.

  7. Cla, give skeezer 100K and sit him in the biggest Omaha hi/low game you can find. Then find the biggest cup in greg’s cupboard (like a collectible cup from an A’s game) and pour yourself a mega jameson on the rocks. Drink deeply and cross your nards. At least it will be shorter than two years.

  8. or pay my way through law school, then after i pass the bar on my first try, drunk and tired, you can just pretend to be me and i’ll never complain. you’ll be fully accredited. then you can do whatever you needed a law degree for.

    i seriously tear david benyamine up in omaha every single day and he’s constantly in the 1000-2000 game with over 50k. i just don’t know if he’s donking off benjis to feed the dogs, or if he really sucks. i certainly think i would make them sweat.

  9. i just got a new chick. a chick with a sandwich. throw some cheese on it. throw some throw some cheese on it.

  10. the day after tomorrow is one of the funniest movies i’ve seen in a while… every single scientific fact is as wrong as it could be, and every scene is littered with scientific facts.

    my favorite was the inland northern states are at the most risk because of a hurricane forming over land due to fresh water dumped in the ocean which disturbed the salinization levels. hilarious.

  11. david benyamine is sitting with 40k at 1000-2000 and 20k at 500-1000 and cal hasn’t wired the money yet.

  12. rumthumbs, i got another project idea…

    so a 20 something male finds a tshirt in a thrift store that says “cancer free since ’93!”. he takes it home and shows his friends and they speculate how the shirt got to the thrift store.

    then we sell the tshirt online through cafepress in a joint marketing effort and make $1,000,0000.

  13. On the irresponsible pet front, we accidentally shut aeden upstairs while we were gone for an entire weekend. FYI, if you need to get cat urine out of a down comforter, I advise two heavy duty washes with a detergent, bleach, and woolite “pet stain” enzymatic cleaner cocktail.

    Actually, Mike, there’s a bartending recipe for you. I call it the piss-free cocktail.

  14. i once woke up in the middle of the night with soaking feet–finny was on pred. and that fucking pill makes him pee like it’s his only job in life. anyway…we took the old down comforter into the dry cleaner. that was an expensive day, holy buckets. thanks, finny.

    madddd, you have proposed enough projects to keep me in business until retirement.

  15. You jerk! No way I’m serving enzymatic cleaner cocktails. But I am sorta nervous about starting. Drinks I know how to make: scotch, scotch and soda, beer (and usually it’s 1/2 foam). I guess, if pressed, I could pull off a rum and coke. Maybe. Cal caled me last night with some words of wisdom concerning old fashions (long story short, I need to learn how to make them). I start tomorrow on the day shift. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

  16. are you nervous about looking silly or about upsetting a customer? i think a bartender can do no wrong. just bring me booze, a cup, and bring them together. if i’m complaining how it’s mixed or whatever, then i’m the one looking silly, so there is nothing to worry about.

    cal, after you graduate, work on the flying car legislation. then we don’t have to continue supporting the concrete road union mafias. i can build a mean bridge out of toothpicks. shit held 50 pounds.

  17. wwhazz… you’ll be the best hot dude bartender ever. plus, serve those mofo’s some enzymes and they’ll be happy. really. You don’t have to worry about beer, wine, or anything on the rocks. stuff like disco lemonade or x-and-cranberry will be easy.

    i want a full report on how it went!!!

  18. the 5 hour energy boost commercials say it contains enzymes to help it act faster. i would like my booze to ace faster i suppose

  19. I start in a few hours. My plan is to keep it simple. I’m going to pretend that I’m a gas station attendant and the people are cars. Faster Ace on the job: fill’er up!

  20. Bartending is the easiest job on earth as long as you can carry on a conversation with a stranger. No one goes to a bar because they don’t know how to make themselves a cocktail or serve themselves a beer; they go for the atmosphere. As far as drinks go, you are always right as to how they’re made. If they don’t like it ask them how they’d make it for themselves (always pretend you added or didn’t add something different if they give you the same recipe you used because people just want to be right).

  21. more alcohol in the drinks is always the best answer. you’re not the one paying for the inventory, you’re the one trying to make tips

  22. I’m glad Barry Bonds broke the record, not so much that I actually like him, but because Sportscenter can actually go back to covering sports, and ESPN can show games of teams that are contending again.

  23. I agree to an extent, peterstiffly. Not that I want to see bonds and the giants, but because spoytscenter doesn’t show sports anyways. They’re too busy with some magical 32-man contest about who has the hottest girlfriend or the most endorsements. Oh yeah, and the people judging it are the guy who was married on tv to zack morris’ beach girlfriend and the guy who sang an acoustic guitar song about lunch food… and some radio guy. Thanks spoytscenter. You suck.

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