The Iceman Go-eth

I spent this morning reading I hadn’t seen it until today, and while wwhazz had mentioned it in these very halls I wasn’t paying attention due to my workload at, uh, work.

It’s nice to see that all season while Yost was berating fans for being upset at retarded come-from-ahead losses that I wasn’t the only person sitting at home saying, “huh?” In fact, when I read the ‘pulling the ripcord on this bandwagon’ quote in the Journal-Sentinel the day it appeared, I was durn enraged. In a discussion later that day, wwhazz and I concluded that Yost’s idea of a ‘bandwagon’ was a Nitro Funny Car with one of the those parachutes that essplodes out the back. Mental picture: 100,000 Milwaukeeans hanging off a nitro funny car as is rockets down the raceway. HALF OF THEM ARE REACHING FOR THE RIPCORD! ONE IS ON FIRE!
So anyways, a big group of us went and saw the Brewers season slip just a little further away last night. It was a fun last time at the ballpark with everyone, made a little bit nicer by Mark Attanasio giving out $10 concession vouchers for 2008 Brewers games. Don’t worry,, I already put mine, Spacebee’s, wwhazz’s, and bellygirlx’s in my safe. After the game we took a long stroll back up to Bluemound and had a few drinks before bellygirlx drove us all the way back to Madison. Thanks again!

Seeya next year, Nedly. Or hopefully not.

19 thoughts on “The Iceman Go-eth

  1. Next one: yellow and orange. Blah. I will say, however, that one of the finest things I ever learned from the Scientist was to take joy in even the most mundane flavors. Example: when someone asks me what color freezy pop I want I now just say, “whatever”. I appreciate all of them. So the ratfucker in question usually takes the green or blue. Whatev dude, I WANT the orange and purple ones: they are tasty.

  2. all they sell here are otter pops. fuck a otter pop. stubby bitches. like their factory was too scurred to make real freezy pops.

  3. Cla: Thanks for the interest in my school. It has been a large amount of reading, but not from blue books. Being full time school and 24 hours a week is a F U L L plate. wwhazz is doing pretty much every household chore short of bathing me and literally feeding me. In Novemeber i get to do my first gynecological exam on a real person.

    Scieezer: Thanks for the compliments on the site. It took me about a year to finally set up an actually myspace. Not cause I’m an idiot but because I didn’t want one. I thought I was too old or that perverts would molest me in cyberspace, but after much prodding from my travel nurse friends I took the plunge. I have to admit it was pretty fun playing around with it.

    And Brewers I don’t know what to say? I am going to hold out faith until it’s all over on Sunday. We’re going to the game again tomorrow with the whole Gitter family and Bobby. I don’t know why I always have to be at the game with Cub fans, just kidding spacebeeee, you know we all love you despite that one flaw.

  4. i think the brewers poor management is a conspiracy to put more wisconsin focus on brett favres last season.

  5. GMXXXXXXXXXXXXX, are you still in the yay? i got asked up by someone from my old company for a job offer and i’d rather hump your ferret than stay at the doubletree. hollllllllller

  6. I tried to log into pokerroom, but they wanted a security code and a new password. I couldn’t do it. It’s just too depressing.

    In other news, air hickey is near extinction. What is happening with this world?

  7. Get-eth thou whazzbucket.

    Who do you think would win an 18-hole Rancho match between cla and madd?

    KTK, who do you think would win?

  8. we had a friend (“malkus,” who is regularly confused by members of my family with our friends “wirkus” who is then further confused with “wergin” ) who only liked pink starburst. hated the rest, but LOVED pink. he was hit by a car a few years back, which was a pretty dramatic life event (literally he was the pedestrian and HIT by a car) and i wanted to really show him we cared. i bought about 5 party sized bags of starburst and weeded through them to only give him the pinks. it was a happy day for him.

    sounds like you really lucked out having the two reds put right into your hand.

  9. hey,

    18 hole rancho? I’d have to go with CLA. I think thattttt madddd wouldddd gettttt disctracteddddddddddddddddddd.


    And, holy crap. I don’t understand this site. Very hip.

  10. rancho is bigger than both of us, and it would do what it does: make for a greg’s nail biting competition. i wish i still had my machine. i don’t care much for material things, but that machine and my motorcycle are both missed.

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