Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Well, I went and upgraded to WordPress 2.3.  I wasn’t sure what would happen when I attempted to upgrade so I set aside some time today (since I am home from work sick) to give it a go while I shivered in bed.   I just found out that the button to add a link doesn’t work anymore, so that’s great.

But I did make two changes that I wanted to highlight:

  1.  Since few people read the post, and instead use as an all-purpose message board, I’ve moved the Recent Comments section front and center.  It still list the last 10 comments by time submitted.
  2. Additionally, you can now post a comment directly from the front page: Simply click the “Add a Comment” link and you can submit a comment directly to that post without loading it and scrolling to the bottom (I guess this is for the truly lazy).

I’ll be doing some other things off and on, but it looks like the shit is stable for the moment.  HOLLLARIT.

5 thoughts on “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

  1. 1. Not a fan of the new layout for the site but who am I to contribute my opinion since I rarely visit.
    2. Judd I lost your number but thank you for the birthday wishes (you were one of the few who remembered and truly a friend who needs more love) We do need to get together soon. Tell the familia I say hi. Please call again and leave me contact info.
    3. Kyle once again I missed your text but appreciate your wishes on a happy birthday (I’ll call tomorrow).

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