Yo Ho Hello There Go To Racine And Do A Show There

Hey everyone! Wiggity wiggity wiggity! It’s your old pal whazzmaster and have I got a deal for YOU!  Get this whazzers: I’m gonna be out of town next weekend! Wheee!  Spacebee and I are going down to Elburn Days… hmm, where did I put that link… here? Hmm, no.  Aha, here it is.  I’m gonna eat me a big ol’ thing of sweet corn.  Then I’m gonna ride the Tilt-A-Whirl, slap some money down on the Meat Raffle, and probably contract salmonella.  All in a days work, my friends.

Plus, on Tuesday I’m delivering a new computer to my parents, and I’ll probably hook up with my brother again for some old fashioned Ray-Seen golf action.  Will we play Johnson’s Park, where sonuvabitch rangers yell at you no matter how fast or slow you play?  Or will we play at Ives Grove, where the gale force winds blow your tee shot out into a random cornfield in Union Grove? We won’t know until Wednesday, so stay tuned!

Also, I recently made some trip plans to travel out to the Valley in October.  I’ll be in San Heezy (For Sheezy) Oct 16th through the 22nd, and as an Extra! Surprise! spacebee will be joining me on the weekend.

This past weekend was relaxing, and I even got to play some golf with Scubby out at Bridges.  I lost about a dozen balls on the back nine and stopped keeping score, but the front was pretty good; I shot a 43.

That’s about it for now, I’m sure this week will be full of tales of Rogue Bartending by wwhazz.  Also, scientist, I ask you a direct question: how’s it going out in San Diego? Are you guys planning on doing a few more rotations out there? Gonna move to LA proper so you can heckle the Live at the Bike dudes… live?  Or are you planning on moving to Atlanta, GA?  You know (from first hand stories) they gots some good strip clubs there…

Say lah vee, whazzmaster.

61 thoughts on “Yo Ho Hello There Go To Racine And Do A Show There

  1. you are welcome. off by one twice… you have a tort case i think.

    so rumthumbs, sorry i forgot who it was, but was she on the ortho evera or was it just standard shitty luck? does the derivative of her wellness have a positive slope?

  2. madddd, i will pass along your pot of gold advice to my sister but i’m not sure it will yield the end of the rainbow since she was not on ortho evera, just standard triphasal pills and smoking, which it says right on the package NOT to do.

    btw, “weed anthem” is pretty amazing. heard parts 1 and 2 last night. also saw a movie about you and ass humping. that was almost as good as weed anthem in my opinion.

  3. me = hungover. me = drank a bottle of wine myself at whazzman’s house and then went to the great dane for beer. me = sleep till noon and have headache all day. ugh.

  4. wow… not sure i’m familiar with the ass humping video, but i’m happy you found amazement in my narcotic musings.

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