Birthday Bingo

So it is that early October is here. GMX, peterstiffly, todder, and myself (possibly more?) all celebrate birthdays this week. As for myself, verily I declare that I am NOT a good friend anymore. I am a thoughtless homunculus, riding the winds of terrible selfishness. Really though, I’m a dick for not calling GMX. I will rectify that… now. Hmm, he answered the phone and then hung up on me. Hope it was an accident.

So, er, on with the show? There aren’t many plans for Number 29. Surprise dinner somewhere, and Spacebee is making me lunch. That’s fine by me; sounds effing delightful.

Peterstiffly, I’m not sure what you’re doing this weekend for your birthday, but maybe we could hook up for the Badgers and/or Packers game. I’ve got no plans to speak of, so HOLLLARIT.

17 thoughts on “Birthday Bingo

  1. Just wanted to clarify my previous post. I didn’t mean any disrespect to anyone (I only posted a thanks here cause I can’t get a hold of Judd any other way). I’m the one who is the ass for living so close to Judd and Co. and yet I never call or get together with them. And even though I never make myself available he still calls. Judd is my hero, my little jewish hero.

  2. Go, shorty
    It’s your birthday
    We gon’ party like it’s your birthday
    We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday
    And you know we don’t give a fuck
    if it’s not your birthday!

  3. Some fine student writing:

    “Not everyone gets a chance to cherish the greatest snack in the world, so next time you are eating a juicy, delicious piece of beef jerky, cherish it. Eating beef jerky is a privilege. Don’t ruin that special privilege.”

  4. i think that dude cries every time he has some jack links.

    what is your response as their teacher?

  5. i’m curious if that student believes beef jerky is the greatest snack in the world… his statements don’t logically imply anything.

  6. not every cow has the chance to be mechanically beheaded and soaked in liquid smoke, so next time you are near a beheading machine, find some worcestershire and party. don’t ruin the potential of your tastiness.

  7. Happy Birthday to all the October whazzers!

    To all the Park ’97 alum who check in here regularly…anyone planning on attending the reunion next month?

  8. Happy Birthday, Zach!! Hope you have a great day!

    Casperson, I left you a birthday message on your facebook page. Did you get it? Anyways, hope you had a great day, too!!

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! Spacebee got me loads of kitchen stuff from Williams-Sonoma, including a glass prep bowl that could hold approximately one kernel of corn.

  10. Today in class we explicated that poem about Ronald McDonald sitting on a bench, picking his balls with a monkey wrench.

    Why did the wrench get hot? The consensus was friction.

    After the wrench got hot and burned his balls why did he “piss all over his overalls?” Did the application of extreme heat to the testicles cause the physiological response of pissing? Was it a calculated maneuver to dull the pain of the burn? Is it a metaphor? An act of social protest?

  11. Happy WhazzDay Whazzman and to the other whazz b-dayers. I Will see you soon for dinner. Whazzmaster do you want a treat, Whazzmaster? Maybe I’ll see you at McD’s maybe I’ll see you at Chop House, maybe we’ll eat in the basement of a church, it’s still a SURPRISE.

  12. episode 1, 4 armed men rob the place 3 hours before i show up
    episode 2, place catches fire and i’m lucky enough to not be 3 hours late
    episode 3, old man receives death threat at the table and police take my statement as would be murderer is taken away in cuffs.

    this is the worst casino in the world.

  13. I was only looking for complete sentences and details that support a topic sentence. Homer wrote in complete sentences, but I got on him for repetition and not using specific details.

    Can you tell me a little more about Episode 3?

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