Sorry kids

Things have been pretty crazy here at lately. Mucho apologies folks. In honor of my yearly review I went out and got a mac mini to replace the compy that I had hooked up to my tv. The music/movies/photos tranfer rate is slow, but it’s proceeding apace. My weekends for august are pretty filled but I do have some pics to get up on flickr from brewer games. Oh yeah I also got an iPhone don’t make fun of me. In fact I’m posting from it right now. Holllarit, whazzmaster.

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  1. i post this from my new macbook pro which i want to MAKE LOVE TO now that i finally got the files transferred. holy hell that was a bad project. i had been deleting photos for the past 4 years in iPhoto but the originals were still on the computer. so, slow and behold i find that i now have 24,000 (!) pictures in the new iPhoto. Fucking great. need to go through and re-delete, and get them off the hard drive for good.

    anyway, whazzman, glad you are lovin’ the apple goods alongside me. btw, no making fun for the phone since i too would have an iPhone if the cash were available and if i owned a dog that didn’t love to nibble on phones.

  2. Bar keeping was really fun and funny. My trainer left after an hour and I worked alone for 2 1/2 hours. The legality of such an operation is much in question, so I’m going to refrain from ever mentioning the name of the bar as I want to keep working dirty.

    It was the day shift, so I mainly served an affluent bunch of regulars: an ESL instructor, a soil scientist, an agronomy professor, a couple of workmen, a henchman, a bummish gentleman in a smiley face t-shirt and a table of random 9-5ers.

    The agronomy prof was the most helpful. He gets drunk there everyday and knew where everything was including a wrench that I needed to change a co2 tank. I hear that sometimes he falls asleep on the bar. As far as “work” goes, I turned lots of things on (lights, pinball machines, dart boards) and I made popcorn. The only drinks I made were cap’n and cokes, 7&7’s (on special for 2$) and lots of beer. I wiped down the bar every now and then and I watched Judge Judy. Later in the night, I watched the Brewer game and wazz and space stopped in for a drink.

    The bar I work at is a certifiable dive populated with regulars, special drinkers and a decent amount of hippies. I heard two tales of woe involving lady friends on crack. The spool for the credit card machine broke off so they use a structure built from two upside down beer mugs and a straw to hold the spool of paper for receipts.

    One other funny thing, an old regular from Cla’s Smokey Sunday Night Blues Bar located in the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel stopped in for a Bergoff. Dude mumbles a lot and when he saw me, he sorta stopped and gave an “I know you” look. He furrowed his brow and goes, “Springer?” After he was done, I asked if he wanted another. He said one was fine. I asked if he wanted water and he told me he doesn’t drink water because it’s poison from pollution. Dude also left me a 17$ tip, but I chased him down and returned it because I suspected it was a mistake (it was; he dropped it to $1.25, more than fair on a $2.25 drink).

    I work again today. I may or may not be opening alone. Brewers play at 2:00, so I got that going for me. All in all, it was fun.

  3. If the Rockies can beat the Brewers 19-4, then they should be able to beat the Cubs 47-3.

    But no. The Cubs are up 10-2 in the 5th inning. What I thought was simple math is now complex.

  4. I’m off til next week.

    For cla:

    “DENVER (AP) — Colorado Rockies pitcher Jason Hirsh was placed on the 15-day disabled list Thursday with a broken right leg.

    Hirsh was hit by J.J. Hardy’s line drive in the first inning Tuesday night against Milwaukee, but remained in the game and pitched six innings for the win. Afterward, X-rays revealed a fractured right fibula. It’s uncertain how long the right-hander will be sidelined.”

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