Rainy (Elburn) Days

Wow, what a weekend.  Catastrophic rains blanketed the midwest from Friday night until, well, it’s still going strong.  As a result, my very first Elburn Days was kinda sorta wrecked.  *sigh*  Friday night we got there and stood in all manner of lines: stood in line for a slice of pizza for 5-10 minutes and didn’t move one step.  Then went and stood in a line for a taco for 20-25 minutes.  Then went and stood in a line to buy tickets for the beer tent, followed by a wait in line at the beer tent to spend the tickets.  Overall, a passable Opening Ceremony for the weekend; after all, the Tractor Pull was where the excitement was REALLY gonna be.

So Saturday morning I shove spacebee out of bed at 6:45am and we headed down to the Elburn Fire Station for the 18th annual 5K Fun Run.  I met spacebee’s high school track coach, and before I knew it we were off and running.  To my eternal delight, I finished the run without walking and posted a better time than the Sausage Race: 28:30.  Spacebee came in shortly behind me and after a few minutes of huffing and puffing we piled in her car and went down to the festival grounds for the Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast.  I will say this, $4 for all you can eat pancakes, sausage, OJ, and coffee is a deal no matter where you live.  I was delighted.

We decided to go back to spacebee’s parents’ house and hot tub it for awhile, then shower and return for the tractor pull and afternoon activities (such as KAREOKE (sic) PARTY!) but it was at that moment that the heaven’s opened and revealed a displeased God of Storms.  And it rained…

and rained…

and rained.

Elburn Days never reopened the rest of the weekend.  Since the fair takes place in a local park (i.e., on grass) it pretty much became a mud bowl and I guess they didn’t want thousands of people tromping around in a mud bowl.  Instead on Sunday spacebee and I went to see Superbad, which I highly recommend.  Highly Recommend.

Oh yeah, and the Brewers don’t deserve to win the fucking division.  I don’t even know who to blame at this point: the pen? Yost? Chris Fucking Capuano? You fucking jokers, thanks for nothing.

21 thoughts on “Rainy (Elburn) Days

  1. sadly, they were not crowned. and even if they would have been, their opening act glory was not to have been. such a sad day.

    plus, my $20 raffle ticket for that sweet 2007 Trailblazer may have been a bust as well. i haven’t received a call telling me i’ve won… yet.

  2. what that really means is that if you proclaimed yourself elburn idol, there would no real elburn idol to call you on it.

  3. speaking of elburn idol… i can’t believe you didn’t see me there or heard that i won it.

  4. wow. dick hole. djalkjfdalfjdalfjdafjd hey your mighty brewers picked up a nice win and gallardo start yesterday… now if only jj hardy would’t have washed his lucky home run socks….

  5. Surprised to see you started Gallardo yesterday. Nice work. Unlike whazzmaster, you haven’t given up on the first place Milwaukee Brewers.

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  7. 1. Congrats to you and spacebee for your 5K action! I’ve been running here. I take a road out to the ‘burbs; I must look pretty bad, huffing and puffing along on my shuffle/walk (it’s not really a run, to be serious), because one man on a bicycle offered me a piece of bread one day, another day a boy on a horse cart offered me a ride, and a different day I caught an entourage of 8-year old boys collecting firewood … they ran when I ran, and walked along when I walked.

    2. I totally have a gardener … and a tropical-garden-in-progress. Now if we get added to the terrorist list, I’ll have to come home and abandon my garden of Eden. I’ll be PISSED.

  8. 1. I haven’t exactly abandoned the brewers. More like: I’m pissed at them. Gabe Fucking Gross hit a grand salami last night.
    2. My live-in nurse has dissuaded me from sticking a vitamin c pill up my dickhole. The beans were ok, though.
    3. Big J, interesting seeing you here! How’s the African Law game runnin’?
    4. How much this pool gonna pay out peterstiffly?
    5. Reminder: my brother’s bachelor party is this weekend in sunny Racine. Posting will be limited to after Saturday and hilariousness.

  9. I’ll play. Don’t care if it’s for fun, cash or a prize.

    I also think I’ll do the survivor, but for 10$ and an open invite to the whole wide world.

  10. Also, if you want to do survivor football:

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  11. Jesus, I knew the old shithead that ran Bennett’s was an asshole but check this ad he ran in the Onion this week:

    “Minority businesses not getting a fair share? I’m a white, single, 65 year old bar owner. Talk about a minority that’s not getting his fair share. BENNETT’S MEADOWOOD COUNTRY CLUB”

    Motherfuck if I can figure out what makes him a minority. I mean, is this supposed to be a joke? I can’t detect the humor, even if the humor is supposed to be “I’m not a minority, but since Madison won’t let people smoke in my bar I closed it and cried in the local news like a little bitch for a year, I’ll complain like the stereotype of minorities in my head does!”

    If anything, Wisconsin is the state where old, crotchety, white bar owners are NOT in the fucking minority.

  12. I`m glad Elburn days got rained out. I hope it happens every year. Elburn has the worst police I have ever seen. Rude and insensitive. They scam people out of money with their tricky little system. I parked in metra lot and was threatened with an $80 fine. All that for not seeing the signs they know people miss. Scam. I`ll never spend a dime in that town until the police are cleaned up and gotten rid of. Time for a fresh start. They are all worthless!

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